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[Poll] On Previous Events

yay a GNO poll! :D  

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  1. 1. Do you wish to see the Forge and Gorge tied into the base game as a mechanic?

  2. 2. If yes, why so?

    • It ties in well into the lore.
    • It would be a fun engaging mechanic.
    • Other (do list in the comments!)
    • I chose no.
    • I chose maybe.
  3. 3. If no, why so?

    • It doesn't fit the narrative.
    • The mechanic would be too superfluous to add to the base game.
    • It would be a tedious-to-reach mechanic with too little reward.
    • There are already mods for this.
    • It would be a nightmare for the devs to code and very hard to implement considering the mechanics already in place.
    • Other (do note why in the comments!)
    • I chose yes.
    • I chose maybe.
  4. 4. IF implemented, how do you wish the events to be accessed?

    • Modifying or creating special Ancient Keys to reach the events you desire to reach
    • Accessing the events by killing Fuelweaver
    • Other (do list in the comments!)
  5. 5. IF implemented, what features do you want to be carried over from the events?

    • Items from the events (Forge weapons, Gorge cookware, etc.)
    • NPCs and enemies from the realms following the survivors (e.g. Billy & Mumsy)
    • Other (do note in the comments!)

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32 minutes ago, GetNerfedOn said:

Next on my list of queries: do you wish to see the content of the previous competitive events tied directly into the base game as a feature?

As always, answer freely and of your own will, and do leave your input in the comments!

I've always liked the idea of Forge mobs invading your world after you defeat the Fuelweaver and activate the Gateway. Maybe they could slowly set up war tents and banners slowly taking over parts of the world, Killing any wild life in the area. Just some ideas

Maybe I can make it a mod

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The answers are quite simple- Please stop saying “no because there are mods for this.”

Xbox and PS4 do not have Mods! We don’t have access to Mods, we can’t even simply join a server that’s being hosted from PC with Mods enabled.. so we are quite literally following the trail of Gingerpig crumbs that get left behind for us.

and the answer isn’t simply buy a PC- The Last PC I owned was in 2012, After the invention of the Smartphone why would I need to buy a PC when my phone does everything I even used the PC for in the first place?

I remember the old days of having to lug around a Laptop and slowly log into the Internet just to check my emails.

Some of us simply can’t afford to buy a PC, and the little bit of money we got to spare goes towards buying 1 or 2 skins or dlc add-on’s. 

Please STOP simply saying “oh no we don’t need that because there’s already a mod for it!”

Consoles players Need it <3 please?

Also I choose other- Because I can pick to host event worlds for Hallowed Nights, Winters Feast & Year of the Pig King.. why can’t I access this content in that same manner without the need of killing the ancient fuel boss and collecting keys?

better yet- Why the hell is an Ancient Boss guarding the Gorge/Forge Areas?? What EXACTLY is the purpose of the boss guarding these Mini-Game areas?? Limiting this gameplay content to the small percentage of players who have fully completed the game just seems rather silly.

i would 100% understand if- killing the final boss took me to a brand new map with harder enemies and a harder world to survive within. 

But from what little information that I can actually gather- The Gorge was simply an limited time event where you gathered food to appease the Gnaw, a hungry sky beast that demands speciality food dishes to fulfill its appetite, very similar to the video game OVERCOOKED.

So then.... Why exactly is the Fuel Weaver Boss Guarding it anyway?

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6 minutes ago, RogueGamer12 said:

I rather have them not accessed, but rather as mechanics from the get go.

I feel like the Forge fleshes out the combat, and kinda gives some strategy to it.

And the Gorge cooking mechanics, along side the farming does make cooking sorta fun, but i'm not really sure. 

Battle and food rework?

New weapons and new kitchen content such as oven, grill, etc. would be very interesting.

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I didn’t play the Forge because it seemed completely un-interesting and un-fun to me. The Gorge, which had new biomes and mechanics beside combat, was cool and fun at first, but at a certain point, once you figure out the basics, it’s all about doing the same stuff over and over and over again with very slight variations until you can do it faster. It’s like working at an Amazon warehouse, or on an assembly line. There’s none of the open-endedness and freedom of the base game, and therefore none of the creativity or planning, which are what keeps DS/DST fun and very replayable. I enjoyed the Gorge for a while, but have  no desire to ever play it again and would rather see the team’s resources go to adding new biomes, mobs, mechanics, etc. to the base game.

That said, some of the new stuff from the Gorge looked great and the cooking and planting mechanics were intriguing, so I’d be interested in seeing them added to the base game, maybe in other, new biomes (for, say, the sugar maples). The Forge, in addition to being boring, had a pretty cheesy aesthetic that I’d hate to see spread to the base game, though the guy in charge of it was kinda cool.

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I don't want the Forge and Gorge combined into the regular game because it seems like half the point of the events was to be different from ordinary DST gameplay and another big part of it was to give out lore about the characters leaving the main Constant, perhaps permanently. I feel like it'd do a disservice to both/all three modes of gameplay as well as to the story. Plus some people who enjoy regular DST didn't even like the Forge and/or the Gorge, and since it was originally separate enough that they didn't have to touch it, they should be allowed to keep avoiding it. I personally loved both events but I want them to be their own thing. 

Perhaps for consoles an option for players to host their own Forge/Gorge servers would be a better idea if this is because people miss the event content, since that's basically what the Forged Forge and Regorge mods do for PC players. (I don't know whether it would be easy or hard for Klei to convert the code to run player-side, but there's a demonstrable demand for it.) I just don't want Forge/Gorge mechanics or mobs mashed up with standard DST gameplay; if it's added officially as a year-round option it should still be a separate game mode. 

It might be nice to see Billy and Mumsy again, but adding them to the main game would shatter my headcanon about the characters leaving to somewhere besides the Constant after the Gorge and RoT taking place before Forge. (Beforge, if you will.) Also I'm not convinced either one would make a good player character since they're built on a different sprite rig (though I suppose that didn't stop Maxwell), but I'm not sure if they could be put into a useful role as NPCs in the Constant without their jobs being peddlers of other Gorge objects. 

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