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Found 91 results

  1. Heyo all, it has been quite some time since I've been on the forums. With the release of the Oil Upgrade, I decided it was time to give ONI another shot and I'm a bit disappointed. Last time I had really focused on playing ONI, it was too easy. You could quite simply manage your food and polluted oxygen/water really didn't matter (and were rather easy to process as well). I decided to take a break, as I felt that we would need time to get more systems in place to really see the vision Klei had for the game. Two updates later, and despite adding challenges...the game isn't really any more difficult. In fact, in some ways...I almost feel it is actually easier. We now have a reliable unlimited water source, reliable infinite power, and still have reliable infinite food. The game does have additional content but I feel that it currently is false depth. We have more food options, but they aren't needed to keep a functional colony. We have more options to manage creatures, but given their poor AI...they can easily die before you even use said methods to manage them. We have a whole disease system that boils down to building a medical bay and ignoring it (for the most part). We have clothing that you can functionally ignore. Similarly, the entire oil and plastics chain can just be ignored as well (not to mention slicksters being better than using a pump). Don't get me wrong, I love the game's visuals, concepts, and potential. I just feel like we are getting a lot of bloat with little crunch. I currently have a colony on the hardest immunity/stress settings that can easily maintain 10 dupes perpetually. A few more systems (cooling, power, etc.) and I could very easily expand that to 15-20 and still never worry of colony collapse. There is no real downside to losing dupes anyways, so I've been running around 15 to get projects done, losing some periodically. What I suggest is more interactions between the various systems forcing people to rely on the advanced mechanics to be effective. One method this could be done is by say having the dupe printer require genetic ooze to print duplicants. Genetic ooze could be acquired by another machine that breaks down organic material (crops). In this manner, you must use your starting dupes to establish a foundation to not only keep themselves alive, but to be able to acquire new dupes all together. Later tech could use the same genetic ooze to assist in breeding/printing creatures you've captured. This also serves to act as a resource sink for extra seeds and plant material you have laying around. Costs of duplication could be balanced to make each one a real goal to achieve. I would really love to see a "Kitchen Upgrade" where agriculture and kitchen dynamics have been increased. More musher recipes which are then used with the fryer. Maybe even additional machines like a mixer or something could be used as well. I would love to see a whole kitchen crew of dupes used to prepare good food for a colony. The only issue I see with this being implemented currently is that food type doesn't really matter at all. Sure, the better food reduces stress...but I can just make sure I have pictures and statues everywhere, as well as massage tables and not worry about it. So either the stress bonuses need to be better, or we need something else that encourages diverse diets. A minor thing I would like to see is a hopper type mechanism. Essentially a container that would drop its contents when powered. This would be useful when feeding things like hatches. Additionally, if the fish creatures we've seen in the game files every get implemented...perhaps they would eat seeds or something that this device could drop as well. By making it circuit logic, it allows us to create our own timers based on the physics of the game. Perhaps as something to pair with it, we could have a pressure plate that detects item weight. Another fun circuit mechanic would be to make the powered airlocks only open if powered, being unable to be opened when not powered. This would allow us to create actual airlocks, better control creature movement with switches, etc. The unpowered airlock could be given the same speed as a result and its benefit be that it blocks gases/liquids, while the powered option's benefit is that it can be circuit controlled. Currently the powered isn't worth powering and airlocks are best handled via liquid (which would probably still be true, honestly). These are just some of the thoughts I have given my current experience of playing through the Oil Upgrade. Cannot wait to see what Klei comes out with for next upgrade and want to say that despite my rant about the current state of the game, it is still decently fun.
  2. I have a gripe with the primeape AI .Primeapes, when befriended by the player (or around Wilbur) prioritizes eating collected items over throwing them to the player. I can see how this would be needed to prevent the apes from throwing given bananas, but it results in them picking and eating all the flowers in the area. While they also eat berries and farm foods, they do that anyway and it adds to their mischievous, pesky role in the game. But because primeapes try to pick flowers only after being befriended, making them followers is granting them the ability to destroy flowers. Was this an oversight? Might I suggest that primeapes, under no circumstances, should be able to pick flowers? Or maybe there should be some other solution.
  3. So I've been gazing at the new research tree and there's some things that could be done to make it more intuitive, as well as some adjustments I'd like to recommend for better expectations management and where a person is in the game. I'm currently doing a playthrough where I only research things when I directly need them or want them, and it's showing me a few irregularities. First, tree branching is non intuitive. For example, when researching Healthcare, the tree tells you what your prereq's are, like so: However, when researching Decontamination, even though the tree looks the same, the prereqs are not: I recommend changing the branching to look more like this, for more visibility: Next up, let's discuss some flaws I'm finding in the current research system, assuming it's not 20 days and done like it is now: You have polluted water very early, simply from the washbasin. You also get polluted dirt and I've found slime in my starter biome occasionally. All this leads to a Polluted Oxygen problem. The only early game solution to this is deodorizers, yet they're tiered way back with an ore scrubber and mechanical airlocks. This could be moved back to tier 2 with Filtration forcing a choice but not requiring huge investments in a starting colony. However, another good reason to start here is the Mechanical Airlock being behind... plumbing? Why? It really should be down with ventilation, somewhere behind the mechanical airlock. A) You can find it there instead of playing hide and seek throughout the research tree wondering if it was removed and B) It makes more logical progressive sense. This brings me towards the power systems tree as far as progression. I can understand plastic manufacturing being later in the tree than using fossil fuels, sure, I'm with ya! Why is the oil well up there when you pretty much need it unless you got a lucky break and there's a ton of petro in a ditch somewhere? I'd actually be okay with all of the fossil fuels moving up a step (leave the NGG there) and then move plastic up one more tier. Finally: Exosuits. They are way too deep in the research tree (tier 4 of two trees) if you're trying to encourage exploration and not turtling. They require a committed effort to even get to them, and they also require a power grid, an O2 distribution source, as well as one of the highest polluted water using crops in the game: Thimble Reed @ 160kg/cycle! ... and you don't know ANY of that until you get to the back end of that particular tree. At first I thought they required plastic which is why they were so deep, and had a chicken and the egg moment trying to get petro without catching on fire. Making these researchable earlier allows for a few things: Newer players can figure out what they need to work towards to get it up and running. A suit or two can start the player deep exploring without huge investments. Getting into and out of mid-game geysers isn't ridiculously problematic. A few other notes: Man the fridge is deep. Animal control in farming seems odd, however showing plastic manufacturing as a pre-req to it would simplify confusion for newer players... actually, ANYTHING that needs plastic should have plastic manufacturing as a pre-req so it's communicated to the players what requires plastic. Can you please just yank the Hydrofan until it's worth using? It's especially odd being that high in the tree and so weak. The tepidizer should be moved down earlier in the tree. PH2O regulation and tank builds are an early/mid game concern and setting it up right the first time instead of trying to fight the 'how deep into the water can I go' water mechanics depending on your depth would be nice. If Algae Terrariums are supposed to be early game CO2 management instead of me remaking the interior of Babylon 5, the carbon skimmer could be moved deeper into the tree. It requires a pretty serious infrastructure investment usually to handle the power, atmospheric density, and outputs so it's not something you typically need, or want, early. I'm sure the research tree is a work in progress, but these are just some of my observations that I think would make it more enjoyable. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello,I wanted to suggest increasing Wilson's sanity,because it's stupid that he's a scientist,and he's got only 200 sanity,and other characters,like Wendy or Wolfgang have the same amount,but they don't have any proffesion like that. I think Wilson should have 15-25 more sanity. I think that It would make sense. What do you think about that?
  5. Hello! Switches really are a great thing in the game, and the one I use the most is the thermo switch. But for measuring the temperature of a gas passing through a pipe, it's quite bad. Even with granite piping and wolframite thermo switches, the gap between the real temperature inside the pipe and what the switch measure is rather huge! (One time I had a difference of nearly 100°C even after waiting a while for balance, or am I bad at this?) This is why I suggest a new switch, that can measure the temperature of a gas (or liquid) directly in pipes. It could be one of these two forms: -Like the gas/liquid valves, but it doesn't reduce the flow at all, and function like a thermo-switch. -Or, like a pipe, but with a thermometer and a switch integrated into it! I really think this could be a nice add for more precise temperature management in setups that uses gases and/or liquids. What do you think?
  6. I realise people will complain I posted it now, but to be honest, it'd be too late if i did it any other time. My ideas: Hamlet takes place in the Reign of Giants world, with a twist. Howl Hounds Quests(?) - Really not sure on this one, the more I think the more I seem to dislike it. Characters: A pig character - Becomes a Werepig on Full Moons, or if he eats too much monster meat. Can't wear body armour, but can wear hats. Naturally befriends all pigs as his way to survive, so he can build a team of Pigs. Pigs can hold items, wear hats, etc. An explorer character. Worldgen changes (in ROG world): ROG now has an Ocean! Hamlet is it's own island within the RoG world, mostly the new Jungle, but with the Hamlet hidden inside. Islands are NOT at sea level like SW. No tide coming in/out or anything like that. They're raised up like generic ROG. Other islands could include: New Hamlet biomes, SW biomes (if enabled), small Jungle islands with tombs to raid, etc or even some plain ROG biomes. Some of Hamlet's biomes would likely also be added to the mainland, minus the Hamlet. Some tombs could be there too. The ocean would need new content if SW was not enabled, however if it is, SW content should be mixed in, as it's own islands & water content (SW islands being at sea level) Tweaks/changes (in ROG world): Howl Hounds now appear (based off a concept art from Jeff Agala. I'll link it if I find it.) - Either past a certain day, Howl Hounds slowly replace hounds, or they spawn in "Hard" biomes, such as the tropical jungle from Hamlet, or they spawn from Varg. Hamlet town ideas: Nautical Store - Sells certain types of sails or other items that would be otherwise unavailable, either due to the lack of SW or unrenewable resources. New craftables: Boardwalk Turf - Can be placed on the ocean, where it appears ABOVE the ocean. It's raised up like ROG ground, allowing you to sail under or walk atop. Dock Turf - Identical to Boardwalk Turf, but is at sea level. Floods, can't be sailed under. Quest ideas (not sure on these): Packages: Crumpled or Wrapped packages you are asked to deliver to the Hamlet or Pig Village (to a specific pig, with houses now spawning their own unique pig. Like a house that only spawns Chris, or Russel.) SW integration: Tropic Islands: SW islands now spawn around the ROG mainland, however they are AT sea level, and show Beach as their default turf (dug up) instead of Barren. Sea: SW Jellyfish, Dogfish, Shoals, Mussel Beds, Swordfish, Watery Graveyards, etc. All spawn in the ocean. Beach Cave entrances: 2/3 more caves per world, with entrances spawning on beaches, taking the appearance of an enlarged batcave roughly. Volcano: Volcano is there, and will erupt during Summer. Maybe located on the ROG mainland. Seasons: Autumn & Mild combined, Summer & Dry combined, Spring & Monsoon combined, Winter & Hurricane alternating?
  7. An issue has arisen with regards to traps. While it seems very probable that it will change, traps currently just function for relocating hatches. Though apparently slicksters can be trapped but not released at location points. The primary complaint seems to be that by the time you want manufacture traps, beyond their resource expense, you've probably already relocated hatches. Making the traps as they are implemented not terribly useful. I present as a suggestion for consideration the following: Create animal trap tiers. Hatches being the lowest that can be made early on in the research path. Have default early traps and relocators made of metal. Potentially have Relocators require power Create the need for traps to require lure in storage to attract and interact with animals. Lures can be exotic tiered materials depending on species (gold amalgam+polluted dirt/slime for Morbs / plastic and maybe a carbon emitter for slicksters) Make traps persistent but lures consumable.
  8. I have a bit of a favor to ask the devs in regards to the font selection of Don't Starve, in a future update would you guys be able to update the font file to something closer if not the same as something like Don't Starve Together's font selection? Right now there's quite a few characters missing from it (in particular I need a % symbol to concatenate on to an item's name but it does not exist in the font file ) and it would be lovely if Don't Starve could have the same symbols at its disposal. Much appreciated if you could!
  9. Please, add mini signs, wood fence and gate to Don't Starve Shipwrecked! They are really needed And also an opportunity to pick up items while holding an item in the hand like in DST would be really useful!
  10. I'm not into DST much myself due to inflated health bars and other glaring balance issues but that's not the point of this suggestion. I toyed about fighting Bee Queen earlier, and aside from the sheer duration of the fight, I just kind of felt her phases were a bit backwards, and also her minions were a bit too, pardon the pun, to the point. There's alot of enemies in DS that just halfheartedly kite you or even just charge at you and attack without regard to their safety, so another swarm enemy as a defence mechanism for a boss (didnt work well for varg either) is just really boring. I think she'd be better if she started the fight by keeping her distance and ordering her minions about, then running out of more minions to summon after so many die and choosing to get up close and personal, while still possibly summoning 1 or 2 extra bee guards but no longer giving orders. And rather than chaotically swarming you the bee guards circle you like batilisks do, charging in varying patterns when given the order to do so by the queen, sometimes all of them charging at once and sometimes them taking turns, and sometimes only 1 or 2 of them charge. While the loot is (from what I can tell) already good from the bee queen, it feels odd that she drops a tiny, little, puny, ordinary bee stinger, maybe make it an extra large one that can be made into something or wielded as a weapon, or both.
  11. What I'd love to get my hands on one of these days is nothing more than a simple fan. Pick one of the 4 cardinal directions, encourages any gas in its square or the one(s) in its path to move themselves over, possibly with a small cone. I'd love to see it start at 1x1 with say 400g/s of force and end up at the end 5 squares later across 3-5 squares width with around 50g/s of force. This would make a lot of advanced constructs much easier to assemble at a minor power cost, as well as help in early game by kicking CO2 off your plants and out of the bedrooms (or PO, whatever the problem is). It would also give us a way to encourage pressure consistency without actually having to bring pressure into play mechanically. Mechanically: The fan will encourage 400g/s of whatever gas is currently in its square into the next square over if the next square over has *less* than the current one contained. There's already a set of rules for gas movement and distribution, this would simply accelerate it and create limits as to which direction it could flow. Across its range if it runs into a gas that is not the same as the next gas over, it would encourage it to move it aside, and would certainly not come back towards the fan. As the cone spreads out and you move away from the fan, g/s encouragement of movement would lessen significantly, until it gets to 50 g/s near the edge.
  12. I miss a choice of world customization, which makes the islands bigger, or even together. I'm the type of player who prefers mega islands, and I only get this after generating hundreds of worlds, please Klei, add this add-on.
  13. I read some skills related topics and it seems there are some leveling related gaps (leveling strength, immunity, medicine) which can be softened with a sort of "teaching" mechanics - where you could build a blackboard and several desks with proximity check for the blackboard (same mechanism as medical cot proximity). One dupe can be assigned to the blackboard to teach a skill to the ones assigned at the desks. maybe slide projector and hologram projector down the tech tree to enlarge the possible distance, and so the amount of possible "students". The level of "teachers" skill would cap the level that he can bring the "students" at the desks to (maybe to one level below to avoid exploiting the heck out of it). The tradeoff would be that your best specialist is not doing what he is best at, but rather is busy enhancing the skill of other dupes... Also great place to introduce hilarious animations, based on the taught skill
  14. As useful as the overlays already are, I'd like to see the following functionality being added: In the overlay have a selection between the current overlays as defaults and a mode which changes the visual display depending on the value one is able to input. Use the given value as a breakpoint to have a stronger contrast between values below and above said breakpoint. This could be achieved through a binary coloration or manipulation of the color gradient. Additionally a choice between <, >, <=, >= to switch the context would be nice. Suggestion of implementation: The value input is hidden on default and appears on taking an action (maybe a checkbox). This prevents menu clutter and new players from being overwhelmed. The current state of the overlay is saved between switching overlays and exiting the overlay mode. Another action (unchecking) hides the input and restores the overlay to the default mode. Temperature Overlay: The value given is a temperature. If a tile meets the condition brighten it by x%, if not darken it by x%. Decor Overlay: The value given is a decor value. Offset the current display by the given value. If the condition is meet the tile is a shade of green. (currently 0 is red) Oxygen Overlay: The value given is a pressure. If a tile meets the condition brighten it by x%, if not darken it by x%. For the Oxygen and Temperature Overlay an extension of the possible conditions to a range (a <, <= x <, <= b) might be useful. (for temperature more than pressure/oxygen). Why would this be useful? Currently the Overlays present an rough overview of the map, but fail to show precise information for certain situations. When searching a place to grow Bristle Blossom I want a temperature below 21°C. When deciding where to pump oxygen, 50g is barley different from 350g. Similarly, if my dupes expect a decor value of 40, then an overlay centered around 0 decor is not that useful. And while the current overlay differentiates between the current maximum expectation of 75 decor or more and values smaller, it's still hard to see. Which conflicts with the job of an overlay: Make information easy to access.
  15. Hey guys, I have an idea on how to make DST even more interesting and how to return the interest of players who have long played! I know that the main idea of DST is to survive, but when you play this game really a lot like for several years, just surviving is not enough since it becomes as easy as pie. And then players have to come up with some other goals in this game. I present to your attention the CHALLENGE MODE. It's like Adventure Mode in single version DS, (when the player is thrown to a special world, and he has to build a teleport to get to the next world), but the difference is that in Challenge Mode can participate several players and their task may be not only to build a teleport, but also for example, to kill a boss or certain number of mobs, or to survive a certain number of days, or to craft some rare equipment. Here are some variants for tasks: If you have any ideas, feel free to write your varients guys DAILY OR WEEKLY QUESTS would be also very interesteng! This are quests which players can make in their usual worlds together with friends or alone. (e.g. If you played HOTS you know how daily quests motivate to play game every day.) The reward for completing such quests in DST could be some "points" which later can be exchanged for something, idk. Maybe for skins or for something else. For example, each completed quest would give 1 point to player, so after collecting a certain number of points, the player could exchange them for some skin. Or I can offer one more option, it's the in-game ACHIVEMENTS (since there are no DST achivements available in steam). Achievements could be classified into different sections (like in Guild Wars 2): killing, crafting, surviving, etc. In fact achievements are the same quests. Completing achivements players will receive points, and for the completion of a certain sections of achivements, players could receive the title, which can be visible in cooperative game. Or some other reward. That's all. I hope developers will look through this topic and maybe will be interested. I, as a very old DS player would be immensely happy if something like this (especially daily quests) will be released in my favorite game
  16. I would really love if it was possible to craft a spawn for certain creatures. Such as the tall bird, I literally have one nest in my whole world and its very far. How about the ability to craft this nest? I am fine with their being restrictions on it such as you can only craft a certain number into the world at any given time but come on, I set my tall bird to normal and I get one nest? Also with the catcoons. I would really love to craft their home close to me so I can keep them as pets instead of them trying to make a B line to their spawn soon as I open the gate. Why keep them? well they are a valuable unlimited source of feathers, rot, meat and other items at the cost of nothing. Please let this feature be possible.
  17. Because of the walk speed bonus, I often build tile walkways. They sometimes cut through a Slime biome on the way to a Cold biome for example. However, this has the disproportionate hassle of dupes automatically disinfecting every single tile block while Slimelung continuously keeps spreading from the surrounding unmined slime blocks. Duplicants keep wasting their time disinfecting blocks that only get infected by Slimelung a second later, rinse and repeat. The solutions to this as it stands is to manually disable auto-disinfect one block at a time, disabling auto-disinfect alltogether, or to slowly mine away the surrounding slime blocks. I've come up with two suggestions to fix this: An option to disable auto-disinfect on multiple structures using click-drag with either the Disinfect or Germ tab. A new type of buildable block that is specifically germ-resistant and meant to be used to create germ-free walkways and environments in the Slime biome. Other suggestions and discussions are welcome.
  18. Just gotta say loving the game thus far and though of a fun little mechanic for you. To keep it simple, there should be a mechanic to see if a male left the seat up. So say uncultured or yokels do this 100% and others have some kind rng %. Then, Females who hit the outhouse late at nights etc.. have a % to notice the seat is up. If it is and they fail the %, a mess is created and stress goes up
  19. Different types of Decor Art - paintings Architecture - buildings features Clothing - Sculpture - statuary Flora - plants, planters, Fauna - animals, pets, creatures, Lighting Generic Decor will benefit only from the highest type of each category. So two painting nearby will not add together to improve decor, only the highest/best will apply. With the exception of 'Generic' which will still add together with other generic decoration,
  20. Is survival a breeze for you? Do you butcher every giant thing that gets in your way? Are the Ruins about as threatening as a hound attack? Most importantly, do you long for an actual challenge? If you've answered yes to all of these, then I introduce you to Don't Starve: Hard Mode! Gone were the days when survival was too boring! Now, you can use all the skills you picked up from playing the game hardcore! The prerequisites are simple. Either die or teleportato with 1000 days or more completed, and this harsher take on survival will be unlocked permanently! With this mode activated on a new file, you'll experience the harshest of challenges to overcome, designed to break the weak and leave only the truly strong! With such a challenge, you may expect the following. -Your world customization is limited to Default or Lights Out! -Resources are set to Less, mobs are turned to More! -A sleep and water meter will be added, with penalties to maximum sanity and health if not upkept! Drink from the pond or the sea to restore your water, but be prepared to lose some sanity! Get a canteen going as soon as possible and purify that water! -Hound and Depth Worm attacks will be set to their peak intensity from the get go! -Giants will be set to More, and will spawn right after the first warning! -The health and attack power of all aggressive mobs will be doubled! -Cold and Heat damage will reduce maximum health, which will regenerate over time! -The sanity threshold for a shadow creature attack is increased, making them attack you at medium sanity levels, as well as ignoring a portion of your armor! -Touch stones are a thing of the past! If you wish to revive yourself, build a Meat Effigy or a Life Giving Amulet to keep going! But don't depend on them too much...they become inert for 100 days after one use! -Imprisoned Birds are unable to be fed eggs, and will die if either overfed or underfed! -Speaking of overeating, remember all those times you ate food for other benefits at full hunger? Well, that's not going to end well for you here! Overeating food anywhere over maximum hunger will damage your health for half of what that food restores from hunger! Eating that Meaty Stew from 100/150 hunger? You'll restore 50 hunger, but lose 50 health from the remaining 100! -Low sanity? You'll never be alone! Shadow Hands will give you a hand in the dark and lower the durability of your light items! -Thinking fireflies or bioluminescence will be your go-to non-spoiling light source? Think again! Both of them will now starve after 2 days if not fed meat items! -Are you a jerky fiend for all that sweet sanity? I doubt you'll be into it much when it starts lowering your water meter! That's right, the hunger you gain from Jerky will remove the same amount from your water meter! -Do you partake in the consumption of stale and spoiled foods sometimes? Well, now you can enjoy it more with HALVED stat gains! -Have you been using fires to block larger foes from reaching you? Well, no more! Every last one of them can destroy fires, or in the case of the Dragonfly, fly right over them! Go show them who's the better fighter! -Do you hunt hard for your health restoration foods? Well, now you can enjoy doing it more! Frogs, Butterflies, and Birchnut Trees now have a halved chance of dropping their delicious items! -Are you the type to nom on Monster Meat in times of crisis? Well, now there's a bonus to eating it! Upon eating any version of it, you'll now begin to gradually lose health over the next day! Don't you feel accomplished? -Are you a hoarder in secret? Do you fill your pack to the brim and use nothing else? Well, now you can enjoy hoarding longer! For each slot filled, your speed will be reduced by 2.5%! -Do you stuff your crock pot with poison food to magically cook edible food? Well, we've got a better food! Just one monster food will be enough to make that delicious lasagna! -Do you think that suit of seashells or that helmet with horns will protect you from poison? Do you long for a little more challenge? Well, here you go! Both of them now only offer 50% poison protection! That means a half chance that you'll be poisoned when bitten by those spiders and snakes! Is this challenge just right for you? Do you have any ideas to make this harsh challenge even harder? Were you simply looking for something to read? Post down below!
  21. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  22. So, in many servers the talk with someone that just got in the server for the first time is like the following: But at this time, the player probably already rotated the screen a bunch of times (atleast if he is like me), and as so, don't know anymore where is the North. So why we don't have a button below the map icon to reset to the default camera rotation? That, or add a compass to all characters starting inventory (finally a use for it!!)
  23. Hi, I'm a fan of the world presets, and I think it'd be awesome if for future updates one could delete and name them.
  24. I just stared a new world and the first thing i find is 3 walruss camps right next each other. Luckily for me it's still summer. I hate MacTusk. I don't know about you guys but i think he's really annoying to fight and don't think i can handle 3 of them
  25. I wanted the same thingIt would be an angel, and the meter's color will be purple (like how health is red, hunger is yellow, and sanity is orange). When you loose naughtiness the angel will start dying (like when the heart for health meter starts cracking and breaking, the stomach shrinking and the brain withering away) and starts turning into a monster.