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  1. AFAIK only the Deodorizer is fixed, not sure if others are really issues as its exploited on purpose. Except for liquids pumps in one scenario : you wanna pump the layer of liquid 1 over that liquid 2 ? You got both hey ! So let say 'unexpected feature' ^^
  2. Live version always run better than the testing branch
  3. @DarkMaster13 Thanks, I never built it in opposite way so I wasn't aware about that issue.
  4. The game dares lying to me! Joke aside, it should be cool to have most build rotatable, mod aside.
  5. In [Game Update] - 355385 : This is an expected behavior. Problems are coming AFTER you replace it, like pathfinding, wires, etc...
  6. Sneaky change on the Deodorizer btw ? Range looks now to be 2, when it was 3 before this patch.
  7. This will happens even out of liquid and in any other situations where falling sand/regolith hit bottom ladders
  8. Last patch introduce a new thing : we can now build plastic ladders over normal ones and it will replace them. New change, old bug back ?
  9. A little problem with Hats too, you can't apply it right after upgrading a skill This emoticon meme is killing me
  10. They are preparing for a future update/mod, which adds more skills. Yeah keeps bullets for the uranium party !
  11. FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX wishes are granted to the top hehe. Here some newer implications abusing this. Pumping gas from the other side of a liquid abusing the 3 tiles range : Edit : Note that the Deodorizer now have 2 tiles range, sneaky change in a recently patch.
  12. Thought it was google, like the bible, with a simple sign on it, entering a world full of mysteries and strange ppl.
  13. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (Can we drop some critters too?! It's 'organic' after all!)
  14. Just tried with Water and Oil, it broke. @suxkar
  15. It's maybe caused by a new behavior introduced to fix water duplication. Looks like the polluted water tile already contain 1000kg and the polluted ice got no place to go. Check for more here: