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Super coolant generator (?)

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While finishing up a Rime map, I wanted to see how I could rid myself of a few hundred tons of rust. I was over-pressurized so I built a cooling block that housed some deoxidizers and set the temperature to be cool enough to solidify the oxygen (~240). The floor had a layer of super coolant to prevent overheating since the oxygen was freezing before the equipment could cool.

Each time i returned i found the build flooded with super coolant.

I expanded the build to include a pump and found that this thing is generating super coolant at about 500g/s. 

I increased the temp to straddle the oxygen freezing point to increase the output. More sloshing means more super coolant.

WTH is going on?




Edit: 3 cycles later and Its overflowingWat.thumb.png.01371da8456757a15f27d92de2306194.png

Edit: 30 cycles later :shock:



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That is a crazy supercoolant output!
Btw, if you just want the iron ore, you can just build them in space and have them serviced entirely by loaders! They cool themselves with their own output, which then proceedes to dissipate into space.

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