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  1. I have precisely the same setup as yours, 4 exosuit dock blocks at the corners of my core base. It behaves as intended and has done so for hundreds of cycles, failing not even once.
  2. Yes of course, I forgot I take that too!
  3. I'd say specialization is much better not only to avoid stress but to improve the chances of getting joy reaction through high morale. All of my dupes get science (for experience gain), tidy (for strength), construction and digging perks. I have only one specialized researcher that does all the reserch jobs so he gets maxes very fast, then I have specialized ranchers, then one or two cooks, then a vast number of general workers that also have the operating skills so that they can also build advanced stuff, some of which have more priority for operating than building/digging so they are kinda operator specialists. Then as many astronauts as I need, which only have astronaut perks since I keep them frozen if I'm not sending rockets around. They enter a rocket and basically never leave it again
  4. You need power only if you want to make use of the automation, that is, if you want to have the dispenser keep the resources inside and drop them once it receives a green signal. Also, there is no real effective cap to decor, both positive or negative. As for the rest, very good advice
  5. Metal ores are usually pretty abundant mid to late game. They are simply not an early game tecnology. Their real cost is FPS
  6. I had no idea, thanks for the info. One of the most unintuitive facts I've heard in a while.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to go thrugh so much detail, this is a very neat and useful design. I'm not sure I completeyl understand the automation: what happens if there is a duplicant and a critter inside the fry room? Is the duplicant trapped?
  8. I strongly suggest you avoid crossing lines with conveyors or any other pipe as it will in general mess up the flow. To understand what I mean, just make a test and see what happens when eggs are loaded: when the eggs reach the cross in the center right they can either go right or down. if they go right, they are transported down the the bridge and will go into the shut off. If they go down, the same thing happens but I think they might go up and down a bit as they detect they have 2 options (or something like this). In this case, this will not create any problem but it doesn't do you any good. The problem lies in the redundancy between the "down" path and the bridge parallel to its right. Again, this will cause no problem in this setup, but if that was say a liquid pipe, your total flow would be halved due to packets getting "confused". if there are multiple outputs and inputs (I mean literally the green and white arrows), always use bridges to prioritize. You can take a look at a pipe priority turorial in youtube, it is extremely useful.
  9. If it is dirt tile, may be you left algae or fertilizer inside the steam room. Once algae/fertilizer gets to around 130C they turn into dirt and form a tile if they had enough mass. Just sweep before closing rooms. Some suggestions that come in mind: that much crude oil is not necessary, you can run the steam room entirely on steam, or leave a little bit of petroleum/crude and have the steam turbine unload drop water at the bottom, "inside" the petroleum. This prevents a bug from destroying a LOT of heat and thus power. Tempshift plates are pretty good at conducting heat even when made of a material that is not really conductive. This means that if you place an insulated tile inside their aura (9 tiles square) the tile is basically no more insulated. Finally, small transformers cannot power aquatuners, you need the large version, in case you didn't know. You should watch some youtube tutorials on steam turbines, I suggest Francis John, he is great at explaining stuff and getting to the point while still being entertaing. EDIT: this is not the first time i miss the "f" in tempshift and have the word censured. It will get me banned eventually I guess. Sorry!
  10. Two main reasons: 1) It offers, to my knowledge, the most optimized way to automate ranch and minimize user interaction. I've tried many setups with ranching, the one I find the best is setting up a kill room with a drop off 1 priority lower then the main ranches so that when the eggs hatch in the incubators they are automatially brought to ranches if needed or the kill room if not. The alternative would be either manually moving critters (which I personally don't enjoy, I prefer full automation, plus it is prone to "human error") or have a birth room with autowrangle, which is MUCH more time consuming for dupes. If you want the omelette (which you shouldn't since it is less calories I believe), you can just transport the eggs to the kitched with loaders. As a side note, once the eggs alle lullabied, the incubators don't need to be powered so you can keep them switched on for like 15% of the cycle only, to save power. 2) It is currently the only way to train the ranching skill. If you don't use them, the best your ranchers will ever get to is the amount they are printed with (maximum 7, 9-10 with early bird-night owl). If you use them, you will eventually get them maxed out, which makes A LOT of difference since the grooming debuff lasts 10% for each point in husbandry. I currently have 4 ranchers with maxed out husbandry that easily groom hundreds of critters. The training takes a lot, like hundreds of cycles, but it is worth it imo.
  11. Thank you, this is very usefull It usually happens if the aquatuner stops working while you are filling its loop. Totally avoidable (happened to me 2 or 3 times, depending on configuration) but still annoying.
  12. May be you know this already, but that's because reservoirs exchange heat with one tile below them as if they were debris and currently debris exchanges heat very well with tiles, even insulated ones. This makes it so that insulated tiles with any debris on top basically do not insulate at all. I am guessing that with "loose ore" they mean any debris right? If so, the problem should be solved. Can someone from the testing branch confirm? I am happy about these fixes, but I have to agree with others, there are still so many annoying bugs around that it is hard to feel like "celebrating". I wish Klei would just let us old forum farts know about their intentions in general. For example, no fixes for the plethora or problems/unbalancing with space. One would guess that the only plausible reason they are not touching something as potentially important as space is because they have bigger intentions for it in the future, but who knows? May be they are "content" with it basically feeling unfinished?
  13. For some reason I've always taken for granted that they would only drop 1 small and 1 large during their whole life. Does anyone know the precise number?
  14. For me polluted water is very precious since it is the only way to mass produce insulation (unless you go into mass drekos). If you have excess water, you can scrub the CO2 to get PW-->Reeds-->Insulation and Polluted Dirt-->Pokeshells-->Steel.
  15. I was going to say that there is a lot of energy wasted in overchilling the oxygen and then heating it up, but this setup completely avoids pumping the gas from the electrolyzers. You would need around 15 for 10 electrolyzers, that's almost 2 petroleum generators worth of energy. Considering how much energy efficient supercoolant aquatuners are with steam turbines, this is a great setup.