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  1. I just managed to overheat it again making some iron. The refineries are 90+C, the oxygen around it is mid 70C, the oxygen at the refinery tiles are high 80C, the metal tiles the refineries sit o are 90+C, and I got a hydrogen loop with radiant tiles going through the refinery area that goes in at around 65C and comes out around 89C. My refineries are now taking damage again. I can for sure make it out of ceramic but doesn't that just delay the damage process to happen at a later time?
  2. Well, the coolant (crude oil) sitting in my refinery is at 120+C which is fine as far as the coolant is concerned but the refinery is made out of obsidian which I understand gets overheat damage at 90C so the coolant is too hot for the refinery. If I understand correctly, I can't get the coolant to below 120C since the steam room is at that temperature (or slightly higher). So in any case, my coolant will be too hot for my refinery and the refinery gets damaged.
  3. I can't seem to figure out the bypass for the reservoir + refinery although I have one set up for my aquatuners. Is there a separate trick for this to work?
  4. And how do I do that? My loop is just currently going to the refinery, then to the steam chamber, then to a liquid reservoir, then back to the refinery.
  5. Ah, can't get it until after space launch. What's the next best thing? Just the crude-petroleum-pH2O-H20?
  6. I've never gotten visco gel before, how do I get it? Does it still apply a sopping wet debuff if just 2 tile high?
  7. I'm using obsidian for the refinery and petroleum crude oil for coolant. I guess that's not enough and needs further cooling via floor+pipes? It's not on a hot biome, it's just outside the main base although the area has become hot due to other machines/power generators but nowhere near magma or the oil biome at the bottom. EDIT: I found out that the crude oil inside the refineries are sitting at 150-200C. Is this supposed to be the case? I'm now going to run radiant gas pipes with hydrogen all over the refinery area to see if that'll help cool it down. So far, normal pipes with hydrogen + metal floor + petroleum on the floor isn't enough to cool down the refineries.
  8. Getting back to this now, and my refineries are still overheating. The liquid coolant is okay now, I figure it's the actual machine itself that's overheating. I've made it out of obsidian. Is there a better material? Ceramic? But then it'll take forever to cool down? Or is it necessary to put a layer of liquid + metal floor?
  9. Thanks! That did the trick! Aside from a dupe exhaling in the lock, are there other ways that the lock gets destroyed?
  10. I'm constructing a Petroleum-Crude Oil liquid lock and noticed that my dupes get a sopping wet debuff when going through. I thought doing such a lock (vertical lock) would mean they wouldn't. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a better lock to use? Thanks!
  11. Thus far, I've bee using the steam chamber for my aquatuner to cool down pH2O which I run through various areas to cool them down.
  12. I was going to ask why do people seem to run refineries 24/7 and I guess "space" is the answer. Thanks for all the input guys! Lots to think about and I'm glad there is no single best way to do this as I get to experiment a bit. Bottom line -- when using petroleum or crude oil, there's no need to cool down the coolant as running it through the steam chamber will cool it down, correct? Since the steam chamber will most likely be cooler (at 120+C!!) than my liquids? I guess I only had this *coolant-too-hot* issue because I was using pH2O which is a poor choice for a coolant.
  13. But the chamber has to be 120C or above for it to run the steam turbines which means if I run pH2O through that loop, it'll be too hot for anything else. I don't recycle the immediate liquid, I have a liquid reservoir with a couple of tons of liquid in it. However, I now realise that pH20 is really my problem. What's a better coolant to use? Maybe a couple of tons of petroleum would be better?
  14. What's the best material to make the refinery out of? My refinery also keeps breaking and the coolant leaks out. At first I thought it was the pipes but on a quick search here, it seems that the coolant (pH2O) turns to gas which breaks the refinery. Looking at cooling loops here, people seem to favor running the pipers through the chamber where the aquatuner is, but not really running the coolant THROUGH the aquatuner. But this means the coolant will get to whatever temperature the chamber is at and won't cool down, so really, that config is only good for when you have late-game coolant liquids, right? For using pH2O, should I just run it through the aquatuner too to cool it down?