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  1. I believe you're thinking of the card "Very Convincing". Its an Admiralty faction card.
  2. Unfortunately upgraded Hangunder's still bugged to cause crashes whenever you draw the slurred speech card. Also, Hangunder's graft information screen goes on till the bottom of the screen making it very difficult to click the upgrade button. I also had a separate crash in Rook's campaign that I unfortunately wasnt able to replicate, but judging from the crash screen mentioning hatch, I assume there's a bugged negotiation parasite card upgrade.
  3. I dont know about the strength of the new Hangunder graft, but I absolutely love the flavor of it. Just trying to imagine surgically grafting a shot glass onto your body is hilarious.
  4. I assume plot-wise the day 3 boss will be determined by who forces you to do the day 2 boss, so I gotta ask, how is it determined who sends you to fight the day 2 boss? Initially I thought it was whoever you didnt choose to go to first at the start of day 2, but Ive had times where I went to Kalandra first but Flekfis still forced me to work for him.
  5. I am blind, Ive never noticed the turn counter is on the End Turn button. I just assumed there was no turn counter.
  6. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a speedy experience, even knowing most of the cards wont help. Takes me a bit over 2 hours to complete Sal's campaign with all the positive mutators and Fast Mode enabled. Fortunately the game saves often at the start of every event/when you visit a location so you can leave your game and come back whenever easily. There are actually grafts that give Rigs for either Heads or Snails at the start of negotiaion, called Reflexor: Heads and Reflexor: Snails. Both are common rarity, so Im sure you'll find them eventually. As for cards, there's a card called Foresight that lets you rig the coin to either side at the end of each turn. One of its upgrades gives it Ambush as well. Its a rare card, so you'll have to check in the card shop often for it. Most of his starting cards do have a Destroy upgrade, same with Sal. Unfortunately, its pure rng as to when you get them, since those cards have randomly chosen upgrades. The starting cards for both Sal and Rook that dont have random upgrades are Quick Thinking, Sal's Instincts, Sal's Daggers, Fight Dirty, Call It, Trickery, Ammo Pouch, Hair Trigger, and Crank. You can look at the random upgrade cards through the Compendium to see all of their potential upgrade options. From a pure story perspective, usually when Sal found someone in a similar situation as the people in Rook's campaign, the target also ends up loving Sal. Grout Bog's a very dangerous place where unfortunately thats commonplace. From a gameplay perspective, Sal's missions are often handed to her directly by random NPCs allowing her to accumulate more "likes" that can be made into "loves". Rook's missions are given to him by a select few NPCs, so in order for him to gain boons, the game has to offer them through random events and opportunities.
  7. What turn is it in the 99 dominance screencap? That's hilarious
  8. Impulse Jack has always been situational but always extremely useful whenever it comes up for me. Specifically extremely useful in a Good Impressions negotiation deck.
  9. Found out Authorization supersedes Red Tape for bribing Admiralty, so you can use your single daily free bribe for an extra 30 shills per use, or some extra muscle in a fight which is much more worth it. Still underwhelming since Goons give you guaranteed 75 shills per day, and its rng in getting a quest that happens to have combat in an area with admiralty to make it more worthwhile. Now that I mention it, would be interesting if Authorization allowed you to "hire" an Admiralty member as a party member for a quest instead of just bribing. Would keep the same lore flavor as it currently has while being much more consistently useful, though you still have to find an Admiralty existing somewhere to make use of it.
  10. When I first did it, I just assumed the game would crash on me, did not expect the Oshnu to follow me all the way to Kashio.
  11. Yoooo I did not expect this, thank you so much for supporting final day Oshnu pets
  12. Shame, was hoping it was some sort of interesting unique skill that just happened to be bugged for the time being. Atleast they'll no longer waste turns attempting it and actually try to deal some damage.
  13. Looks like its time to hunt for new events
  14. Game crashes when you break Threekwa's defense when he has 0 power. On a side note, while I havent tested it yet, how will the Pet Shroogs work now that there shouldnt be negative values showing? Dont know if it was even intended originally, but I constantly had Shroogs irrecoverably enter negative power due to rng targeting them more than they can rebuild their power, so Im curious to know how it works now.
  15. I think I randomed into my own deck with the seed 157981050. I had First impressions on during that run and wound up getting Threekwa to hate me, giving me his "Informed Enemies" bane (Take 2 damage every card you play first turn). I assume he's since been given plot armor since Ive been getting him neutral over and over. Had fun with the new boss. Really interesting fight