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  1. Amen i love playing my game half my stuff would be laughed at while the other half would make most of your run away in terror. I'm constantly mopping up polluted water because i spill it everywhere. But i LOVE my game. i love it because i make stuff happen, because i solved this, and got stuff done. I feel good because i did better than my last game. And in the end, thats how you should be comparing, not to others, but to your past self. did YOU do better? I'm going to keep playing this game badly because it makes me happy to do so.
  2. Sorry for being a moron, how do you run save files? I put it in my save file directory but i don't see it appear when i load the game.
  3. That IS very good! makes mine look pathetic running 12 aqua tuners. very nice!
  4. If i may ask, can i see your sour gas pre-space boiler design? I think mine might be too much work and maybe your design is easier to build on survival. (the major bottleneck to mine is prefilling it with 42t of liquid methane to get the coolant cycle working. It cannot be be bootstrapped in its current iteration)
  5. oh the pre-space boilers? they work, but damn are they a hassle and give such bad returns. My 10kg/s sour gas pre-space boiler consumes 22kw just to run itself! And i've never found enough lime to make the necessary amount of steel for all the required components. But my point still stands, once they fix the DLC it so you can get fullerene/thermium and make viable boilers then i'm going to go absolute ham and crap out enough sulfur to feed 50+ dupes with grubfruit preserves
  6. I use sour gas boilers in every game i play. I LIKE building such a complicated and intricate piece of machinery. I feels like a major sense of accomplishment after i get it up and running. The sulfur waste does bother me a bit mentally. But I also have craploads of bleach stone i never use as well. so it's a not a big deal. i shelled out money for the DLC and once it's brought up to a usable level (you actually CAN'T make a sour gas boilers in the DLC since there is no fullerene), i'll be using the suflur output to feed by bugs and make food.
  7. If you have a pipe that's intermittently using fluid, is there a way to find total amount of fluid going through the pipe after say 2 cycles (1200 seconds)? Like i find it used 840kg of fluid from start to finish. So far i'm getting by using liquid storage tanks, filling them up, hooking them up, and then seeing the remaining fluid after 2 cycles. But it's REALLY cumbersome and a pain to keep filling the tanks for every test. i really want something automated and can measure say 10 tanks worth after 20 cycles. The reason why is I have a "no-space-materials" sour gas boiler i'm testing and i'm having trouble determining how to find the oil usage rate. I think in real life a precision flow integrators basically have two tanks inside, it fills one and empties the other. Then flips when the tanks are full/empty. it then counts the flips over time and since we know the volume we know perfectly how much fluid was used. I'm thinking of building something like that with ONI automation but the logic circuits break my mind every time i try.
  8. I haven't tried the swamp cluster yet, but i did make to sustainability on the terra cluster with 12 dupes in survival. I had two cool steam vents for water and never ran out. For power i made a lot of glass and blanketed the space level with solar panels. Made some batteries to get through the night and i had more power than i could ever need. With all that power i ran aquatuners and steam turbines for temperature control and to run the industrial bricks. I temporarily had to use stone hatches and coal for power as i was researching through the tech-tree and still digging out the required materials. but afterward i culled most of them and just had a tiny 8 hatch farm for small amounts of coal needed for medicine. for food i first ran down mealwood, liceloafs and then bristle berries. Eventually for sustainability i had a pacu farm and i also tamed sweetles and grubgrubs to make sucrose and grubfruit for grubfruit preserves. Great meal that the dupes loved. Sulfur to sustain the process was obtained from a sulfur volcano on the teleporter enabled asteroid. I built an automated sulfur taming, cooling and transport system. At first it was powered by hydrogen piped in from the main asteroid, but afterward i installed solar panels on that asteroid as well. It could be run entirely unmanned but i kept a lonely dupe there to dig for metal ores, lead, and fossils. Dreckos could be farmed for plastic after the work was put in to make a hydrogen filled pincha pepper farm. I don't produce too much polluted water so this farm was tiny, but i didn't need a lot of plastic. After that it was just doing stuff for the challenge like making comfy beds for everyone, and using the excess water to make stuffed berries through the bristle berry route. Occasionally i would cull some of the sweetles for meat and gave my dupes surf-n-turf as a treat. Didn't really need rocketry and i wasn't even able to get it work since my game bugged out and stopped me from landing. I tried as much as possible to use the natural resources as-is like thimble reeds. They use far too much polluted water if farmed so i left the natural ones and harvested reed fibers that way. The fact that there are no meteors makes solar panels OP for power. The only reason why i have an oil refinery is to make natural gas for my gas cooker. I don't even need the petroleum.
  9. Will do! That's a tremendous relief actually. if the game is broken than it's not my fault! I scrolled all the way up, held down the up (w) key for a good 3 minutes and even saw the schematic "drag off" the screen like i had reached the edge. I also went left and right and noticed a similar dragging. I'm definitely at the edges. But i still can't see anything. But i think my game is just bugged. Spacemap is similar to what others have, just 3 planets as i haven't scanned beyond yet. But i wanted to land on the first planet and try it out.
  10. I'm sorry for such a stupid question but how do you deploy it? Whenever i try to deploy a rover or trailblazer module the screen goes black and i see the module schematic but i can't click on anything. I know i'm supposed to scroll around until i see something but i'm getting nothing. It stays black all the time. I zoom out, zoom in. Scroll up, all around the screen. i even see the schematic drag off the screen like i'm hitting the edges of the map, but even at the top edge it's still black. Am i missing something? I tried cheating by revealing the map and then rehiding it. It worked and i could see the surface to land on. But if i play it straight on survival without cheating the screen stays black. Is there something i'm supposed to do before deploying? It took me 600 turns over 50 hours to get this far, i don't want to have to do it again.
  12. If we're getting radiation, then one of the achievements for it should be titled: "Not Great, Not Terrible"
  13. I HOPE SO!!! It would make the multiple-colony mechanic even more awesome! Build one of those asteroid melters on say a metal rich asteroid, set it to count down and then escape by rocket. The entire asteroid is melted and refined into high quality metal and you come back and pick up for use.
  14. I really hope the new radiation mechanics let us build even more awesome "super machines" like the sour gas boiler. Like if we focus the radiation into one spot, and inject superhot hydrogen, we get a fusion reactor. SQUEEE!!!!! (runs around with sparkling joy reaction)