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  1. maybe because fishes are nearly useless, they only serve for different stuff when killed, hermit's friendship and some of them for exclusive stuff like cooking and crafting recipes, but yeah would be cool to record the different fish species we fished
  2. guys i changed my mind the boss is really poggers actually i like how different and unique it's phases are from each other and it's celestial powers, the literally only problem i have with it is the design, but i'm getting convidenced that it's a minor problem comparing to how epic the fight is and it might be too late to change it, i'm really anxious for it's own theme to spicy up the battle even more i really hope so it almost feels like a torture for me to fight it with the generic fight theme instead of an awesome battle theme fitting with it
  3. biting would be the least of your problems (i posted funni fish accidentally lol)
  4. lol i said that in my opinion it's not even an opinion anymore just a fact this still makes it my opinion lololol THIS IS THE 18274314712TH COMMENT I MAKE ABOUT THIS FORGET IT THEN the boss design isn't lame at all it's just very sussy ngl because it reminds amogus specially the 2nd phase, i still think the boss design is extremelly lame comparing to other designs in the game but it's something imma keep for myself then, at least it reminds amogus and the celestial powers, attacks, the battle itself and sound effects are cool besides the last phase looking like a torch mixed with the celestial altar dropped from crab king amog us sus sus yo what he doin with the 3 phases of the celestial champion? just a npc, i like that they made wagstaff rick from rick & morty really epic anime i can't wait for picklestaff
  5. it's an offense for klaus to be compared to a ball with floating crap in terms of design, which will be the next boss? a cube?! like just a cube that floats around and make magical crap to attack us?! like if it were the most creative design possible for a boss, way better animated than the magnifying beasts this game had as giants, which the fact of being idiot puns of animals names make them funny and comic aswell, but making a boss design that lame goes from funny and comic to lame and insulting, i hope this is the last time i gonna have to talk about my opinion in this boss which i find way too true to be just my personal opinion
  6. oh boy and how much i hate that design, every criticism is constructive at all, but sometimes it goes more to the bullying side, similar to how my criticism was before, the design is the only problem with the boss at all, but it's still a huge problem they're basically bigger altars, have they used any dr doofenshmirtz inventions to get big or what?
  7. the problem with the boss is just the bullcrap design actually, the attacks and other stuff don't run much away from don't starve patterns as the own design does, and yes i have an infinite quantity of better boss designs than, that literally any boss design that isn't as bad as that one is better than that, that's just a polygonal model from starfox from snes with floating leg things that transforms into a fireball with an among us shaped shell and then a giant torch with floating pebbles THAT ENRAGES ME SO FRIKKING MUCH PLEASE TELL ME WE CAN SAY SWEARS HERE this boss goes really far away from the funny and funky designs from don't starve and goes to the insulting and lame side
  8. ok i'm done repeating that the boss design is lame, i hope klei get it, where can i find the other haters of this boss? we gotta make the difference
  9. I saw it mentioned somewhere lol, we still travell through a dangerous puzzle filled underground maze, defeat a giant crab boss and pass through a tower defense game in the middle of a storm for one of the lamiest boss designs i've ever seen, completely away from don't starve patterns, looks like a boss from the 1st-3rd world of a kirby game, this is just my opinion but i'm pretty sure that a part of everyone thinks partially the same, i mean what else do you think about when you compare the magnifying beasts that this game has as bosses to this giant altar ball thing that looks like an unfinished boss, the battle is amazing but the design really enrages me, from all phases. I know the update is just in beta but klei never does any alteration to betas besides bug fixes, also the RoT updares are very downgraded comparing to New reign, while NR added many cool stuff and amazing bosses for each update RoT just added the amazing sailing mechanic and the lunar island but barely implemented them, the stuff added isn't worth going for them, there's a update which literally just added 2 minor threat mobs and 3 stuff for boat nobody asked, well i think the community has a lot more criticism toward RoT. criticism is necessary how can you improve if you don't even know if and what to improve, perfection is a myth.
  10. anyone else finds the boss design lame? i know that it might be one of the most complex and fun boss battles in the game but the design is still extremelly geometrical and seems unfinished, is this really better than a giant moth, whale, cthulhu or any final boss that would fit way better to this update?
  11. i think a new final boss inspired on cthulhu would be a greatly fitting addition to the update, which would be fought in the ocean