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Captain_Rage    1,087

The Straw Hat is easy to craft so it should not be considered a boss. It is more of a tutorial. Moggles might be a boss. Once you've obtained the Moggles you have beaten half the game. Keep us up to date with your progress.

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Rinkusan    36
2 minutes ago, hl3bekliyenadam said:

If you end up in a no warlus world, good luck bud lol

In a default world, there's actually no such thing as a no-walrus world. You will always either have 1 tusk or 4 tusks. 1 tusk is guaranteed to spawn in the moonstone forest biome (the evergreen forest biome with the moonstone pedestal). The triple tusk biome, on the other hand, is not guaranteed to spawn. 

2 minutes ago, Lammarr said:

Ain't that like impossible in DST?

I'm almost pretty sure there's always at least one walrus near the forest that contains the moon stone.


Damn, I literally just got a notification from you right before my mouse hit the Submit Reply button lol

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CaptainChaotica    4,311
On 11/3/2019 at 3:25 PM, Flusap said:

make every hat in the game. Thats a good goal right, cause you have to kill bee queen and the mushroom guy and the skeleton king!! So its like, once I get every hat I beat the game

Ha!  Funny, because a while back I had a semi-joking similar idea:  The Fashion Challenge!  You can play any way you want (as long as it's not cheating) BUT:

--You have to make one of each clothing item _in each skin you have for it_.  Oh, AND the original, of course.

--AND your weapons and armours!

--AND items!  (tools, umbrellas, backpacks, etc.)  Accessorize, darling!

--Make a wardrobe early, prioritizing it over more important things if possible.

--Then lay all your hard-earned wardrobe out on the ground and take a good picture of it (possibly using a pull-the-camera-back-way-farther mod).  With a graceful pose.  Or a Chicken Dance; whatever.  We don't judge around here.

That's it.  The Fashion Challenge:  Because surviving in the wilderness is no excuse to abandon STYLE!  :)

(No I haven't actually done it myself yet.  But I kind of both do and don't want to.  : P)


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