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  1. If we're getting radiation, then one of the achievements for it should be titled: "Not Great, Not Terrible"
  2. I HOPE SO!!! It would make the multiple-colony mechanic even more awesome! Build one of those asteroid melters on say a metal rich asteroid, set it to count down and then escape by rocket. The entire asteroid is melted and refined into high quality metal and you come back and pick up for use.
  3. I really hope the new radiation mechanics let us build even more awesome "super machines" like the sour gas boiler. Like if we focus the radiation into one spot, and inject superhot hydrogen, we get a fusion reactor. SQUEEE!!!!! (runs around with sparkling joy reaction)
  4. The fact that 2 years after i bought this game i'm still getting new stuff makes Klei the best game dev on steam. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  5. (Watches my infinite supply of tungsten go POOF! and leave behind an empty room with a sad Meep) Anyway, i like that exploits are getting addressed. So many more to go, but it's progress.
  6. Oh i'm not accusing anyone of saying that. I am the one asking that question to get people to review their perspective. Apologies for the confusion. I 100% believe absolutely no one on this forum thinks they got ripped off, as i'm sure such people would never even bothering to come to this forum. But i think it's a good question to remind some of louder complainants that it is just a game. And to measure it by one's enjoyment versus how much they paid for it. I emphasize again, I am the one asking the question, no one else has said anything like it. Apologies for the confusion.
  7. I got my money's worth. $33 for 500+ hours of enjoyment, far more than a lot of other games. Now i have slowed down a lot since i've hit the "Bug-Wall" of game ruining bugs, lag, annoying inconveniences and incomplete features ... but for the first 500 hours the game played reasonably fine. Despite those problems the game was fun enough and complete enough to keep me engaged. For those of you complaining, do you actually feel Klei ripped you off? Gave you something that wasn't worth the money you spent on it? Don't get me wrong, i would LOVE all the problems to be fixed, I would LOVE to more stuff, features and expansions... but I feel the game as-is is a reasonable return for what i paid for, 500+ hours of fun. Now i can hear you screaming from an asteroid away: You paid for a complete bug-free game. And you will accept nothing less than 100% complete and bug free.... I think that's a bad metric. Tetris is a complete bug free game, is it worth $33. Is it more game than ONI? I don't think so. I recently went on a vacation with a total cost of $13000. It was FULL of "bugs" and "incomplete features". airplane lost one of my luggage cases, hotel screwed up booking so i had to find another hotel. One of the guests at the convention i was going to didn't show up (missing feature!), and a host of little things didn't go perfectly. But holy crap it was a fun vacation and i would do it all again in a heart beat. Despite all the screw ups i felt like i got my money's worth. Nothing in life is perfect, neither in game or in real life. Despite the bugs, is what is playable actually enjoyable? Did ONI give you your money's worth in terms of enjoyment? For me, I think it did. And while i would love more, and will still continue to poke and prod the Devs for those fixes and expansions... I'm going to respect that they have already delivered a wonderful fulfilling experience for the $33 i spent on it. If all development stopped and today was the final game build. I'd still say it was $33 well-spent while also being sad that it's over. And I'm not taking a shot at you players for complaining, i just feel that sometimes we get too caught up in the righteous fervor of a hate-train that we get carried away. Happens to me all the time, i'm no saint. Hate-trains are fun, it's been scientifically proven that we get a dopamine rush when engaged in one (might explain the state of politics...). But we need to step back sometimes... heck a lot of times... and acknowledge that we do appreciate the work and functionality put into a game and give our thanks for delivering the enjoyment we paid for. At least I felt i got my money's worth. Otherwise, if all we do is complain and whine then we appear overly dramatic and entitled even though we don't believe we are. By all means keep complaining, even Devs can get lazy, but pepper that with an honest assessment of whether you liked or didn't like the game overall. I don't think any of you think you're entitled, but it's hard not see that in some of these comments. Personally, i think the space level is buggy and incomplete and pisses me off to no end. But I hope the fact that i get that far in all my games shows i do love everything up to that point, otherwise i wouldn't make it that far.