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  1. It looks very much like a Francis john boiler. Instead of a diamond tile directly underneath the door, you need a tempshift plate in a vacuum tile ( so no gas invades the door when it is open) You should be able to make the adjustments by diagonally building from the bottom right. Also, unless you customized it, you shouldn't have 3 tiles of magma, they should be 2. Be careful when the boiler is in the emptying phase, the driller might not have time to dig. EDIT: I just read it was caused by reload, and now that I think about it it happened to me as well. Just monitor the emptying phase and may be give 10 extra seconds, just this time, to the driller to dig all 3 tiles, otherwise they will pile up
  2. Very unconstructive comment. Had you been here longer, you would have known the developers are working pretty hard and often listen to us and the bugs we report. Also they literally published a sneak peak on the new content, which includes a rework of space. It's still hot, you can find it in the first page.
  3. Nice and compact design! I'll say it for posterity even though you probably know already: you can't build it so close to the base of the rockets, several tiles in the oxygen tank will absorb the rocket dry heat and a hydrogen engine will easily melt both gold and aluminum
  4. I second this! I guess after the update is live!
  5. And just like that, balloons everywhere. I confirm it works now.
  6. It is a consequence of game mechanics and is the same for all piping. For example, you also can't have the exhaust pipe of multiple NatGas generators go direcly on top of the output ports even though they output very little CO2. Same for pumps etc.
  7. LOL That's a very cute copper puppy you got there
  8. You have to be kidding me. I've been experimenting too to find the reason since there are a lot of people that are also NOT experiencing. I've lost hours trying to see if it was connected to not having access to the printing pod or not having enough free space in a rec room. I would have never guessed this one, I didn't even think the reaction itself was an errand. SUPER useful find, thank you so much!
  9. If you already tried checking integrity/reinstalling, then you should open a bug report in the section of the same name
  10. I was looking for a practical way of managing artifacts as if they were other materials, not extra/modified content, but thanks anyway!
  11. Lol This is madness. I had no idea teleportation could be abused this much. The amount of possibilities
  12. "Find free metal ores in your area now" My appreaciacion for the clickbait title, I loled!
  13. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I just can't find the answer! How do you cancel a quote while writing in this forum threads? After quoting someone, the quotation remains memorized even after refresh/disconnect and I just can't find a way to delete it!