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Tutorial Shorts!

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Holy crap guys, I just found out that several of the in-game items under the Tips and Information tab in the Index have these cute little animated shorts for explaining systems like pipes, power, and morale. Has anyone else seen these yet?


Of them all, so far there is Duplicant Movement, Morale, Digging for Resources, Power Circuits, and Plumbing and Ventilation. I can't tell if Insulation has one or not because its entry in my index is straight-up blank.

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8 hours ago, watermelen671 said:

But I did! :wilson_ecstatic:

Also I'm adding the audio to it, give me time REEEE

Thanks. They do not play in-game for me.

BTW, is the temporal tear the way to get rid of an annoying dupe without leaving a body?

Also, Stinky thinks Pickled Meal is celebratory food? Why am I not surprised...

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8 hours ago, Gurgel said:

BTW, is the temporal tear the way to get rid of an annoying dupe without leaving a body?

Going into the temporal tear means that the astronaut and your rocket will be gone forever.

7 hours ago, NoQuitting said:

Where are you getting the audio for the videos and where do you find the original videos in the game files?

Using Asset Studio, load any of the .assets files, it doesn't matter which because Asset Studio will load them all anyways because they're interdependent. Once loaded up click on Asset List, and then click on Filter Type -> Video Clip. At this point you can simply hit Export -> Filtered Assets and it'll export it to the folder of your choosing. :wilson_goodjob:

Now the audio is a bit trickier, and it takes a lot longer too. You'll need Fmod Bank Tools, which I simply find the easiest. The sound files are kept in Streaming Bank.bank so copy that file into the Bank folder. Open Fmod Bank Tools and simply hit Extract. This will take quite a while, and it will extract everything in the file...I unfortunately don't think there's a way around that, so you'll just have to wait out the process.

Fortunately it also creates an .fsb file, and I'd upload it here but it's 251 MB... :cower:


But since I'm so gosh darn awesome, you can get it here.

You'll need FSB Extractor for this part, but it's super easy to use. Just load the .fsb file, and look for the sound files you're looking for, which are:

  • Digging_STEREOMIX_notLUFSed.wav
  • Leave_STEREOMIX.wav
  • Locomotion_STEREOMIX_notLUFSed.wav
  • Morale_STEREOMIX_notLUFSed.wav
  • Stay_STEREOMIX.wav
  • Power_STEREOMIX_notLUFSed.wav
  • Piping_STEREOMIX_notLUFSed.wav

Just search for STEREOMIX and you'll find all of them.

Right click, select Extract and then extract to the folder of your choosing! :wilson_goodjob:

I hoped I answered your question! :wilson_nerdy:

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They are adorable, except for the fact that the digging one provides incorrect information for how far they can dig.  In the video Travaldo digs a tile that's 5 tiles above where he's standing.


Otherwise, they seem great.  It all made complete sense to me so I hope it helps new players.

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