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  1. Turns out the rocket cockpit background persists even after the rocket gets deconstructed:
  2. Okay, I think I got to the crux of the issue - dupes use beach chairs when they should be sleeping for some reason. I think they count that as stamina regen, so they sunbathe instead of going to their beds during their assigned sleeping times, so then they pass out when they don't have enough stamina in the middle of the day.
  3. I've decided to run my colonies with a high atmo suit usage - basically putting dupes in the suits from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. I was surprised to find out a lot of them tend to collapse out of exhaustion right as they exit their atmo suits rather than going straight to bed. I gave them an extra downtime slot and made sure that everyone has the atmosuit training and nothing - the dupes keep collapsing by the atmo checkpoint regularly, even on my small second asteroid. Not sure why this happens, maybe they have some issues estimating when they should go to sleep or something?
  4. I bottled up water on my second asteroid and have done a general sweep command on the whole place for some cleanup. Turns out that also covered the liquids in bottles. Since I didn't have a bottle emptier on that planet, it should've been an invalid command resulting in red icons, but the icons were white. I'm guessing it's due to a bottle emptier being available on my first asteroid, so the game thinks I can empty the bottles.
  5. I was exploring a second asteroid when I ran into a POI building on the edge of space. When I looked at its window tiles they looked like diamond overlayed on top of window tiles: After getting to that building and exploring it the Window Tiles started looking normal.
  6. I decided to play the DLC in a "No Sweat" mode. As I understand, that means my dupes only consume 500 kcals per cycle. However, the food tooltip calculates it as 1000 kcal per dupe per cycle and gives a wrong number:
  7. When trying to plant a plant I noticed I had some fractional seeds for Bog Bucket:
  8. I've noticed that the Niobium Volcano has two entries in the Database, each with a different graphics: Not sure why you'd need Niobium Volcano though, unless the normal recipe of turning Thermium into Niobium will be removed...
  9. The same bug also makes cleaning up a problem at times. I had a dupe bring a small microgram amount of ice to my steam room loader, which then got moved on the conveyor rail and dumped into 100C+ liquid phosphorus, only for it not to melt on the rail or in the liquid, then proceed to be picked up again and again and put on the same rail.
  10. I've ran into a peculiar bug when dealing with conveyor rails - their content doesn't exchange heat with the environment if the content is in the miligram range. I have a setup like in the screenshot - a metal volcano tamer that feeds into a conveyor rail with a temperature sensor that activates the exit from the system (the bottom chute is disconnected). When it works as intended it's really neat - the stuff on the rails exchanges heat with the surrounding steam, cools everything down and then you can ship the metal out without having to do multiple passes through a chute and auto loader. You run into problems when you're dealing with live volcanoes though - they drop their contents in small batches, so the auto sweeper loads as little as a few miligrams of metal to load. This causes the conveyor rails to move that around and probably due to optimisation such small quantities of materials don't exchange heat with the surrounding and you end up with 700C gold sitting in 120C steam and not budging a degree. You also get some empty packets of shipments on the conveyor rails, but that's some other bug it seems. It would be nice to perhaps force the rail content to exchange heat with the surroundings no matter how small it is, otherwise temperature sensors for the rails may cause inaccurate readings that grind the rail to a halt...
  11. I've tried doing a bit of automation on cooling my base with Ice Makers and Ice-E Fans. They were right next to one another. After awhile I noticed the dupes were grabbing water from a Pitcher Pump instead of the tonne of water sitting idly by the Fans (not the greatest optimisation there), so I installed an Auto-Sweeper to automate the process of moving the water produced by the Fans back into the Ice Makers. Sadly, that didn't work - the Sweepers would not pick up the bottled water, so after a few cycles I had an Ice Maker that ran every now and then when a dupe would grab 30C water from a Pitcher Pump, an Ice-E Fan that would be auto-loaded with ice by the Sweeper, and about 5 tonnes of cool water sitting idly by two tiles away from the Ice Maker that nobody bothered to pick up to turn back into ice. Fixing pathing to prioritise liquids sitting on tiles would probably be a not so simple change. It would be nice though if at least the Auto-Sweepers worked with supplying liquids to buildings that accept them. This could also be a neat way to optimise say, Sweepy Docks being emptied into Bottle Emptiers!
  12. This playthrough I tried going for the Super Sustainable achievement. It was quite a struggle at times, but I did not build any power generators other than the hamster wheel, the hydrogen generator, and the steam turbine. I'm at cycle 600, have been producing at least 1000kJ for 300-400 cycles (according to the stat tracker) consistently and still the achievement didn't unlock. Does this achievement also get disabled if you build a hydrogen generator? If so, it would be nice to have the description updated... What could help in the future is something akin to Factorio's in-game achievement progress tracking. If I could pin whichever achievement I'm going for to be on my screen with the relevant progress details, that would be great. Alternatively, show the progress in the colony management screen, and also indicate which achievements have been failed for clarity. Attached is the save in question. Orion Prime II.sav