[Experimental Update] - Rook Day 3


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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

The first pass of Rook's 3rd day is in! New defs! New quests! And the boss fights from the experiment in their proper context!

The big caveat is here is that we're sharing these things a lot earlier than we usually do, so the real dialog has not been written yet. We decided to push it out for the weekend to give people a chance to test the structures, and so that we can collect actual 3 day decks for the boss fight. The dialog will get better for the actual update! I promise!


  • Added: Rook Day 3! (most of the dialog is VERY placeholder, but the structure is there)
  • Added new defs: Bogger Cultivator and Bogger Clobber
  • Added 4 new faction quests for day 3 (again, the dialog is very placeholder)
  • Increased the damage of Arint and Flekfis' first attack when they have advantage
  • Added first pass flavor on sal's cards
  • Fixed bug where Affliction cards weren't triggering on-debuff effects
  • Flekfis and Arint no longer apply their debuffs when the attack is evaded
  • Fixing the graft listing label alignment
  • Aligning the Intimidated icon correctly
  • Hiding the scrollbar if not needed on the loot screen
  • Fixing the position of the character on the options screen
  • Fixed the description of Arint's "Power Surge" condition
  • Arint and Flekfis now get the first strike if you lose the negotiation against them.


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4 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Smith release for Steam?:wilson_ecstatic:

Why do you keep asking this question when the answer has been here this whole time, and you surely have read this:

On 2019-06-10 at 12:51 PM, Bigfoot said:

We have quite a bit of work ahead of us. Our expected timeline is:

  • Alpha: The Sal campaign (days 1 through 4) is released
  • Fall: Character 2 campaign (days 1 through ?) is released
  • Early Access: Character 3 campaign (days 1 through ?) is released
  • Launch: Full campaign for all characters released

We expect the full game to launch in the Fall of next year, and we’re looking forward to taking that journey with you, from Alpha to Early Access to launch.


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1 hour ago, matshazi said:

Install the experimental version, not the alpha version.


Kevin is there any way to submit ideas for quests to the devs?

i did install the experimental version. Maybe for some reason the version didn't update?

i did a workaround, though. I change the code so that it skips the DoAlphaMessage() function on day 2.

The game keeps crashing when I attack a boggers bogger with the shield bash ability with a flead.

Edited by RageLeague
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1 minute ago, pacovf said:

I have the same problem. Game ends on D2 on experimental. Kind of annoying, takes me a couple of hours to get there...

you can edit the code of the game

unzip data.zip at C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GriftlandsTesting. Open scripts\content\quests\story\ROOK\rook_story_day_2.lua, and go to line 313 with something like visual studio code or notepad++. Replace 

if BRANCH == "dev" then


if true then

This will bypass the check for dev branch and let you go to sleep instead of displaying alpha message.

Then repack everything into a zip and replace data.zip from the original location.

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  • Developer

Oh boo. I’ll get right on that. 

we missed it because we all run the dev branch. :(

...Just doing a quick triage on the recent reports before I push again. Can't fix everything today, but I'll try to get the most annoying ones. 

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  • Developer

OK. approximately 20 minutes from now, you should get build 396157, which fixes the following:

  • actually enable day rook 3 (for non-dev)
  • fix crash in bogger fight
  • fix earworm duplication issue
  • fix some typos
  • mark "save friend" oppo fight as self-defence

Thank you for your patience. We don't call it "experimental" for nothin'. :)

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, simonex93 said:

ok it seem that the crash occurs ONLY when i upgrade a negotiation card right after a negotiation fight. if i upgrade it after that it 's fine

I'm not seeing anything in the reports that match this description. Hrmmm. I guess submit it again if you get it with the next build? Sometimes the bug aggregator eats reports with duplicate call stacks.

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