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  1. [Game Update] - 298494

    Pots rotates when builded, only the blueprint doesnt :/
  2. [Game Update] - 284571

    Like the ninja change on tinier abyssalite biome walls on previous updates ? @Carnis Look at R9MX4 bug report post here, plus steam is buggy too, weird thing....
  3. [Game Update] - 272643

    It doesnt count for the Critter Dispenser anymore (thats was the change on the patch), but yeah you still have egg debuff on critters...
  4. Confirming this behaviour, pressure plate are useless for fully automated build with that bug. CU-272219 Windows Ver.
  5. [Game Update] - 272105

    I thought Tiny Baby versions should have different masses, cant figured out the difference here And i was able to select things loaded on a Conveyor Rail, can't even mouse over now.
  6. [Game Update] - 271624

    So good ! Just missing "egg shell in Compost" problem... By the way, if I want to convert any eggs into Raw Egg that I produces from my farms : Sage Hatchling (and few simple hatling) Puflet, Puftlet Prince, Dense Puflet Pacu, Tropical, Gulp Drecklet, Glossy Drecklet Plus few randoms eggs from 2% drop chances... Using the Egg Cracker that IS NOW 2 TILES WIDE im reaching a 20 tiles wide room now, thats not cool xD
  7. [Game Update] - 270894

    With a +2 expectation and a -1 quality food, they are taking 420% stress while eating, thats a lot. The statut box is also constantly looping between 2 fifferents statuts in the same time (like the critter drop-off)
  8. Critter Drop-OFF statut still buggin', and the Rancher continue to call a critter... when none left in the room.
  9. [Game Update] - 270894

    You monster ! They better be burrowed
  10. Anyway bug is already fix in 270894 Update !
  11. 270750 - Critter Feeder

    Okay so its like they're avoiding us to check needs for thoses pets, even when we cant use the Critter Feeder for them. Thats counter intuitive, better just delete them from this list imo. Tried with bottled CO2, just wanted to be sure that materials cant be delivered to it, and its okay. So its not a bug just a WIP i guess.
  12. Critter Drop-OFF is set for 8 Sages hatchs only with "auto-wrangle excess only" checked, the rancher is calling for the excess Hatch in the Stable Room to wrangle him. When the Hatch is 'bagged' he's hidden and you cant even select it, you can see that the bagged is really here by mouse-over the tile, then use any overlay before being able to select it. Plus : The Rancher is going to continue calling for excess Hatch even when the job is done for ever. The Critter Drop-OFF statut is constantly switching 'Permitted' 'Not Permitted' statut even in pause mode after that point. Trainwreck Beta Cycle 5.sav
  13. Some pets foods are already checked when you build a new Critter Feeder, and you cant uncheck it or either scroll in the element. Trainwreck Beta.sav
  14. [Game Update] - 253894

    Never had so many crashes before this bug Thanks ! By the way : Conveyor Receptacle still constantly "running" (like is actually doing something) even if nothing is coming-in from Rails or took off to the Auto-Sweeper... even... without any power in it, looks a bit weird !