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  1. Just be patient. Those bugs are almost certainly due to the Hamlet DLC, but the Klei devs seem to be aware of them and are still cultivating fixes. For instance, the Boat Lantern bug was patched about an hour ago, along with a multitude of other crashes:
  2. Rhinoce"BROS"

    Hahaha that face is fantastic. I defeated them earlier by having one person with Knockback-Resistance armor tanking one apiece, while keeping them relatively close together. Have your AoE damage hitting both, while half the team focuses each one with normal attacks. Use the Sleep/Heal to keep everyone topped up; when one of the Rhinos starts to show their 'damaged' sprite, let that one sleep while your team focuses the other one. Try to get them both close to the same HP, then split focus again and use your big AoE damage to hopefully bring them down together.
  3. Possible to recover a dead world?

    No, you cannot. The only way to prevent world deaths is to have an extra life already prepared in advance, whether that be activating a Touchstone, building a Meat Effigy, or wearing a Life Amulet/Jacket at the time of death. Befriended Ballphins also have a high chance of rescuing you from drowning (80%). DST is balanced completely differently, because of the need for a way to resurrect low-skill players in small games of friends. By extension, Meat Effigies, Life Amulets, and Touch Stones were all massively buffed, and the Player-Ghost mechanic was created. Sorry to hear about your lost world, though. Hopefully you won't let it rattle you too much. Twenty-day world deaths are a dime a dozen once you've experienced the despair of hundred-day world deaths!
  4. I have to disagree. I think Klei has already reacted to the importance of finding the Volcano in Shipwrecked worlds by implementing the Rainbow Jellyfish migrations. Before that change it was nearly as difficult to find the Volcano as it is the Yaarctopus, although the spawning restrictions for it do make its general location easier to determine. Now you have ample opportunities to find it thanks to a very obvious world cue. My proposed item would make finding the Yaarctopus a deliberate player decision, not just one that is thrust upon the player. Even if you'd prefer to find the Yaarctopus without any help, you'd still have that option.
  5. Wilba's Perks?

    That sounds like Wolfgang's "Is afraid of monsters and the dark" perk which gives him +10% Sanity drain. Hardly a huge concern if hers is anything similar. I've also been thinking about the "Is a Pig" more, and I think it might end up being more like Wilbur, where the Pigs will be immediately allied to her. "Pig Royalty" might let her steal anything she wants from Guards and get away with it, because they basically work for her (the government) anyway.
  6. I really love a lot of the pirate aesthetics that Shipwrecked has, and especially the Yaarctopus' bartering empire built upon sea-food. However, in most of my games I end up finding the Yaarctopus quite a bit later than I think it would be feasible to find the Pig King or Pig Queen of the RoG/Hamlet worlds respectively. For the Pig Royalty, you tend to have a general sense of where they will decide to place themselves on world start, but finding the Pirate King (no relation) often takes a considerable deal more time and effort. As the location of the Yaarctopus is only limited to any single Coral Reef biome, and these can be placed in any part of the Ocean, finding the right one can be a bit of a lottery. That's why I propose a new item: the Pirate's Compass. This would be crafted with a Spyglass, a Pirate Hat, and a Compass, requiring a Science Machine to protoype. The item would function more like the Compass from Don't Starve Together, requiring you to equip it in the hand slot and having a durability of 2.5 days; but instead of the arrow pointing North, the graphic would instead have the arrow pointing in the direction of the Yaarctopus. (I just realized while writing that this is kind of like the compass that belongs to Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates film series. Maybe it could even be called the Sparrow's Compass for one those pop-culture references that Klei loves to do?) This way you'd be able to locate the Yaarctopus with a considerable amount of early resource investment, but by finding him and trading the right Crockpot meals, you could eventually get back almost all of the items/resources used, aside from the Papyrus. Anyway, I just wanted to float that idea out there and see what people think. Like I said before I absolutely love the Yaarctopus and his whole pirate shtick, and I'd really like to be able to make a beeline to him and put a Sea-Base next to him every game. Even if this suggestion isn't the exact right item for it, I think there's definitely room to explore here.
  7. Wilba's Perks?

    Wouldn't "Is a Pig" imply something specific? There's nothing that would treat Pigs any different than a 'human' or 'robot' player is there? Although, I do seem to remember there being a specific thing that happens to most Pigs when it's the Full Moon, or after eating enough Monster Meat.
  8. Thunderhat = Sea-Base Lightning Rod?

    Oh I see, that's very interesting! Thanks for sharing. If that's the case then even if it does work as a Lightning Rod, if it's losing durability per Lightning Strike it might make surviving Hurricanes with it a bit rough on the Sewing Kits.
  9. Am I totally wrong about this, or could you just bring a Thunderhat through to your Shipwrecked world and leave it lying in the water to act as a Lightning Rod for your Sea-Base? The wiki claims that it acts as a Lightning attractor, but I can't figure out which prefab file it is so I can't confirm for myself. If it's just a Lightning insulated hat then it's obviously not going to be nearly as useful.
  10. Home sea home is gone...

    I too have the Hamlet title screen, and my game crashes this way whenever I select a save: EDIT: I tried disabling mods one by one and I think the culprit is the "Moar Save Slots" mod which causes this crash. Disabling the mod seems to fix the issue, but re-enabling will cause a similar hang/crash.
  11. Home sea home is gone...

    My surfing buddies are all gone.
  12. Ballphin Palace only spawning one ballphin

    You have this bug backwards. The Ballphin Palace is supposed to only spawn a single Ballphin, but they're currently bugged and will instead cause a large number of Ballphins to appear around them. If you want to instead take advantage of that bug when placing your own Ballphin Palace, you have to place it during the Day, and in such a way that the Ballphin inside won't become distracted immediately upon spawning. If the Ballphin house's occupant enters an idle state, the game will create a Ballphin Pod at its location. Then if you save and reload afterwards, the Pod will activate and start to reproduce during normal Ballphin mating times or mating season (which is Mild season).
  13. Update coming perhaps?

    The Shipwrecked .lua files already had references to things like Baby Oxen and Jungle Treeguards since the Home Sea Home update. While it would be incredibly cool to get those things with the Hamlet release, I doubt they have the time to spare on them while they're still actively working on the newest DLC.
  14. Any loss in not having dry season?

    It's easier to steal all the plants from the Volcano in Dry Season, because they won't be unfertilized. Similarly, Dry Season is the season where Coffee grows the fastest, because Coffee Plants treat Monsoon Season and Dry Season backwards compared to other plants. And like the above posters said, the amount of Obsidian you can obtain is highest in Dry Season. Either from Trawling or from the eruptions themselves.
  15. Ballphins spawned by Palaces create Ballphin herds

    I asked a friend and they said that this should be normal behavior. So maybe the bug is that this isn't removed properly? I'm getting like hundreds of Ballphins if I advance a world through their mating seasons.