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  1. fixed but i dont know how to cancel this conversation... am i blind for not seeing the cancel button?
  2. totally, or if you deal X damage while the belly is exposed it flip over and get stunned
  3. translations are very well made from what i ve seen, but its too weird to see them half- half for now
  4. Weird i've tried it on experiments but it never used fire. It spawned the dogs at the begin and then just aoe
  5. high priest just scared the f out of you and run?
  6. they said parasites would have been high risk high rewards cards once upgraded
  7. now it crashes even after i upgrade the battle cards >_>
  8. ok it seem that the crash occurs ONLY when i upgrade a negotiation card right after a negotiation fight. if i upgrade it after that it 's fine
  9. Game keep crashing sometimes after ending a negotiation with rook, even after restarting the run (sent some reports)
  10. same, never seen him. maybe increase the chance for it
  11. the Erchins costed 65 but the Flead was 200 and had only 19 hp i wonder how weak it is
  12. mmm dunno, usually it goes down after 2 attacks anyway if they decide to target it, maybe starting with 3 would have been better.
  13. dammit you inverted hp and resolve in the top left, now my eyes keep crossing >_>