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  1. Hm. I'm use split screen, and I can check questionable places if I want. Usually there are no problems. Errors in the translation of nicknames and special words like "dupes". But translation into English is a problem :-(
  2. output_log.txt Оптимистичная Агора Cycle 185.sav Оптимистичная Агора Cycle 194.sav
  3. Frequent crashes, mostly on viewing daily statistics.
  4. I think the DLC will be released in the autumn Steam sale. It is foolish not to use such an excuse to increase sales, but according to the rules of Steam, you cannot set a discount earlier than three months from the product release. The second question that worries me is testing. Updates were usually released raw and tested by enthusiasts for several weeks. But this cannot be done with DLC, since it is paid. How will Klei test DLC? On your own? Open early access to DLC for everyone who bought the game? Selling a pre-order for the DLC and giving them a test? The latter is most logical, but then it would be high time to announce to publish the news about the pre-order sale. Sorry for google translation.
  5. Where is the sweepy looking?
  6. @aresd If so, then it seems to me that this is a bug.
  7. @jambellIf this is a bug, then we need a bridge for the ribbon.
  8. Second memory toggle for second pulse divider. 3 elements for one divider (In your scheme too 3). To transfer to the next divider, one element must be triggered - AND. How many in your scheme? And my scheme is more simple and understandable, and yours is more refined.
  9. With old logic: 3 gates on 1 pulse divider. Buffers sets to 0.1 s
  10. It seems to me that way too, but I have 12 duplicants, it's hard to track.
  11. Avast see OxygenNotIncluded.exe as idp.alexa.51. Comodo says about certificate.