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  1. @JoeW, is this a mistake? Twitch says we can get the skin before February 10th.
  2. It says that Shellacked Box reskins Spectackler Box, and Shellacked Spectackler Box reskins Tackle Box, although it should be the other way around.
  3. When Wurt with a new skin gets a powerup, the color of her dress changes slightly. But her sleeves seem to be using the non-powerup texture. (Yes, it's an insignificant little thing, and yes, I only noticed it because I can't stop looking at her.)
  4. I don't know if it takes time to update, but for now it's still there :_)
  5. Well, it doesn't look like a winter jacket.
  6. Not sure about this one, but looks like it should have cuffs. They are on the icon and in files actually.
  7. Steam inventory icons of Nordic Battle Spear, Hunters Pickaxe and Ornate Nordic Axe are cropped from above.