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Maps now smaller?

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windows directory is something like this


Inside the relevant asteroid file, edit this:

  X: 256
  Y: 384

These are the defaults and have been like that for a long time (per my memory).

If you want 60fps at 10x speed late game I recommend x:128 y:384 (half width)

Change it to whatever you want. Small sizes might fail - try a new seed.

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15 hours ago, GoHereDoThis said:

Nah, I think thinner *and* shorter.  If so, can we not get the bigger maps back?

It was pretty clear that map-size was decreased to assure tolerable performance. You want the lag back?

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Actual map size is already twice too much. I'm playing on 2/3 of default map size, and very late game's still lagging. And the size is enough (even too much) to tame every critter, to farm every seed, to maintain more than 50 dups, and to produce anything from anything.

Then compact and efficient designs are the road to success :grin:

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