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  1. Is there a max cap to friendly arguments? Those are a lot of heated arguments being made.
  2. Ye when I started I thought that too. Took me three games after I unlocked them to give them a shot, and I found out how stupid strong they actually are. On a side note, you dont need to upgrade every single erupt to Pale. Every evoked erupt procs off each other, so you only really need one and the rest be boosted for even more stupid good damage.
  3. As far as Im aware, theres currently no difference in hostile/evoke cards between stable and experimental. I think you've just been sleeping on the power of evoke until now.
  4. Boons are the bonus passive effects gained from being loved from npcs, like Sparring. Banes are the passive effects that you get when npcs hate you, like Whispered Rumors.
  5. I noticed I cant seem to provoke people that hate me. I hadnt followed the experimental build too closely, so I gotta ask what changed with it. E: Nevermind, immediately after posting this I find Im able to provoke someone who hates me. I dont exactly know why it didnt let me before, all that changed was I completed a mission.
  6. My yotes thank you for not punishing them for me going for a pokemon master graft build.
  7. Build Rapport applies its composure in the stable release, the ui is bugged and doesnt show the composure. You need to apply more composure to see it, or just let the influence get hit and see that it did indeed have +3 composure.