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Found 16 results

  1. Well, this is a thing ( that's working for me ). Since I haven't been messing with debug in the oil upgrade, I decided to try multiple research stations - and for the most part it works just like you think it would. Roughly twice as fast here. I picked up a 5th dupe and they've been blowing through research.
  2. Since the outbreak upgrade i see you input new "management" issues on the game, so it's a idea. of a shuffle a scientist on high level on the beginning i can easily reach everything in 10 15 circles, and i noted the people don't like you make research more slow so i think it's good duplicant just can research about thing they know. for example in no one of then have contact whit hydrogen so the hydrogen power generator can not be research until some of them breathe this gas (this could work for dig things at first time too) i guess that will work considering i find new elements as i explore outside i't better then make scientists useless after a while
  3. We all want to make cooking easier but the devs want us to work for it. So how about advance research which will allow you to add more queues to your cooking station which could be prioritized. Here's hoping...
  4. So, I've been noticing that Duplicants gain stress from going under water, or even getting wet. So I started thinking about the research, and how shallow the pool of things is, right now. What if you could research different outfits once you're past researching insulation? A diving suit would allow for Dupes to go under water stress free, Oxygen masks could let them enter low O2 areas and go further to explore, and even combat suits, if the creatures in this game ever get more hostile than the little hatches we're use to. I mean, the dupe on the cover of the game has a helmet, so maybe it's something already in the works? Speaking of Research, while I do love the larger batteries, I think we should go further. Maybe Giant batteries that take 9 squares as opposed to 4, or even a reactor-like power generator. As I mentioned earlier, these would be past our current highest tier of research, so they'd take a ton longer to reach. From what I've seen on videos and in the forums, research is done by day 10 if you're bum-rushing it, and day 20 if you're really casual about it. I usually have built at least one of everything by day 50, if I have the right biomes, and I'd like to see more to do. Thanks for taking the time to read this, everyone.
  5. I dont know if its all right to necro this...but i tought it was a great idea!especially the food bag, we could even be able to make icepacks to help keep food longer in the inventory, for those long roads ahead XD
  6. Every 20 like days a rare mouse like mob spawns and wanders around the map and when you find it, it will become aggresive and it will start attacking you. You can tame it and it could follow you forever until it dies. after days the mouse will grow bigger and eventually you need to build a cage using 10 wood, 5 twigs and 3 can't control it after it's huge and you can feed it wood or twigs.
  7. Playing the game i noticed that certain items i nolonger had to research to have access to in later game play (Note*** I do not mean continued gameplay but rather when starting a new game). I can understand xp rolling over in the manor of unlocking additional characters but i feel that the Science machine and alchemy machine loose their value as constructed items if they are rendered obsolete once a player has researched the tech tree once. I dont think i can recall any game ive played where after failure the tech treee to that point in game play was left open to use. That being said, and not to be the masochist type of game player... but i do feel as though every new game should wipe the slate clean on the tech tree as though the player were going into the survival senario with nothing. It is after all a new game, but this game takes on that old adage of "if i knew then what i know now" and applies it to the game play. I feel it diminishes the experience by handing back to the player what they toiled to have accomplished to that point and there fore the subsequent playthroughs of the game are easier not because the player approached the game with a different mindset or experience, but because they could skip a portion of the game entirely and jump strait to making a spear and some pig houses. A major part of the sense of enjoyment of core games is the sense of accomplishment in the efforts of the gameplay, and while allowing a player to move forward from scratch with their unlocks intact can be more player friendly or accessible, it tends to lead to a ramp down of the difficulty curve and can in some cases over simplify gameplay. like starting an rpg with the best weapons and armor and the game just not being the same level of a challenge. Now the tie in of xp to science points or what have u and its role in character unlocks is not the same sort of issue. If the science points equate to xp, and it helps u unlock new players that would be fine, since each player would still start with nothing and only bring to the game play a new dynamic in their skill set or perk. A player would gain the added perk of being able to swap characters should they survive to research and build the tent, adding incentive and increasing the difficulty of the privilege that comes with xp and game survival knowhow. THIS level of difficulty, which in essence is only the starter difficulty but without the permanent skill trees, may not be for all players... some may like to research once and play on with the skill for any future games, so perhaps an easy or regular mode... and a hard mode (or regular if an easy mode were implemented)... one where the skill tree resets each game in the harder mode so even with newly unlocked character the player must still approach the game as though it were their first time. Even with a familiar map, the player would still have to plot out a survival plan and weigh their science points to research say a weapon or a tool... it restores the falue of the finite resources again in game. As a final point, even if what i wrote earlier were to be brushed aside... the skill tree should at least reset when a new world is being made then played as i feel of all times where the characters would have to find their bearings from scratch, wouldnt it be understandable that they have to rediscover the skill tree as they discover and explore this newly generated world unlike (though similar) to the last...??? Just sayin... half the challenge of the game is the survival to research new tools and items.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Abigail won't disappear during the daylight and... Steps to reproduce If player touches Abigail right when the day starts (when Abigail should disappear) — she stays for a minute and levitating still, and then poof! She's gone. Just like a blink. Second problem is Abigail's attacks. If she touches creatures it's okay, but when she attacks anything that spawn creatures, here's the next bug starts. If Abigail destroy Spider Den or Beehive it won't drop anything and just slowly fades away, then blink and disappear immediately. Another thing I want to say about — is how she attack creatures. She miss pretty often if creature moves (like 2 of 3). Describe your issue Abigail didn't disappear during the daylight.
  9. Came across this again after playing don't starve and it just came to mind that this should be the theme song for don't starve. :D:D:D
  10. I think my one may have already been done, but it didn't look like what I'm suggesting. Also would be innaresting to use this idea as a jumping off point for others. Basically it's like exceedingly rare versions of animals, in my case, the Jackalope (horned rabbit.) (alright, more horned than usual!) A rare rabbit that can be fed into the science machine for a research bonus.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Crashes when minimized Steps to reproduce When playing in Windows mode, minimizing the window causes a crash. Describe your issue Basically when I'm playing not in full screen mode, I accidentally minimized the window, and the game just crashed.
  12. Here's an idea I had rolling around in my head, so here it is for my first post. I almost feel like I'm cheating sometimes when I start a new game and can immediately make myself a spear and some log armor to boot. It's nice for when I'm going for time to gain experience, but sometimes I find myself wishing that I could start a game mode where I'd have to do all my research anew, but without losing my progress. I call it "Fresh Start." In this game mode, you'd be thrown into the world with no items researched. This way, I could feel the experience of that first time I played, taking baby steps towards my first special tools, my first weapon, and my first structures. This wouldn't be a total "new game," though. Rather, should you later decide to start a normal "New Game," any and all research you had before your "Fresh Start" would be in-tact. ie, say you have everything researched. You start a Fresh Start and die after having only researched a few things. If you start a New Game, you now, again, have everything researched, and if you start a new Fresh Start, you now have nothing researched. My other idea, which actually came to me as I was typing out the above, is the game mode "Forever Fresh," with the idea being that, in this mode, you CANNOT research anything. You're only allowed your basic tools and campfires, plus whatever else comes default. This would be seen as a sort of "hardcore mode." As an additional thought, maybe playing on these modes would bank you slightly more xp, given that you're at a greater disadvantage than starting a New Game. Just some ideas that popped into my head.
  13. Im trading my whole entire steam account for don't starve i have portal 2, fortix, and i will also trade all of my tf2 items for Don't Starve on Steam Add Me On Steam If Interested:
  14. I've noticed that the world I play on is not very exciting. If I create a new world, will I keep all of the beautiful, beloved research that I worked so hard to get? I want to create a new world, but do not want to risk loss of research. Will I lose it?
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number dunno Issue title No buttons working when starved to death Steps to reproduce I was at day 18, playing as the fire-girl, when I went exploring the fourth island. I emptied all of my bag-slots into the second explorer-thingy and then starved to death between the third and the fourth island. I have all the upgrades from the first two machines, if that could have anything to do with anything. Describe your issue As I starved to death on day 18, I got my xp (so that I am now level 2 + 850 xp). The buttons was like always when dead (Retry, Main Menu and Forum), but I couldn't click them. The music continued and the birds flew around in the background, so it wasn't really a crash - just the buttons not working. Can't find the version number, however I installed the game at around 6 pm on december 7th I died two times earlier and had no problem at all. I had no problem alt+tab'ing out and closing the game, so it was running just fine - except from the non-funcional buttons. I would've attached a screenshot of the screen, but for some reason I'm not allowed... And I guess you know what the "YOU ARE DEAD!"-Screen looks like anyway.
  16. So, I noticed the quote that appears when one clicks on a boulder without a pick. It says "It wouldn't fit in my pocket." I think it would be pretty awesome if by using the magic in the game, it could be possible to actually make the quote untrue. This would be possible by making a crafting blueprint in the magic section. This blueprint would require 1 Opulent Pickaxe 8 Cut Stone and 5 Gold Nuggets. This would create the Quarry Digger. This item would require 500 research points and an Alchemy Engine nearby before crafting. The Quarry Digger can be used to instantly turn a boulder into an item called Tiny Boulder. When a player clicks on the Tiny Boulder with the right mouse button it turns the boulder into double the drops of breaking a boulder. It also has twice the chances of dropping the less often dropped stuff by boulders. Researching a Tiny Boulder would grant 25 research points. The Quarry Digger has half/the same of the durability of a regular pickaxe. I hope to see this item in the game.