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WildWildWes's Art and Doodle Thread: Back With a Vengeance

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Hello everyone! I did an art post thread a while back when I first joined the forums, but seeing as that was, uhh, about four years ago, i decided to start a new one. I might not post consistently but I'll use this as a dumping ground for whenever I get the fanart itch (which is usually whenever a new short drops).

If you'd like to see my non-don't starve-related artwork, feel free to check out my instagram! (@ rabbitopus)

Okay, let's start this thread out strong with something from my sketchbook:


Shoot. I should probably mention that when I first joined the forums I was going by Neil for a while, I don't really anymore but you can still call me that if you'd like. Call me whatever you want as long as you don't call me late for dinner.

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7 hours ago, minespatch said:

Eyy Angeline! Kind of looks like a Classic rubberhose look here.

Why a glock?:wilson_ecstatic:

I just thought it'd be funny.

Honestly I drew this because I was thinking about how so many people have all those "Jack Carter joins the constant/becomes Maxwell's good counterpart/etc" aus and realized that we probably seem to like those because the alternative is just too sad, so I figured we might as well do the same with Angeline. Give me Angeline making a deal with Maxwell to become lucid and see her son again.

And then I was like "screw it, we're already starting to go off the rails, now she has a gun too so she can utterly waste whoever separated her from Warly. XD

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

With his legs that wide, kind of looks like he's doing the spongegar pose.

...well then I HAD to draw him actually doing the spongegar pose 


Probably a good time to mention that the super-deformed ds style aping isn't how I usually draw, it's just often easier for quick doodles of our favorite survivors.


Here's a page fulla Wes-es. People like that guy right? Maybe? That shadow Wes is more along the lines of how I usually draw my characters/stylized humanoids.


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23 minutes ago, ResettePlayer said:

Real talk though I love how expressive and energetic your drawings are.

Thank you so much! :D I've really been trying to push my poses more since my storyboarding professor said expressive poses are more important than facial expressions.

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I haven't been playing the beta updates bc my computer is pretty bogged down by all the art programs I need for school (toonboom and Adobe creative suite) but I have been following what's new and all the new fish are really cute! More friends for Wurt!

(Somebody should tell her that they'll keep longer in water...)


Any other Steam Powered Giraffe fans on here


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