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Which character should I play first (Shipwrecked)

Which character should I play first in SW  

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  1. 1. Should I play Wilson or Wagstaff first in SW

    • Wilson, the gentleman scientist
    • Wagstaff, the cryptic founder
    • IDK

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Y'all, he just said he just installed the game and only has access to Wilson and Wagstaff, give the guy a break before recommending any other locked character in the roster.

I'd go with Wilson first if you're new to the game and/or the DLC. Wagstaff is really fun, but a steep learning curve in comparison. You'll be able to more effectively focus on learning the new mechanics that come with SW if you go with Wilson, the starter character. Just make sure you shave when you can, Wilson's beard does not help him in this DLC. Hope that helps.

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