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Webber's character refresh ideas

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I moved this post to the right topic which i didn't knew that existed the time i made this, i don't know if there's any way of deleting posts, so i can that one, in general discussion topic. There's the link for the right one:


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3 minutes ago, Sweaper said:

I personally would prefer for Klei to focus more on Webber himself and not so much on his spiders. But I have no idea what they could do for him.

Maybe the babies feature? IT'd be like Abigail but way more defensive but they wouldn't hurt the other pedestrians of the constant.

They were so cute in the Forge.


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8 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Maybe the babies feature? IT'd be like Abigail but way more defensive but they wouldn't hurt the other pedestrians of the constant.

They were so cute in the Forge.


This reminded me of Yoshi and it's eggs, throwing spiders when? jk

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I’ve played as Webber a bit- but like I said, I don’t want to suggest TOO Much and it completely being out of his Character.

so I will provide my few suggestions I guess, and then I’ll leave the rest entirely up to Klei and Webber Mains to Decide.

Webbers Beard Silk should be able to be used as a Fire Fuel, the Quote he has while examining Grass seems to suggest it was on Klei’s to do list but for some reason or Another didn’t quite make the cut.

Spiders Sleep During the Day and are Active at Dawn and Night (Probably Why Webber and Wendy have such a Strong Friendship if I had to guess) So it only makes sense that they change Webber so that he can only sleep During Day and Cant Sleep at Night.

Instead of being able to Tame and Ride Beefalo Webber should be able to Tame and Ride Spider Queen in replace of them.

Webber should be able to “Sleep” Inside of a Tier 3 Spider Den to Revert it back down to Tier 2 and prevent nests that are placed near his Non-Webber Friends from becoming Tier 3 Spider Queens.

Getting Spider Eggs as Webber can be quite a pain in the rear, and since Klei is making everyone elses Downsides seemingly disappear- Webber should be no exception.. Allow him to retrieve Spider Eggs from a Tier 2 or 3 Nest Which will revert said Nest back down by one Tier. This allows him to control Spider Meat farms for his non-Webber friends.

To recruit a Daytime Spider Webber has to smack a Spider Den and make all the Spiders hostile, this is dumb- He should be able to apply food to a den to recruit a random non-hostile Spider from inside.

Also Webber should be able to befriend ALL Spider Types, Such as that cool Acid Spitting Spider found down in Caves.

FINALLY we come to my last and final Webber Suggestion- When Or If Klei Adds Poisonous Venom effect  from Shipwrecked into the game, Webber should be completely Immune to it like Willow and Fire Damage, Allowing WEBBER to also be able to craft Venom Cure from his own body over time like with his Silk beard without any extra risk involved. to Cure his Non-Webber friends who are Inflicted with the Venom bite Bleed out effect.


the TL:DR- All Reworks should focus more on TEAM Work.. and the Ideas I just Suggested, Without breaking Webber’s Character would do exactly just that. :) 

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2 hours ago, Sweaper said:

I personally would prefer for Klei to focus more on Webber himself and not so much on his spiders. But I have no idea what they could do for him.

i guess they already worked on webber by himself, i think that they should work more on his spider allies, as it's his special power, currently all he can do with that is make spiders fight each other, starting a civil war to get a lot of spider resources with no harm for him, he would still be able to do it after those ideas, but now he have better options for his spider army, rather than starting a civil war between then, and he can also get spider loot in a pacifist way(he would also get sanity loss for each spider that dies nearby him, making it a not so suitable idea)

2 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

what if, like wurt, the dens he can craft are for a new kind of spider?

also having a way to relocate moon island dens (moon spider queen pls) so he can have more variety could be fun

oh ye, i forgot about how would his relation be with cave spider(dwellers, spitters and cave spiders), and shattered spiders, it should stay the same as ever, or they wouldn't be able to be tamed, or it would be just for shattered spiders, as they probably had never seen a regular spider, and could also be hostile to regular spiders, but for other spiders they would have the same skills as spider roles, so it wouldn't be a problem to have them in your army and they could perfecly live in webber's nest

4 hours ago, The batting bat said:

    Webber should be one of the next characters to get a refresh, not because it's necessary, i guess all the necessary reworks were made already, for willow and woodie. This rework is mostly to improve the character, and fit the recent reworked characters, currently webber's best use is for gathering spider resources, by making they fight each other, i think that webber perks should be more related to spider befriending, currenly tamed spiders are more like worse pigmans, even from the fact of being able to tame more than 1 spider at once, i think that his rework could make his spider befriending perks more close to wurt's perks related to other merms, and to other character allies that got refreshed. Anyway, there's my list of ideas:

   *Webber's nest and spider army:
    Spiders would be tamed and act the same way as ever, not sure if it's implemented already, but he would have a limit of spiders for his army, being close to 10, and webber can craft a special nest for them, it requires a certain quantity of silk, spider gland and a few living log to craft it(note that it would have a different appearence from regular spider nests), this nest is where tamed spiders would live after their time as webber followers runs out, the nest has a limit of spiders which can stay in the nest, but the nest can be upgraded, using certain materials, getting more expensive and requiring different items for each level, there are the details for each level:
   -In level 1, it's spiders act the same way as regular spiders, they requires meat to join back webber's spider army, and at this level and higher levels, a new spider is generated after a long time(slower than natural generated nests) if there's at least 1 spider in the nest. 
   -At level 2, the nest appearence changes, it can hold more spiders, the spiders start gifting webber with random monster and creature loots, mostly being spider loot, and from this level and the next ones they are no longer hostile to webber allies that aren't spiders or webber, such as players, pets and gates(they will still attack walls and fences). 
   -At level 3, the nest appearence changes, it's spider capaciblity is increased even more, the spider presents get more frequent, and the spider no longer requires monster meat to go along webber, instead they require a craftable item which will hire any spider from his nest to his army, and spiders from this nest in his army will no longer eat items at the ground that they would normally eat.
   -Once level 3 is reached, upgrading another time will generate a spider queen, that will stay near the nest and if webber offer her any meat, she'll instantly generate a spider, having a chance of being generated with a random role, she will attack any enemy near the nest just like any spider, if the queen dies, another one can be generated for the same price.

   *Spider roles:
    Webber can craft 4 items to promote a spider from his nest or his army into a different spider role each, each item requires a certain quantity of silk, spider gland and a different item matching the role, there's the concept for each role:
   -Warrior: The most offensive class, has higher damage and health than regular spiders, and can lunge at enemies, he'll also temporarily boost the damage of nearby spiders and webber at the beggining of each combat, with a cooldown before being able to do it again.
   -Ranger: able to split silk at enemies that deals damage from a further distance, similar to spitters, it slows the enemy even more for each silk attack that hits, it'll switch to a regular spider attack once the target gets close.
   -Healer: eventually heals nearby spiders and webber a small amount, with a cooldown between each heal, but is weaker than other roles.
   -Stealth: disguises itself as a small boulder to lose aggro, until it reveals itself to deal a surprise lunge attack, that deals high damage at once, and applies an effect(which i'm still not so sure about the effect, it could be a reduction in the damage the target deals or poison that deals damage over time) to the target, if the enemy attacks him during his disguise, he'll reveal itself and switch to regular spider attacks, whitout disguising him.
    There's a limited number of spider from each roles that the nest can hold, the regular spider limit is still the highest, once a spider gets a role, it'll remain with the role until death.
   *Arachenidery tab:
     Exclusive crafting tab for webber, where he crafts all the webber exclusive items mentioned before, and three other items:
    -Piggy disguise: requires a twig, pig skin and silk, while webber is wearing it, mobs will see him as a pig, meaning that mobs that are hostile to spiders won't be hostile to him.
    -Web trab: requires some silk and rope to be crafted, place on the ground to slow down any non spider or webber creature on it, just like the web around spider nests.
    -Cobbed walls: requiring 4 walls of any kind and 1 silk, these walls are covered in silk, which grants them an extra protection, and makes spider don't attack them, but they're flammable, even if they're not walls made of a flammable material.
    *Other webber abilities:
     Other new webber advantages and disadvantages brought along the patch:
    -Pros: he gains more benefits from monster lasagna, as it's his favorite dish, he has less sanity drain in dusk and night times due to his spider habit, he'll also have a less sanity drain to everything the bigger his spider army is, as he feels more protected with this spider buddies, his maximum sanity would be increased.
   -Cons: he gets his sanity constantly drained when nearby pigs and bunnymen(could be applied to wortox and wurt aswell), catcoons doesn't scare him much, he would lose sanity for each spider that dies nearby him, similar to wormwood's relation with plants that dies, and he could also have a reduced max health as he can get a spider army to protect him, and spiders aren't so tough anyway.
     (Those next changes are for every character):
     -Piggy mask: present in the dress tab, which makes the wearer to be seen as a pigman, making pigman, catcoon and bunnymen not agressive to webber, wortox and wurt if they're wearning it, but spiders and merms will, crafted with 2 twigs, 1 pig skin and 1 silk, it has a durability that decreases over time and when the wearer get hurt, wurt gets her sanity drained while wearing it as she hates pigs, and obviously wouldn't be happy to look like one.
     -Silk being used as fuel: it would make sense, as silk and spider nests are flammable, i don't even know why it haven't been implemented yet
  Feel free to comment any thoughts about my suggestion, and i hope dst devs could at least check this, webber is possibly the next in the rework line, next to maxwell and wolfgang, i think that a rework for wess would be great aswell, i don't like the idea of a challenge character, in single player ds it makes sense, but if any player chooses wess in dst, it'll only difficult for the other teamates, and they'll have to immediatelly kick him, wanting or not, as he will difficult more than help, unless if they want a slave, i'm still planning ideas for his rework and in the future i'll make it a post, and instead there should be a challenge mode for don't starve together, i think that it would be awesome.

only now i saw that there's a specific topic for dst ideas, so i better move it to this topic as i don't know if there's any way of changing the topic, so i guess i'll have to delete this post and make a new one in the suggestions topic with the exact same text
edit: i don't know how to delete it either, so i'll just move it to suggestions topic

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This is something that I would like, maybe it isn't 100% in line with the mob tamer playstyle, but I would really, really like it if Webber had his trait from the Gorge: Quick picking. Which allows him to interact with most plants in a much shorter animation. This change alone will not define him as a whole, but it would be a nice thing to add on the side. Think about it, he has all those arms! He might as well use them.

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9 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Would be fun to see the animators animate his neck legs for a idle. 57a2a6fdf350d_arielcasualshrug.png.a442eaccc7d800078e23056c919d38e4.png

Only if it’s the Cowering in fear animation all spiders have near fire.

Or Idk all those Spider legs playing with his Silk beard (assuming they’ll even keep the Silk beard at all..)

i hope they do, because I like it!! But I could just as easily see Webber being able to get Silk from downgrading Spider dens or something.. and they could make the beard thing exclusively a Wilson feature.

I hope they DONT but there’s always a chance they Could..

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should have more late game viability and things just outside of spiders because they don't kill bosses very well because most have aoe and they can't chop or mine and Wendy is now very good killing spiders

what if spiders harvest grass and twigs that sorta brings their perks from the gorge to the main game and sets apart spider minions from other minions judging by their grass examine "We should be able to weave this too" (or something like that) it may make sense

this would make them pair well with other players better because everyone can use grass and twigs

Maybe some other changes would be maybe being able to make domestic spider nests, they would have bits of structure in the nest itself like if Webber built onto it. Spiders that come out of it would have oddly placed collars and wouldn't drain sanity or attack players naturally the nests wouldn't turn into a queen so Webber can better intermingle with the other survivors.

also if they could get some small sanity or health bonuses from monster jerky (like +5,+5) that would be great

also did Klei say something of suggestions?

burning slik sounds good too

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