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Sweepy the heat deleter

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@Gurgel I did; see this post : 


Making the sweepy out of steel works really great.

Using the new knowledge acquired by @SamLogan, we can easily heat anything to magma temp and generate huge amounts of energy (even infinite as you can sweep back cooled materials and re-reset their temperature)!!!

After testing, it sets the temperature of swept debris (including bottles) to 19.9°C and not to sweepy's temperature, tested with -200°C sweepy and 1500°C sweepy.

Meaning sweepy is able to generate a very large amount of DTUs with supercooled bottles/debris but only to 20°C so not really usable DTUs. However its heat deletion capability go through the roof, especially using supercoolant bottles; heat up 1t to say 200°C with a steel AT, drop the 200°C bottles near sweepy, enjoy the 1.5 billion DTU destroyed.

Or in a simpler system, one sweepy cleans magma from volcano, take the 1700°C bottles and drop them in another sweepy room. Pour the now 20°C bottles on the ground somewhere else; I just tested it, works like a charm. 1t of 1700°C magma to 1t of 20°C igneous rock =-1 700 000 000 DTUs for a bit of dupe time and almost no power used (something like 20kJ/t, similar to a single liquid pump).

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16 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

Everyhing overheats, even conveyor loaders when the material is inside just for half a second before transportation.

Debris can't transfer heat with conveyor loader even when loaded. Only mutually with the medium they are in.

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