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End-game could use some love

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I've reached the end-game in my colony. I'm 1000+ cycles in and I can easily complete the initiatives if I wanted to. I'm enjoying the game still, but I have a bit of an issue with some things in the end-game:

- Rocket cargo hold is too small, about 10+ times too small. It's meant to be used to get some precious resources you need but have ran out in the end-game. Currently you can get at most 3 cargo holds in your fancy hydrogen rocket. If your destination is made out of 30% usable stuff, you get 1 tonne of material you want. That would build you 1.25 tempshift plate, or 2.5 units of pipe... That's not much! If I want to get some aluminum for my fancy liquid hydrogen upgrade, I'd have to spend real life days farming that stuff - not ideal. It would be nice to be able to research some heavy haul rockets, or generally get more yield out of the rockets we already have...

- Data banks could have some use after all researching is done. Currently have a few hundred if not more of them just laying about. Perhaps having some research you could do repeatedly would be neat - something to speed up your rocket turnaround time, or increase the efficiency of power generators, increase the yield of some geysers, etc. Something that wouldn't be crucial to the game, but would still give you some benefit from accumulating those things...

- We could use some option for garbage disposal. Maybe sending them up with a rocket, or vaporising them? I have 200+ seeds from plants I farm, pretty sure I won't be needing them. Tried tossing them into lava, but they didn't burn up. Same with regolith. If I could get some sort of "garbage vaporator" to be able to destroy stuff I don't need, that would be great. It could be something that you could only unlock at the end of the research tree not to turn into a newb trap

- It would be nice to have some options for creating some high-end heat. At the moment the hottest thing you can make is molten glass, which doesn't have that much of a specific heat to be useful if you need to create magma in places. Some sort of laser, perhaps made out of diamond and cooled with liquid hydrogen would be cool though... :D

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You can turn seeds into dirt, but you have to manually click on them to get composted.

I've tried melting the regolith, but ended up tossing too much into the bottom of the map and freezing the entire magma pool because of that. Melting regolith produces a lot of heat, but not a lot of temperature unfortunately...

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Endgame idea:

A nuke drops every 300-1000 cycles on to your base.

The first nuke starts with 1 ton of TNT. Every following nuke increases randomly by 49.04% - 599,07% in TNT power, compared to the previous one.


There is a nuke timer running, which indicates when the next nuke will strike your base.


Counter actions:

* Gelee production. Makes the incoming bomb sink in to a built pool of gooey gelee tiles. Gelee dampens the bomb explosion by 90%. However, this can cause and trigger an earthquake which cracks up your lower base tiles and the bottom lava creeps through.


* AA Flak4ling - Anti air projectiles. Splinters the hit nuke in to small clusterbombs, which rainbow rain down on to your base.



* Grammophone. The giant "Sound of Silence" Grammophone can be built. It targets the next incoming nuke. Downside: On activation the nearby dupes get deaf and their ears pop + they get dizzy for 5 minutes. As the sound-of-silence music notes from the Grammophone hit the incoming nuke, all your base glass tiles shatter into thousand pieces.


* Oxy Server Proxy - A giant server slingshot firing ip packets and hot cpus at the incoming nuke can be built. Its powered by Oxylite and Sand. Once the internet protocol and flaming hot cpus hit the nuke, its completely hacked, confused and melts in to sky lava. The lava rains down Michael Bay style on to your base, causing a lot of fluid lava heat at your base top. Its green acid lava which corrodes all metal tiles it comes in contact with.






@TG pro


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