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  1. It will be possible to remove chlorine without saltvine dasha (It is not on all maps). Are you experiencing a lack of balm lily? There is a lot of it growing wild.
  2. Can't start the game

    Maybe, antivirus block game? Check or reinstall game after disabling antivirus.
  3. Updated Roadmap for 2020 ?

    Bugfixing is also a gamble. You can spend time and not find a bug. Or spend time fixing a rare bug.
  4. POI reset?

  5. [Game Update] - 394232

    In one of the previous updates, you lost the application certificate, which is why it is sometimes blocked by antivirus software. For example:
  6. Can't update game

    I believe that there is a problem. Oxygen not Included blocked by Avast and Comodo antivirus. Maybe it’s worth talking with company representatives so that they remove these signatures from the databases (or check the files)?
  7. Can't update game

    Last Output_log output_log.txt Update coincided with the inclusion of mods by me. D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\downloading\state_457140_457141.patch state_457140_457141.patch Hmm Disabling Avast Antivirus solved the problem.
  8. Can't update game

    Steam. Can't update game (very low speed ~ 1-10 byte/s). I uninstall the game and install it again (fast), game dowbloaded 100% and update process stopped. On steam update show button "resume", and on resume stops again. Test branch was installed and worked correcttly. ---- Sorry for my english.
  9. I think, this is preparation for new professions or a new stress system.
  10. Visual bug (LU370532)

    Saveload fix the problem.
  11. 12 fps on midgame and 10 duplicants

    Sorry for russian language on english forum, but topic starter is russian. По мои наблюдениям, чаще всего просадки производительности появляются из-за "газового ада", когда в рядом крутятся 4-5 газов. Иногда кажется, что каждая клетка газа рассчитывается, как отдельное существо. Поэтому я стараюсь лишние газы удалять - очищать углекислый, откачивать и сжигать водород, откачивать и сжижать кислород. Еще нагружает расчет пути, особенно у летающих. Вроде бы в последних патчах это сильно оптимизировали, но попробуйте развалить ненужные лесенки, особенно если они разрешают много вариантов их прохождения. Убейте лишних летающих существ. Замуруйте неиспользуемые комнаты. Мой компьютер слабее вашего I5-2500, 8 GB DDR3, но у меня относительно сносно он загрузился, но у меня нет ни одного мода из используемых вами. Попробуйте их для проверки отключить. Попробуйте, как у вас загрузится мой сейв, я не стал с ним дальше играть, это превратилось в мучение: Google translate: According to my observations, the most frequent performance drawdowns occur because of the "gas hell", when 4-5 gases are spinning alongside. Sometimes it seems that each cell of gas is calculated as a separate being. Therefore, I try to remove excess gases - purify carbon dioxide, pump out and burn hydrogen, pump out and liquefy oxygen. Another load calculation route, especially flying. It seems that in the latest patches this was highly optimized, but try to break up unnecessary ladders, especially if they allow a lot of options for their passage. Kill the extra flying creatures. Blast unused rooms. My computer is weaker than your I5-2500, 8 GB DDR3, but I have a relatively tolerable boot, but I do not have a single mod you use. Try to disable them for checking. Try how you save my save game, I didn’t play further with it, it turned into anguish:
  12. [Game Update] - 355385

    No, not closed. But you can build drywall before building a ladder.
  13. [Game Update] - 355385

    I see a visual bug with Flying Critter Lure. If several different types are built, then when you hover the mouse, they all change color.
  14. Rocket on launch pad when fly.

    Previous autosave: both rockets are in flight, and both rockets on launch pad without modules. Невероятная Банда Cycle 397.sav