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  1. You must have a 0 cost card in your discard pile to be improvised.
  2. Really like that map design. For whatever reason, it reminds me of Banner Saga despite being a completely different style lol.
  3. Posting here to let OP know he's not blocked. Personally Im waiting for the Steam Workshop compatibility before I start playing with mods, so I cant really talk about how good the mod is, but conceptually it looks really cool.
  4. Rook's campaign takes place in a completely separate map. There are a couple of random events that give you access to new permanent nodes to visit whenever, similar to the Grog'n Dog, but other than that all nodes are dependent on what missions you choose to go to. You can't leave the map in each campaign.
  5. Worked on my end, Griftlands is appearing in my Steam Library and the game ownership page says I own it on both platforms.
  6. Since we're on the topic of elites, when are Spree Captains going to get their own unique death loot? All the other elite enemies have fancy shmancy items that are thematically appropriate, while Spree Captains are stuck with some cleaver they found in the Slurpin' Snail's dumpster that they have to share with the Spree Raiders. On a related note, Spree Thieves should also have different loot from the Thugs since they both currently share the same Makeshift Dagger loot.
  7. Will update to include that. Completely slipped my mind when I wrote it. Will not update for the scarf since death loot is implied for isolated combat and the compendium is available for everyone to check Sal's death loot. The card draft I was supposed to update a long while ago since so many people mentioned it but I couldnt for the life of me figure out what caused it. Now I know, you gotta pass on the shills. Will update thanks. I heard that Shel actually survives after you fight the Grawkit on your own, but I rarely ever get that event so I could never verify. I still need to type up the Jakes loader event and the Hesh Zealot event, but Ive rarely gotten them.
  8. I personally assume that the two Burn and Brute cards are Rook using his "enhanced interrogation" techniques. Like Burn is his torturing his negotiation partner with piping hot pistol air, and Brute is him deciding to blast their eardrums with close range pistol shots. I still miss Masochist's old card art.
  9. Havaria belongs to the Fleads! Side note, Authorization effectively does nothing in Brawl since the only negotiations where you can talk to other NPCs are provocations at the bar. Still think it'd be nice to have Authorization let you recruit an Admiralty to your party instead of simply bribe since you can only do it once a day. Would give it some function in Rook's campaign as well, since you never have Admiralty in meaningful locations to make use of it, but Admiralty occasionally spawns at the Baron HQ.
  10. Incoming Ally Oolo nerf like ally Shield Bogger nerf. That being said, I hope there's a way to get the boss boons/banes in the Brawl mode. Im really hoping for Threekwa's in particular, though Eonwe's might be difficult since her boon/banes are Rook effect exclusive.
  11. Definitely missed it, Sal has a bunch of sleep dialogue.
  12. PepeHands The Rook Rebellion will live on in our hearts
  13. I assume there is, in fact, an event or opp to get the bog schematics since only Sealed Envelope was given a new event but both quests were given icons?
  14. Would you happen to remember anything about this specific place?
  15. Yo when was Masochist's card art changed? PepeHands
  16. All in on Glofriam. Gonna make a killing on the underdog victory
  17. Bogger Pauldrons is now as rare as it deserves to be with how good it is. When are Spark Barons gonna patron the Last Stand? On an unrelated note, when is Rook going to have access to Boss Grafts?
  18. Now we can more consistently rely on Moxie PepeHands