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  1. This is a fun video. Tho I thought Wes was in a house fire? That and more could be before He was in this video tho. I'm wondering of there is way more to his story.
  2. Its the same idea as the other 2 characters. I found another that looks off on Wickerbottom. The "Homebody House Slippers" makes the character looks like they have a loincloth on over the Slippers. Its the same idea as the other 2 characters. I found another that looks off on Wickerbottom. The
  3. The look it thrown off by the default skirt. All pictures are taken in a default world set to one player with caves on. I have seen this game wide but I started a new world to get the pictures for you. This error only pop up on the girls Willow and Wendy. I tried out the other in the menu then clicked on Warly. As proof of concept I preformed an action and the skin still does not work on the girls but is ok on the others. Also it's just there base look with there skirts. I tried the Wendy head skin as shown and that is fine. I used the PC Steam edition of Don't Starve Together. This problem was around for a few weeks as far as I know. Yes I'm on the beta. No its not a problem with the beta
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/games/322330/announcements/detail/1693852890342602747?l=latam The other stuff. We're also going to continue doing other cool new things. We really want to work on Klei Rewards more and streaming items have been really popular so we're thinking of new and interesting things to do with these while continuing to support them throughout the year FYI
  5. Oh yeah. Guess that sliped my mind. Also lets not for get Maxwell's krampus costume.
  6. I want to point out and ask a question. None of the 3 premium dlc characters Have got any skins post launch. Even Warly got a Halloween look. Why do the characters that cost more money or effort to unlock get no skins? I under stand that Wormwood takes more work to make a skin for. What about Wurt and Wortox? Something like a snow white Wortox could be nice.