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  1. Different types of Decor Art - paintings Architecture - buildings features Clothing - Sculpture - statuary Flora - plants, planters, Fauna - animals, pets, creatures, Lighting Generic Decor will benefit only from the highest type of each category. So two painting nearby will not add together to improve decor, only the highest/best will apply. With the exception of 'Generic' which will still add together with other generic decoration,
  2. Is survival a breeze for you? Do you butcher every giant thing that gets in your way? Are the Ruins about as threatening as a hound attack? Most importantly, do you long for an actual challenge? If you've answered yes to all of these, then I introduce you to Don't Starve: Hard Mode! Gone were the days when survival was too boring! Now, you can use all the skills you picked up from playing the game hardcore! The prerequisites are simple. Either die or teleportato with 1000 days or more completed, and this harsher take on survival will be unlocked permanently! With this mode activated on a new file, you'll experience the harshest of challenges to overcome, designed to break the weak and leave only the truly strong! With such a challenge, you may expect the following. -Your world customization is limited to Default or Lights Out! -Resources are set to Less, mobs are turned to More! -A sleep and water meter will be added, with penalties to maximum sanity and health if not upkept! Drink from the pond or the sea to restore your water, but be prepared to lose some sanity! Get a canteen going as soon as possible and purify that water! -Hound and Depth Worm attacks will be set to their peak intensity from the get go! -Giants will be set to More, and will spawn right after the first warning! -The health and attack power of all aggressive mobs will be doubled! -Cold and Heat damage will reduce maximum health, which will regenerate over time! -The sanity threshold for a shadow creature attack is increased, making them attack you at medium sanity levels, as well as ignoring a portion of your armor! -Touch stones are a thing of the past! If you wish to revive yourself, build a Meat Effigy or a Life Giving Amulet to keep going! But don't depend on them too much...they become inert for 100 days after one use! -Imprisoned Birds are unable to be fed eggs, and will die if either overfed or underfed! -Speaking of overeating, remember all those times you ate food for other benefits at full hunger? Well, that's not going to end well for you here! Overeating food anywhere over maximum hunger will damage your health for half of what that food restores from hunger! Eating that Meaty Stew from 100/150 hunger? You'll restore 50 hunger, but lose 50 health from the remaining 100! -Low sanity? You'll never be alone! Shadow Hands will give you a hand in the dark and lower the durability of your light items! -Thinking fireflies or bioluminescence will be your go-to non-spoiling light source? Think again! Both of them will now starve after 2 days if not fed meat items! -Are you a jerky fiend for all that sweet sanity? I doubt you'll be into it much when it starts lowering your water meter! That's right, the hunger you gain from Jerky will remove the same amount from your water meter! -Do you partake in the consumption of stale and spoiled foods sometimes? Well, now you can enjoy it more with HALVED stat gains! -Have you been using fires to block larger foes from reaching you? Well, no more! Every last one of them can destroy fires, or in the case of the Dragonfly, fly right over them! Go show them who's the better fighter! -Do you hunt hard for your health restoration foods? Well, now you can enjoy doing it more! Frogs, Butterflies, and Birchnut Trees now have a halved chance of dropping their delicious items! -Are you the type to nom on Monster Meat in times of crisis? Well, now there's a bonus to eating it! Upon eating any version of it, you'll now begin to gradually lose health over the next day! Don't you feel accomplished? -Are you a hoarder in secret? Do you fill your pack to the brim and use nothing else? Well, now you can enjoy hoarding longer! For each slot filled, your speed will be reduced by 2.5%! -Do you stuff your crock pot with poison food to magically cook edible food? Well, we've got a better food! Just one monster food will be enough to make that delicious lasagna! -Do you think that suit of seashells or that helmet with horns will protect you from poison? Do you long for a little more challenge? Well, here you go! Both of them now only offer 50% poison protection! That means a half chance that you'll be poisoned when bitten by those spiders and snakes! Is this challenge just right for you? Do you have any ideas to make this harsh challenge even harder? Were you simply looking for something to read? Post down below!
  3. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  4. So I was watching one of my dupes, and she got interrupted in her sleep - and I don't know why. She just got up out of the bed and went back down again. There was only Oxygen in the area, and she didn't get a midnight snack or go to the restroom. She did get the interrupted sleep debuff for the day, though. It would be nice if the "Interrupted Sleep" debuff had in its tooltip (or somewhere else) the reason why the last interruption happened.
  5. (I apologize if somebody has already mentioned this) I'm pretty darn good (arrogance not intentional, please don't hate me) at Don't Starve (made it to day 573 on RoG before my hard drive failed), but I've never managed to see the Monsoon Season, simply because the Sealnado kills me every time. The first four times it killed me despite my best efforts to get away. The fifth time I actually managed to get away, and I sailed three islands away. A day or two later, I discovered that it followed me (albeit slowly) all the way there! I feel that this makes the Sealnado punishing rather than difficult. If we don't want to fight the Sealnado, we should at least have the ability to run away. Here are my proposed options: Make the Sealnado despawn once the player is 5-10 screens away, however you want to tweak it. If you've traveled across the world to get away from that thing, it should not follow you forever. You should not be forced to be at a boss-fighting stage by Day 30. This will make the Sealnado just as difficult as it was before when trying to fight it, but actually gives you a chance when trying to escape it. Make it so that the Sealnado is only hostile if the player is within attack range. So if the player leaves the area, the Sealnado will just move randomly, like with hounds. This removes the necessity of making the Sealnado despawn if you don't want that to happen. I don't know, you guys are the developers. You've done a fantastic job so far, I'm sure you'll find a solution for this! I also suggest that the Selnado waits a bit longer before using its Area of Effect attack. Sometimes you don't even get the opportunity to run away! It's possible that the Sealnado actually is not too difficult as a boss, but it is definitely true that it is too difficult to not fight. Players should have the option to not fight. The consequence? No turbines, no magic seal, completely fair. Don't Starve should be a difficult game, not a punishing game. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. Now that Klei has the Ruins theme fixed, here comes the next: we will be able to listen to our good ol' theme ever again? And I mean THE MAIN THEME, the one in the early beta DST and before Shipwrecked. I know you can hear it in the menu in Vanilla Don't Starve, but if you get SW dlc, you will never be able to hear it again unless from the soundtrack. The theme really brings back the horror/psychological feels during beta Don't Starve - when you still have research points. [Suggestion]: Random/Alternate main theme with current DS/DST one when you enter the main menu. Also while I am at it: things that need their own theme: Cave boss: not really, but it won't hurt to have since cave doesn't have EFS-theme. Shadow Chess Pieces (currently same with Guardian) [non DST] Have Klei/Capy abandoned Shipwrecked, because it seems unpolished and buggy as of now.
  7. I wish the don't starve together had an offline mode same as the single, because as don't starve this finished I at least that much game offline to migrate to a continuation being forced to create server, and deal with ping etc.. I think it's really bad I would an offline mode in the don't starve together because not everyone likes to play Onlaine.
  8. It'd be nice if this code in grue.lua component gets changed from this current code code to this Adding a check for if the entity being attacked has Sanity to remove Sanity, then if they don't have Sanity the game doesn't crash. I'm sure this would be extremely easy to add & it'd be good for any modders adding AI players (like me) which don't really need Sanity .
  9. This is coming in new update. Hide priority numbers on picture frames and statues when they are finished. Helps with number clutter on priority screen and optimization. Add a gas sensor. Activates when selected gas is around it. Helps with further atomization. More variations of storage compactor. Just like with battery upgrade, more expensive and efficient. Which one you think will fit the game best. 2x2, 3x2 or 4x4. Again, it helps with optimization, less things you need to build for same storage - the better. Add another or rework the F1 oxygen overlay screen. Back in the day, PO2 was in different colour. Make each colour for each gas; it is hard to hunt for CO2 in hydrogen if it is all red. Make Jobs/Consumables/Vitals expandable with edge drag. It is nice to see more information if your screen can handle it. Make Rejuvenator and Medical Cot operate same way you did with massage table, on percentage automatically. Playing with 60 dupe’s base and selecting right one from list is frustrating. Alternatively, if you really do not want make it the same, change the dupe selection screen, which should sort by health percentage. Most damaged ones are always on top of the list. (Also there is a bug, dupes sometimes do not get out of it even if they are 100% health). Make manual generator wattage scale with athletics skill of a dupe, it does not have to be much if it is really a balancing issue. Let us make a door out of Abyssalite or add another metal with less thermal conductivity. In addition, when door is in closed state no gas is in it. When it opens gas fills those two tiles, but then it closes again the gas vanishes, it does not gets pushed to the sides. Pressure loss if you use doors anywhere. Bottle system being changed in new update with 2 new machines. Make Sweep on any bottled gas/liquid Empty it by a Dupe. Unless you plan Adding Gas/Liquid tanks that will fill them up instead with those bottles when you sweep them. This is coming in new "Germs" update. Add a number input from keyboard for precision on Valves/Sensors. (And a copy feature, eloy2030 suggestion) Add comas for thousands to all resource numbers like Edible have. Make a toggle in options if people dislike it. Let us click and drag to extend resource selection box, let the game remember the settings at least for a session. Right now the scroll bar makes it more frustrating. I understand why it is like this, many more resources will come and its a must. Also numbers above 100k are still buged? I saw a fix in patch notes somewhere. This is all I have for now. Now I want to say big thank you to Klei and amazing people who work there for making such a gem. I never was so excited to wait and read for patch notes of a game to see and test out the changes. 18.06.2017 Edit: few more additions.
  10. Just a little thing that irks me. it would be easier to read your system status at a glance if the icon used for machines that are currently switched off by a regulator switch between them and the power source was the "disabled" one, rather than the "empty battery" one. Sure, it makes logical sense to use the no power icon, because there is no power, but in practice... because the player has chosen to unpower it with a switch, on a gameplay level it makes more sense to me for the icon to be the same as the other things that are disabled by choice.
  11. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion on the storage compactors. Could it be possible to have a value beside each item entry that states the max allowed that container can hold of that resource? This would allow for such things as having filtration mats near by at various locations. Also, could you add an option to the item in the container as to trash. So that any such item going in that container marked as trash would just be deleted from the game instead of taking up storage space. I find that I am making special containers that hold nothing but the stuff I have 3+ compactors full off set to sweep only, and then when I tell it to hold nothing all the stuff falls out on the ground, and having a dup remove the floor tile allows all that 20k of sandstone or dirt or what ever you have way to much of falls into a pit you have setup the dups cannot reach. Heh. Also, works nice when you can have a critter in the pit that will eat up all the mat over time. I would also be handy to have various container colors you could pick from so you can know visually what each one is meant to store.
  12. Hi there, Now I have a "working" colony so I play around with pipes and comfort. But in some complicated shape (like the picture included) it could be difficult to understand which pipe done what. Could we have a way to see with a label or a color or whatever the purpose of a or more pipe ? Thanks you and happy diggin'
  13. Hello everyone i made myself into the game and i want to see my personlitys in game example i love decoration or building base and in games always pick fighter for team and i wanna mix them Wakan the hunter can build basic tower and play on areas like you build a tower and chase koalefant when koalefant run near the tower ( or towers) tower will start the fire but this can be change like build on trap he hunt but he cant hunt bosses because him traps or towers uneffected for big guys maybe we can add extra choice for alchemy machine can build medium tower also he will faster when escape from big mobs or we can change the tittle Wakan the engineer or somethin like that and add the simple pic for him thanks for reading.
  14. I love the game so far, but there are a few things I have noticed that I think would make the game much better. 1. Automatic sweep / mop / harvest. Just a button to click that will cause the duplicants to automatically sweep / mop / harvest anything they can access without me having to drag to select. It's very annoying to me to have to constantly tell my duplicants to sweep things on the ground. When I'm doing a huge dig in a buch of places, I have to constantly watch to make sure I tell them to sweep. Just an auto-sweep option that as soon as something is sweepable (or moppable or harvestable etc), they will do it, by priority is fine. 2. More (higher quality) food!! I'm only about 20 hours into the game, and I'm not exactly taking it slowly, but I can't even begin to make enough food what with the very limited optins available. 3. A giant storage container. Instead of having to put 30 storage containers, it would be nice if there was a large one that had a huge capacity.
  15. I would like to have a Peltier Element available: 1x2 (airlock sized), rotateable, useable as tile, walkable, powered, neither gas nor fluid permeable, fun part would be if it could be switched from consumer (actively creating a temperature differential) to producer (generating power from dissipating an existing temperature differential). Maximum thermal spread archiveable should be 50°C (or so) in consumer mode, efficiency around 10-15%. Producer (generator) mode efficiency around 5-8%, so basically not that much but a nice gimmick that could be used with steam geysers and to bleed heat from the base into a cold biome for a little gain. Also I would like a Gas Fan (also airlock sized and rotateable) that moves gas from one side to the other, 120W, 250g/s, maximum pressure differential 500g (higher on output side than on input side), gas permeable, fluid permeable, damaged by flooding. These two could be combined nicely to build interesting stuff.
  16. I think that pneumatic doors should block decor transfer from room to room.
  17. Day/Night Sensor Switches or DNSS for short... What are they and why should they be added? A DNSS is a useful tool much like the power switch, atmo switch, thermo switch and hydro switch but instead of being toggled manually, by pressure, heat or liquid. The DNSS is toggled by the time of a cycle. So why should it be added? Well... Say you have a dangerous mechanism in your shelter that you want shut off while your colony sleeps. All you would need is to hook up a DNSS and set it to disable any further power cables passing through it during the night. Now, this is not the only use for a DNSS, it can be used for many different reasons. Want to lock down all outside access to your shelter during the night? No problem! Want to trap your colony inside their rooms during the day? No problem! Want to turn off all oxygen supplies at night? No problem! The DNSS has got you covered! Feel free to throw in some sketches and ideas! I am interested to see what people think of this one!
  18. A thought just came to me. Why is the heat clear at the bottom of the asteroid and cold spots are random? Hopefully when this game is full release the asteroids are bigger and look more like asteroids. Also, hopefully the heat is in the middle of the astroid and all the cold spots near the outside like you'd think an inhabitable asteroid might be. The only problem is that you'd have to make the magma gravitate to the middle of the map unless you pump it out to store somewhere else. Otherwise the whole bottom of the map would likely be eaten by magma. Another way to do it is, all parts of the map focus gravity to the middle where the magma is. The only way that magma on one side of the asteroid makes sense is if it's a comet or something floating near the sun. Anyway, just an idea for the future.
  19. Hi, Please make cable beauty effect not being applied when the cable is hid in floor or wall... Cheers, SF
  20. So, in many servers the talk with someone that just got in the server for the first time is like the following: But at this time, the player probably already rotated the screen a bunch of times (atleast if he is like me), and as so, don't know anymore where is the North. So why we don't have a button below the map icon to reset to the default camera rotation? That, or add a compass to all characters starting inventory (finally a use for it!!)
  21. Hi, I'm a fan of the world presets, and I think it'd be awesome if for future updates one could delete and name them.
  22. I just stared a new world and the first thing i find is 3 walruss camps right next each other. Luckily for me it's still summer. I hate MacTusk. I don't know about you guys but i think he's really annoying to fight and don't think i can handle 3 of them
  23. I wanted the same thingIt would be an angel, and the meter's color will be purple (like how health is red, hunger is yellow, and sanity is orange). When you loose naughtiness the angel will start dying (like when the heart for health meter starts cracking and breaking, the stomach shrinking and the brain withering away) and starts turning into a monster.
  24. On this thread I will be writing stuff about DS that happened to me and my friends while playing Don't Starve. Enjoy-Seth
  25. Asthma is a disease for human not for bees, they are behaving normally it's like they are tired or in healing more oxygen. You don't need to worry about them may be it's because they are thirsty.