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  1. I second this! I guess after the update is live!
  2. It is a consequence of game mechanics and is the same for all piping. For example, you also can't have the exhaust pipe of multiple NatGas generators go direcly on top of the output ports even though they output very little CO2. Same for pumps etc.
  3. LOL That's a very cute copper puppy you got there
  4. Since you are limiting the already narrow usability of sweepy, I'd like to ask if, to compensate a bit, we could have a bit more customizability about what it sweeps. A selection to chose what it sweeps and what it doesn't would be ideal, but I could settle for the option of preventing it from sweeping liquids, as that alone makes it almost unusable inside pools of liquids! Thanks!
  5. I thought it was an animation only thing. Are you 100% sure the CO2 comes from the dupe? Is he holding breath while cooking?
  6. I agree with Fluon, it happens all the time with ice tempshift plates for example. The difference is that it usually holds less material, not more
  7. It has always been like this and I've never thought it could have actually been a bug all along. Thanks for pointing this out!
  8. Indeed it does.. my problem is that I was using the sensor counter in a ridiculously dense and complicated automation area and now I just can't fit the memory toggle I'll have to rebuild everything..
  9. I'm using many counters that used to send Enable only when the counter was 0, now I can't do it anymore, there is no 0 option in the counter sensor. Basically now it's not possible to have the counter send Enable after it has been refreshed. Am I wrong?
  10. So, unless I'm too stupid so see a fix, it will never be possible to have a counter sensor send a green signal when at 0. It messed some of my systems quite a lot.. Can't we have the option? I can't really see any point in counting to 10, which can't even be displayed by the sensor! @fatheroctopus pretty pleeeeeeease
  11. Usually there is a mod for that, but it seems to be broken in this version for now.
  12. Wow, this is another +20-50% fps for me somehow, impressive. This is just great, thanks!!
  13. I'm not sure if it is intended or not, but it has always been like this. They don't die, they simply keep on flapping until they end up in enough liquid or die of age. At least, they don't seem to reproduce while flapping