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  1. I have two things in mind : First, this website in the form of a builds library using the debug_mode, may be repulsive to some (plus the disadvantages of debug_mod, reveal whole map etc...) using YAML file as templates and easy to share. Can't remenber who did it (maybe @Cairath?) but I find it unfortunate that it is not used more because I found the idea and the realization rather good, even more now knowing that builds will have less tendency to be Out-Of-Date with the actual release. Second, this recent mod, maybe more user friendly, it adds an interface with 2 simples buttons in-game and sharables files : But still no real big place 'where we can share our set ups', there are some that appear from time to time on this forum when people share their builds, hope it helps you anyway!
  2. So it's finished...

    Now its back again in a different form :
  3. Lumber cooling?

    Some ppl here on the forum made it clear that there was a multiplier (x200 or x300?) in the game code for heat exchange with objects on rails
  4. I'm like @beowulf2010, just using them for O2, @Nebbie and I don't care about there CO2 part as we got a lot of other way to deal with it, and without power its the fastest (literally 3 clics) and easiest way to get O2 (out of oxylite or PW bottle drop-off system). So fix delete the CO2 part in the information building, or fix the code to works as expected in previous live versions. Still an interesting option, like more CO2 consumed, less algae consumed (but not positive)
  5. Lumber cooling?

    Instead of 'wrong', I should have said 'When things are turning EVILY F***ING GENIUS in ONI", combining everything like you wrote makes me laugh ! That’s what I’m guessing. If it could act either like a full tile or a 'third' state acting on his actual tile only, that would be great. Shouldn't have say 'fix' as its not really a bug anyway. Just a personal preference.
  6. We might as well consider it a none CO2 consumer for now, that’s for sure. Oh well okay I forgot about that locked state until reloading, thanks guys. Simply wanted to point out that they consume some CO2 even if it is not visible in-game. Terrariums obviously need to be fixed anyway.
  7. Lumber cooling?

    Check this thread, when things are turning wrong in ONI : D
  8. Lumber cooling?

    Temperature reset hit again ! Detroying heat in ton of food just by clicking 'Compost" then "Cancel Compost" is also totally absurd. On a side note, talking about conveyor system and testing this OP, if they can also fix the way conveyor rails transfer temp to bottom tiles (and not to side or top) and why on each batch the last pile is acting weirdly (appear bigger than they rare and buggy cooled).
  9. They actually do consume some. Just a ridiculous amount of it. Fix is about a typo on missing one number. "I think i`ll make suggestion threads about those." Isn't this already an suggestion thread ?
  10. Just deleting mods.json in Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods before lauching ONI worked for me, just do it when a mod you subscribed is updated, check mod menu in-game, and you should be fine. (This save you some time if you subcribed all @Cairath mods like me ahah)
  11. Same, this is MINDBLOWING ! Learned so much on this forum !
  12. WOW I wonder how our ancestors could live without oxygen !
  13. Weirdly this one is coming back regularly, I hope to never see it again !
  14. Pump detect/absorb area not the same

    AFAIK only the Deodorizer is fixed, not sure if others are really issues as its exploited on purpose. Except for liquids pumps in one scenario : you wanna pump the layer of liquid 1 over that liquid 2 ? You got both hey ! So let say 'unexpected feature' ^^