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  1. If you use a tempshift plate it should help stabilize this ice and allow you to pick it up. Or even better if it works, a mesh tile, when the water freezes, ice should go on top of the mesh tile and be stable, airflow tile would guarantee vacuum insulation.
  2. Ah you're right, I'm so used to being limited by higher temp of AT itself I totally forgot the lower limit of the coolant. I guess I could use gaseous H2 in thermoregulator to make the first packets of methane or even LOX that I'll then use as coolant in AT Otherwise it's possible to not have an easy access to tungsten on oasisse depending on planets seed so still useful with supercoolant and no thermium.
  3. @OxCD Cooling down the sour gas is really the easy part without Thermium, my build would still include an AT for this sole purpose. However you might be right that it doesn't end up being power positive when heated through a refinery. @Yoma_Nosme I found only one volcano and it's already attached to a steam turbine, I'd prefer a build around an oil fissure rather than a build around a volcano.
  4. Hello everyone, I want to make a Sour Gas boiler on oasisse to exploit the many sources of oil I have; the catch is that I don't have access yet to Thermium thus cannot have an AT as my heat source for boiling off the Petroleum. My current plan is to use a metal refinery with Petroleum as coolant in order to melt 800kg of Lead and use that Molten Lead as coolant in a refinery that would run when the coolant is lower than ~600°C, flashing the Petroleum into Sour Gas. Does anyone have good advice on things to avoid or even a blueprint of their experiments? I want to note that I don't really want to use Magma as my heat source as I find it hard to manage with Steel, maybe I should get better at handling it. Will I be better off using Molten Glass (already in pipes, so quite useful) or any other coolant?
  5. To add to your post, I noticed fire poles made athletics dupes slower on descent compared to a ladder.
  6. Hello, I noticed Lumber refinement could be used as a heat source thanks to minimum temp of ethanol output. A credible scenario would be 1kg lumber @-255°C -> 500g ethanol @73.4°C, generating something like 400k DTU/s on refinement for 240W. (+hot PDirt and CO2, PDirt that could also be cooled before composting reseting its temp, extract 96k DTU from PDirt, compost, extract 160k DTU from dirt). Cooling the lumber in the first place and moving the heat away from the ethanol would require a lot of power however. I have 2 questions on this : -Would it work? -Do you see a use for this other than a heat battery for storing excess power? Also, I'm aware of containers reseting temperature of genetic ooze to 20°C but I'm really not a fan of this particular exploit and assume it'll get fixed at some point.
  7. First thing is to supercool your hydrogen, only pump it when it's almost a solid (about -260°C). Best way to move full packets is granite standard pipes in vacuum; hydrogen will exchange temp with its pipe no matter what. So having a low SHC pipe is the way to go (in vacuum). You will lose a few of the first packets but it quickly stabilize and you're good to go. Also, use insulated pipes where vacuum isn't an option (rocket silo itself). NB : actual best is radiant pipe with low SHC metal but not always practical.
  8. You listed the main uses of temp shift plates; Diamond, Ice and Igneous rock. As Kitten noted, the use of other less optimal materials is if it's the only thing you have in good quantity.
  9. Oh yeah you can totally do that but it's really hard to partially fill boosters, you need to use compactor with a dupe locked in or some shenanigans like that, very inconvenient so better fully fuel boosters; with one fully fueled you can only lift 2 total boosters. With 2 fully fueled boosters it gets more interesting and goes way up to 18 liftable boosters (IIRC) I found it more convenient to use Petrolox as tons and tons of CO2 are generated, easily convertible to Petrolox via slicksters (CO2 > slicksters > Petroleum > PWater > Water > Oxygen > LOX).
  10. @Nebbie It's probably easy to fix so I assume it will be at some point but yeah, only way to obtain a fix is to prove how easy it can be exploited @SkunkMaster I'm not sure I understand what you say. With a hydrogen engine you could stack up to 36 empty boosters if you really want to.
  11. Drowning this simple?

    Try drowning Pacus now
  12. It's not enough to cool a turbine running constantly, maybe there is a way with a system dedicated to force phase change of ethanol as much as possible but I suspect it would take too much space. However, 1 AT with piped supercoolant + condensing ethanol is well enough to cool the 9 turbines running. @mathmanican do you know if the liquid-gas bypass pump you made allows for teleporting Pwater direclty falling off of a petroleum gen ? (Pwater falling on top of liquid #2 swapping place with gas on adjacent tile of this liquid) Planning on using molten slicksters and petro gen but as I want to extract the CO2 when it falls under 200°C, it will boil off the PWater and I'd prefer to extract the liquid water.
  13. They aren't filled at all, just empty cases putting out high energy CO2. As for automation, yes closing the doors can be easily automated, I just didn't bother for easier demonstration purpose.