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  1. i a not expecting ONI to become similar, i just wish i felt compeled to play ONI as much as i play rimworld, and after some tought i came to the realisation that that aspect of rimworld is what makes it enjoyable and replayable because even if every inch of you current base is the same as a base of anothe saved file, every human raid, mechanoid cluster/invasion, infestation keeps you on edge, focused on how to prevent what might be your base's incoming demise, while in rimworld i always reach the point of "now what?". i dont think i can agree with you on that one, cant rly compare the dificulty of facing off a surprise raid of mechanoids that can obliterate your base or at least kill some colonists if you make 1 mistake with the simplicity of placing a carbon skimmer at the bottom of your base. what i am trying to say here is that every time i reach a point in wich all the systems of my base simply work fine and everything is under control when that happens there is no more need for me to think, and at that point the game simply becomes dull, i like ONI for what it is, but if that aspect doesnt change replayability will never be a think in ONI wich feels sad.
  2. yeah, the only way that i know of so far is going into developer mode.
  3. i have always believed that what this game lacks is destruction, a spice of survival, kinda like rimworld, in there my artist is busy most of the time due to raids and infestations happening and destroying my statues all the time, adding some real threats would also add lots of replayability instead of : "i have food, i have oxygen, i have power, i have automated rockets, i guess its time to play something else"
  4. i would usually agree with you as that is the "proper" way, however with DLC after DLC being added, each bringing new content, waiting after to the very end to optimize means that we as players will spend most of out time in the "not finished yet, therefore laggy" state, its been 6 months already since spaced out came out and i find it unacceptable that after this time i cannot play the game smoothly past cycle 100, if this continues i will have to wait 2 years after the next DLC is released to play it properly.
  5. As a players who has played hundreds of hrs of ONI and has bought with excitment every DLC i have to admit i am most dissapointed this time around, the main reason as to why i quit the game last time was that my base grew to a size where the game simply could not keep up, moving around the map was so laggy that it completely broke the immersion of the game and kinda tilted me to be honest, wich is why i was so excited about this new DLC in particular because it seemed obvious to me that the reason why they would offer the an alternative way of playing the game (several minimaps instead of a big one) was focused on improving performace issues by dividing the workload into various systems (asteroids), however i am at cycle 200 now, the only things i have are: - A mid size oxygen generating system capable of processing the outputs of 4 electrolyzers - 60 planted mealwood farm tiles - 5 hydrogen generators with 5 bateries - The basic pipe system to sustain 4 lavatory and 4 sinks - A great hall - 9 dups with only this the game would have been fluid in the last version of the game i played, however in this version i have to pause the game to be able to move around my base without losing more than half of my fps, considering the game has had optimization issues since even before the automatization DLC i find this not only disappointing as the reason why i bought the DLC was to enjoy a more fluid gameplay, also feels pointless to keep investing in a game that for years now has not been able to deliver a smooth gameplay in mid to late game bases. my suggestion is simple, if you cannot optimize the game to a point where you can call it a finished and smooth gameplay experience then make it simpler, instead of adding more and more content and systems to be processed throw away what is not needed, simplify features and systems, anyone with an inch of common sense knows that no matter how beautifull and complex a game is, if optimization is bad the gameplay will be bad, and when that happens as a player you will simply quit.
  6. Yesterday i was working on upgrading from atmo suits to jet packs and the game was behaving normally, i finished all the building needed and left it ready for today, today at log in the game took way longer than usual to load all the resources of the resource tab and after it finished the game was unplayable, i was at less than 10 fps and the fps rate was very discontinuos, i loaded a save from a few cycles before and the game performs properly. No Comment Cycle 1513.sav
  7. @fatheroctopus on a small update on this matter i updated to the last patch of the game when it was released and while i am uncertain if my issue was ment to be adressed with it i no longer experience the crash and was able to continue my game with no further issues so i tought i would let you know. greetings.
  8. i see, i wasnt sure but in my map the only place where that happens is my smelting room wich only special characteristic in comparison with the rest of the map is that it holds hydrogen, well, they will eventually find the reason i guess
  9. conveyor belt contents are displayed infron of buildings (if there is hydrogen on the background???) No Comment.sav output_log.txt
  10. now that you mention it its true, the tooltip only shows the consumption of the network, did you try using a heavy watt wire to check if the tooltip displays a different value? i think that happens when the steam turbine is overheated, it shows different values including empty until its cooled and can run continuosly for 1-2 seconds
  11. the reason they asked for your saved file is to doublecheck if it was a bug caused by the recent update or just a feature working as intended, how can you be mad that they are putting extra effort into double checking possible bugs??? also if the game has a feature in wich duplicants operating skills reduce the chance of steam appearing due to faster machine operation how can you say they didnt know about it??? they implemented a feature related to it, so how could they not know about it? if a machine stops working it stops releasing heat, if it stops releasing heat but its surroundings are hotter than the actual machine AND its content is only logical that the system will tend to equilibrium by rasing the machine (and its contents) temperature, if anything i agree that it could be fine tuned so that the duplicants operation skill decreases the chances of that happening even more than it actually does, i have several dups with 25+ points of machinery and i still get some steam here and there, yet its as easy to fix as to add a gas filter and boom problem solved.
  12. treat them properly so that they want to work in your colony next time!! *flips table* just kidding, did you try changing the seed?
  13. good to know, here is the requested file. have a nice day. output_log.txt