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(Unofficial) concept idea for an event.

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(Before reading this Yes I am aware Klei stated they couldnt keep events  going at the time due to limitations with console players and the budget on the dedicated servers,for it but, correct me if I'm wrong about the claims,this I have been thinking about this more as a concept for a while and I thought it would be cool to share to help spread my idea also if you want to skip all the words and blah blah I'll type in the concept I actually wrote on paper (sort of) atleast for now go to gameplay concept bold)

Concept idea/ inspiration:

So my concept is based off of my own thoughts and a bit of inspiration off of the horror game sleeping dawn (I'm pretty sure) 

Where players must work together to use the specific tools given to players to meet the maze and its monsters requirements to escape alive. I took a bit of the maze concept and tool into my idea, The only challenge however was making the event concept fit into the dont starve universe meaning no technology or objects after 1921 and still keeping the lore dont starve related and making it seem as the characters would canonically use it or follow their actions.

Plot idea:

during the Forge there is a part where pugna states about them destroying everything they touch and how his people were "severed" from the throne, so maybe the ancient gate sent our characters to a dystopian place separated to die from the throne as well were the beings there use a maze to test those worthy of using their gate! But be aware after the cut from the throne they left the civilization a little gift, as a terrifying shadow creature (or monster) that the beings encased in the maze to join in their sick little game.

gameplay concecpt

So first off it's Pitch black in the maze, so you'll need a light source some characters are indeed designed for light sources but just in case somehow someone screws it up every character has a back up light on there waist to use just in case(for last minute emergencies)as the light is the key to your team's survival!

There are 4 pieces of equipment that each 1 enough for 4 players should use. The game will be simple. I think the characters should have to find pieces to escape the maze using a portal through various sources in the maze to escape. The monster will try to cut your light source or focus on separating or prioritizing on certain characters to take out to make the experience harder and take your team out one by one everyone will be going at a slow but but pretty fast walking pace so they dont run away from a specific player and 50 shades of screw that person.(maybe the characters start running when in danger)


Each character has a backpack for there role(let's call them kits to not make this boring to anyone) which helps whatever equipment they use for there tools, there is 4 of them so far, the stick of seeing, the traxola radio,the spark plug, and the flash stick. Just like the gorge for example characters had classes you didn't have to equal your job, but its adviced to do it as your wasting upsides their perks hold. ( or in English... anyone can pick up any tool but in order to get matching stats and perks choose the tool matching to your kit!) Here are the classes I thought of so far...


Lighters are the heart of the group if they go down, everyone else will with them. They supply the light source and keep the light feuled, since everybody will be following them in a way they'll basically be the leader. With their fuel kit if there class is a lighter the staff will take way longer to burn out and takes less fuel to restore (burner can maybe recharge their light with burning fuel found around the map perhaps?)


Trackers are the ones who guides the group on locations around the maze the design is a little gramaphone in a case as a backpack to detect sensors made by the little voxola radio that looks like a little tablet :) the traxola acts almost exactly like a divining rod signaling things are near, if your class is a tracker holding the traxola the gramaphone will play ragtime when the monsters is near.(also be adviced tracking makes noise)

Chargers:(design not done yet)

Chargers are an important class for the group the charger is like a support class meaning they rely on the other classes they can use their tech to refuel the other groups gadgets (Maybe making working on making it look like a design similar to a battery and something with volt goat horns) and can charge up to two people

shockers:(design not done yet)

The defense of the team when the monster and other creatures attack the group circle the shocker uses an electric stick (note: offense is not a good idea and is best used for defense) they have two attacks a jab and a flash. A jab is a small stab animation where it uses a small amount of its power causing what ever creature to back off for a while. And a flash(emergency cases  causes a charged zap whitening the screen causing the monster and other creatures to dissapear if there close enough causing a huge amount of energy from the stick (shocker kit recharges it faster) this also produces noise.

Sanity concept (maybe):

With your characters walking through a maze to their death that can literally take a tow on their sanity. When the group finds certain objects, builds pieces to the portal to escape gets their equipment recharged and staying around other player they will keep sanity restored. But if characters hang around in the dark, (characters lose sanity just like normal when night or dawn approaches in normal game)gets attacked by the monster, or equipment starts getting low power or runs out and ect drives their sanity down to the pole. When insanity is low enough, the game will be more stressful with more creatures to distract the survivors and the monster smelling your sanity.

The monster:(design not done yet)

The monster is a devious and intelligent creature using lures and other creatures to it's control and terror to consume and eat poor souls lost in the dark depths of the maze.(from noise or spotting group or ambushing survivors alone in the dark) If your in the dark alone the creature will know where you are and hunt you down you can see the monster in moments where its eyes will glow and you can see it move. During and ambush the monster will show up with many different eyes staring at you. But notice when certain eyes turn aggressive the shocker can then do a flash shock and scare the monster away or In some areas shadow hands in the ground will show up and grab players to slow them down luckily the shocker can stab the hands to release them or in enough time they go on there own. The monster will also normally attack by opening its eyes in the dark and rushing towards the light. The shocker can use a flash to scare the monster away. When the monster flees it gets teleported at a random area away from players.if the monster gets to close and attacks the group. You will be jump scared and it will

Either drag a survivor away or kidnap them dragging them into an explorer area in the maze requiring the group to rescue them before the monster devours them.If the monsters drags someone the character will slowly be dragged away as the character screams for help giving the group a notification of which way it went, if the characters light reach into view of the monster the monster will release the player and run off freeing them. But if the monster gets too far away the character will be killed eaten alive and be out as a spectator for the rest of the game, I'm thinking of maybe a way of bringing characters back similar to left 4 dead. (if a survivor died a random closet would have them in there and the players could open it and "find" them to join the group. 

Concept art (model upgrading not finished)20190821_183213.thumb.jpg.5228a4cdd619136c6e70e768d7cc419d.jpg

this art is an example showing how the characters support eachother. Winona being the charger to re supply wilson and willow. Willow is using the light to keep everyone safe from darkness, wilson is using the tracker and is detecting the monsters (place holder design for monster) and wes being the shocker ironically protecting the other players from the monster with a electric shock ( I'll draw a better one soon...)

Character skins:

This one made me think for a while... I thought of doing something mysterious that would fit with the characters equipment something techy but I had to limit myself in 1921. I suggested steampunk but that was in the at least around the 1950s, until I decided what if I made it seem like.. the future or something, maybe  and make the characters still look mysterious and it fit with gears, Which is already a thing in dont starve.(even having a literal robot who works on gears) So here was my concept art for wilson in the skin set: Rusted future (based similarly on some already existing skins):20190821_180700.thumb.jpg.c15a9d0b6709a87e4863c65b9dfb2bb5.jpg

In conclusion:

Let me know what anyone thinks about this idea, it took me 3 days straight to think of this and develop my concept idea of it and it took me near 7 or 8 hours to type, grammer check, and make sure everything made sense on here.(hopefully this topic won't die fast atleast... ;-;) but please tell me what you think let's bring more ideas to the table and let this grow! My wish is for one of the devs like

Joew or something to see and tell what he thinks about it. But for now enjoy your day fellow survivors, but most importantly, Don't starve!

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2 minutes ago, ImDaMisterL said:

Done already, but you can report posts for us to see with the "Report Post" button in the top right section of the post.

Thank you so much! Especially for keeping this post still active, I promise I won't do that again.

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