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  1. [Game Update] - 327257

    I was testing various items with Wheeler's Navigadget, hoping that one of them would be a quick way to find the Yaarctopus, and I discovered something that might make at least one part of Shipwrecked much easier: One Dodo to lead the way to the other Dodo. Pure scientific genius.
  2. It feels like a buff to Wendy and Wes. They benefit the most from having an Ornery Beefalo because of their twig-arms, and the beefs help them reach Dark Sword levels of damage without sacrificing HP or Speed. For everybody else it's there for the same reason people make pens for Sharkittens; cute pets to pass the days with.
  3. Things people dislike in Hamlet

    I'm not a big fan of the way you need to get a running start on the Town Paths for the speed boost to kick in. It just feels off to me every time I exit a building or wander on and off the grass.
  4. You're mistaken. Surfboards are a top-tier boat for the entire game. Traveling with them is very quick and cheap. If you're not using Surfboards then you shouldn't even pick Walani.
  5. If this tier list is for all three worlds, then there is no way Walani could ever be listed below Wilson. Surfing in Shipwrecked is godly. Enough so, that it outweighs her otherwise neutral stat-line (in comparison to Wilson) when she's played in the other worlds.
  6. QOL update report

    If there is Beefalo domestication, I really really hope that it also extends to the Water Beefalo. I bet being able to ride around on land and hopefully shallow water too would open up a ton of options for basing/sea basing.
  7. Ballphin Palace only spawning one ballphin

    You have this bug backwards. The Ballphin Palace is supposed to only spawn a single Ballphin, but they're currently bugged and will instead cause a large number of Ballphins to appear around them. If you want to instead take advantage of that bug when placing your own Ballphin Palace, you have to place it during the Day, and in such a way that the Ballphin inside won't become distracted immediately upon spawning. If the Ballphin house's occupant enters an idle state, the game will create a Ballphin Pod at its location. Then if you save and reload afterwards, the Pod will activate and start to reproduce during normal Ballphin mating times or mating season (which is Mild season).
  8. Ballphins spawned by Palaces create Ballphin herds

    I asked a friend and they said that this should be normal behavior. So maybe the bug is that this isn't removed properly? I'm getting like hundreds of Ballphins if I advance a world through their mating seasons.
  9. I noticed something odd during Ballphin testing, and now I figured out more about it. Ballphins created by Ballphin houses have a chance to create a "ballphinpod" when they spawn. This seems to happen every time unless they become distracted before they can create the pod, or if there is already another pod in range. This seems to happen at worldgen, when spawning them through console, and when crafting them yourself and building them. Edit: The pod creates a herd, which will rapidly mate and duplicate in the first season. Using console commands to count prefabs "ballphin" and "ballphinpod", as well as making it the next day through the first mild season, it becomes clear that the Ballphin population rapidly explodes. In the following example, the game starts with 68 Ballphins belonging to 68 Ballphin Palaces, while 48 Ballphin Pods are also present. After a single Mild Season, the Ballphin count goes up to 492, while the Ballphin Pod count also rises to 65. Further Edit: I tried to replicate my results every time and couldn't. The number of Ballphins was very large, but not what I had expected. The population explosion would happen near the end of Mild Season, after Jellyfish Migration, and continued from there. I think I must have done more in the first test to influence the results than I thought, so the repro-steps won't give the exact same result. You have to save and quit after the Ballphins create the Ballphin Pods, then go back to try the test.
  10. Hired Ballphins care about their homes too much

    Sorry to continually post in my own thread, but I think I may have actually found something that affects the original problem I was having with the Ballphins. From line 235 in ballphinbrain.lua: local root = PriorityNode( { WhileNode(function() return not self.inst.entity:IsVisible() end, "Hiding", StandStill(self.inst)), WhileNode(function() return not self.inst:HasTag("ballphinfriend") end, "Not a ballphinfriend", ChaseAndAttack(self.inst, MAX_CHASE_TIME, MAX_CHASE_DIST)), WhileNode(function() return self.inst:HasTag("ballphinfriend") end, "a ballphinfriend", ChaseAndAttack(self.inst, 100)), ChattyNode(self.inst, STRINGS.BALLPHIN_TALK_FIND_MEAT, DoAction(self.inst, FindFoodAction )), afraid, night, ChattyNode(self.inst, STRINGS.BALLPHIN_TALK_FOLLOWWILSON, Follow(self.inst, GetLeader, MIN_FOLLOW_DIST, TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST, MAX_FOLLOW_DIST)), Leash(self.inst, function() return self.inst.components.knownlocations:GetLocation("herd") end, 30, 20), day, Follow(self.inst, function() return GetFollowTargetFn(self.inst) end, MIN_FOLLOW_DIST, TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST, MAX_FOLLOW_DIST), FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn), Wander(self.inst, function() return self.inst.components.knownlocations:GetLocation("herd") end, GetWanderDistFn) }, .25) self.bt = BT(self.inst, root) end On Line 244, the Leash to herd function, I tried to comment just that line out and run my test - the Ballphins seemed to function much more normally afterwards. Then I tried restoring it to the original version, and they again experienced their buggy leashing to and fro.
  11. Hired Ballphins care about their homes too much

    The bugged loyalty time thing might be a separate issue entirely. A Wildbore I had hired on day 1 or 2 teleported with me multiple times, over 20 days later. First on to the ocean after using an Isoscoles Triangle: Then into the Volcano upon my first visit, seven days after that: He was also able to chop Charcoal Trees and produce two Ash from every tree by chopping it twice, despite it dying on the first hit: Ultimately he died to Dragoon punches, so I can't say if he would have teleported back outside with me. It still seemed pretty odd though.
  12. Hired Ballphins care about their homes too much

    Could the "ballphin_spawner.lua" prefab be causing this behavior? It says something on line 39 like 'if spawned at least one, herd creates ballphinpod'. This could also explain why I've been running into 5 or 6 homeless Ballphins around different Palaces when I visit them in my games. edit: Actually I figured out this particular case; this is caused by their lightseeking response when they panic during lightning. If I happen to pass by during Dusk or Night during a storm, they huddle around the Ballphin Palaces that have the lights on. And despite playing their 'panic' EEEEEK!-lines, they won't actually panic if near a light source, and will even do idle backflips. Maybe even resets their behavior after bugging out? I just saw a few go home mid-Hurricane after "panicking-but-not-really" near a light source, presumably because they could tell the lightning was ending. I'm really fascinated by what seems to make them tick, I hope any of this helps.
  13. I've been surfing with Ballphins a lot recently, and I think maybe they're too attached to their homes. Hiring Ballphins during the day causes them to function very similarly to Pigs. They mine coral (though they don't have any sound for their mining), wander near the player, eat food, and attack enemies when directed to. Homeless and Palaced(?) Ballphins both seem to behave the same way here. Dusk causes hired Ballphins to stop mining coral, and wander much closer to the player. Night does not cause hired Ballphins to sleep or return to their Palaces if they have one. Lightning causes them to panic like Pigs do without light (which is super adorable). However, moving too far away from their home causes their brains to seemingly abandon most of these functions. When this happens, they appear to lose all normal behavior: they no longer work on Coral, no matter the time or weather; they won't play idle backflip animations; they won't stand still, instead choosing to constantly swim back and forth while playing their 'eee-ing' noises every time they do; they seem to be fixated on running back towards the area around their house, but leash to the player at max distance before coming back and starting the loop again. If you let them return to their "home" location, they seem to resume normal function - but they will lose it once more if you wander too far away from their "home" again. This means that they can even be in the middle of their mining function before leashing to their home without reaching the Coral. I'm also not certain about this, but I feel like their loyalty time is extended beyond the normal limits when this occurs. My (anecdotal) evidence for this is that I once had two Ballphins, who I had hired from my palaces near my base, staying near me at night, awake, but upon saving and reloading the game they immediately returned to their homes. Combat functions do not appear to be affected by this bug, though, as they can still be directed to attack targets, and will retaliate to protect the player from enemies. Finding and eating food appears unaffected as well, and Ballphins will interrupt themselves to eat food before returning to their bugged behavior. Panic during lightning also seems to function, although it's a bit harder to tell (they behave kinda similarly, but don't seem leash to the player while panicking). A different bug that I noticed while testing this is that creating Ballphin Palaces at Night causes their occupant to swim far away the next morning, which is sort of the opposite of this problem, but maybe related to their "homeseeking" behavior.
  14. While Walani's pockets are full, if she is standing on land and holding her Surfboard in her hands next to a body of water, she can drop it with the Right Mouse Button and it will be lost to the depths. This will not occur if she is using a boat; it will only happen if she drops it from land into water. I think what's happening is the Surboard has two states for being on the ground, one for land and one for water, and the one for land doesn't have whatever tag makes items float in water. Therefore when the game attempts to drop the Surfboard as a land item, it hits the water and immediately sinks. Edit: I realized that this will also affect crafting Surfboards with a full inventory and hands full.
  15. Torch attacks will sometimes light things on fire

    If it were supposed to happen, then why are there two different outcomes based on the button pressed? Your comment is irrelevant.