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  1. [Game Update] - 371502

    Everyone run, Blackbeard is attacking the base! Quick, get the Sea Prism Stone!
  2. Perhaps if you sat a Pincha farm below the area where the heat bleeds out, it can be used to sustain it with minimal worry. Any Polluted Water pumped into the farm could be used as coolant then fed to the plants.
  3. New machine aging system?

    I hope this doesn't become anything major. It'd be nifty to have this stay in game so that way you can always look at something and figure out just how long you've had it around for. See how far your base has come and how much it has changed (aside from the time lapse). The least I could see this being is that once a building reaches a certain age it has to be replaced entirely. I don't want that, but if they go further with this I hope thats all they do.
  4. But in vacuum they hold their breath and that keeps them from exhaling. Its only when they go to catch their breath that they finally exhale again. If a vacuum has no oxygen in it for dupes to catch their breath in, then the CO2 must be getting in another way.
  5. [Game Update] - 364722

    Well I suppose this gives me a good reason to avoid the game for a bit. Fatigue was starting to set in anyways, so spending some time waiting for mod updates and bug fixes should help me to come back rejuvenated and ready to colonize. I see only good things in this update. Perhaps a few things here and there could be tweaked, such as the new resource menu's size, and the modding system, but I believe Klei is heading in the right direction. Just keep calm and wait patiently while they sort out whatever messes I'm sure they have more firsthand experience with than we can imagine. I'm incredibly thankful that this game has such a committed team behind it, and ones that are so willing to receive feedback from the playerbase.
  6. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    I actually suggested something similar further up in the thread. Your take on it is interesting, though.
  7. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    I kind of like that, but I feel it needs a few adjustments. How about an rusty, arachnid-like critter that consumes small quantities of salt off of saltvines and then lets out small puffs of oxygen and chlorine. Then every once in a while it will molt, leaving behind a shell composed of about 10kg of Rust. I like the Ice Vole idea. Would make planting wild Sleet Wheat more viable late game. I don't think the Morb should be ranchable, as grooming it equates to cleaning it, and cleaning a creature made entirely out of waste is not a good idea for both that critter's health and for the health of the dupe grooming it. The Index entry even recommends against petting it. I'd say a good enough way to balance it out would be to give it a lifespan. Say 25 cycles? As for the feeding part, theres already plenty of ways to use Polluted Dirt, Rot, and Slime that would be heaps more useful than producing more PO. One of the Critter's we just got eats exclusively Polluted Dirt and Rot. Slime can be used for distillers and Sage Hatches, leagues more useful in terms of oxygen production. What if Morbs were a bit more of a pest like they're implied to be, and they instead spawned from filthy conditions, and then spread that filth even further? Like how Pips knock items out of bins, Morbs can latch onto food stores and loose edibles, and bins with clean organics in them and convert them into Rot and Slime? There'd be no clear way to benefit from that seeing as you could just compost the food when its still good to eat, and how that basically turns algae back into Slime which is totally counterproductive, but who said that there needs to be benefit from every single thing in game? I mean, once plastic melts and you get Naptha theres no going back or using it for anything good, so Morbs could be just the same by ruining perfectly good resources. And to make them even more pesky, why not increase the ways they can spawn? Seeing as we pretty much all exploit germy water to supply our toilets and sinks, why not make it so that using germy water in bathroom buildings has a chance to spawn Morbs, therefore forcing us to actually keep our water clean? What if they spawned from large concentrations of PO, say around 5kg? That'd make PO vents a bit trickier to handle. Make it so Morbs can swim in Water and P.Water and stick to walls. Anything to make them an actual threat, because as they are I feel like they are pretty much underwhelming and exploitable. Morb variants would be cool. Maybe the variants could spawn in different temperatures? A fuzzy, hot Morb could spawn in temperatures past 26C/80F and produce Natural Gas; the standard Morb could spawn from 4C/40F to 26C/80F and produce PO; a cold Morb could spawn below 4C/40F and produce Cool Slush/Cold Polluted Water. Given my recent rebalance of letting them swim in PW, I feel like that'd work out great. Of course none of them would be able to produce past the usual 1000g, and the cold variant additionally couldn't produce past 1000kg of PW while submerged.
  8. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    What if we expanded the birds diet to include Balm Lily? That way it has more than one environment to work with. -I can't quite think of a creature that could eat Rust and excrete oxygen like you want. I almost thought of a type of Mite that would lay eggs like crazy and eat up lots of metal, making it a sort of pest that can occur naturally in almost any biome.-
  9. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    Huh, interesting idea. An interactive plant that could either hinder or help your Dupes. In those regards I would think of a flytrap-like plant, that grabs a Dupe and slowly begins to sap their health until they either become incapacitated or die. It could be stopped by attacking it, after killing it you get a seed. The seed can replant itself in almost any material except for refined metals with its strong roots, so keeping it stored and away from Pips is recommended. It would still provide decor (+10 in a 5 tile radius), and could even provide resources given care. Now heres a neat idea. To get it to produce resources you could feed it live Critters like Hatches and Pips. It would then take several cycles to digest them, after which it enters a flowering phase, and will provide possibly a special fruit or a resource of some kind when harvested. During the digestion period, it would not attack Dupes or other Critters, and for several cycles after it wouldn't attack them either. It would only need to be fed every so often, and can be fed either pests, trash morphs, or your excess Critters. However, it would still require watering when domesticated with say 50kg of water a cycle, seeing as it would get most of its moisture from eating Critters. I'm thinking of a big tortoise with a small geyser on its back. It would occasionally dive into water pools and suck in a decent amount of water, after which it would expel it out over a period of time as scalding Steam in an attempt to either deter dupes from hunting it or taking its eggs. They'd be mostly aggressive Critters, but would provide large quantities of meat and eggs, and could also be used to power a Steam Engine if setup correctly. How about a hummingbird-like Critter that feeds off of Sporechid nectar, and will provide liquid or gas of some kind as excretion? Maybe it would either pee out liquid, or occasionally disperse gas into the environment using specialized vents in its wings? I agree about the Forest biome. A ceiling hanging vine of some sort would be a nice touch, as well as grass patches in the dirt, albeit merely cosmetic. The vines could be merely Decorational plants that could only be planted in hanging pots and wall pots and naturally planted by Pips?
  10. I'm starting a thread for all of you who have any cool ideas ou want to share in regards to new plants, critters/morphs, and any changes to current ones! To kick things off, I was thinking of plants that deal in temperature extremes. So far Pincha Pepper and Sleet Wheat are the closest we have in those regards on either side of the spectrum. For adding an even tougher kick to your food, you wanna get some Molten Cor'Peppers, a spitfire little pepper that grows in extremely hot environments and can work as a high quality edible or ingredient. Lets say its grows at around 75C to 100C, and needs to be fertilized with that useless Sulfur we've been building up for a while (which I think should be renewable as a byproduct of Water/Hot Water Geysers and Steam Vents doing their usual thing). I think off the bat it'd give +2 food bonus, and have both a Grill and Range recipe. A Pepper Skewer from the grill would give you a +3 bonus, while a Barbeque, Soul Pepper and Pincha Pepper combination from the range would give you a mouthwatering Spicy Kabob for a +5 bonus, and a Cooked Fish, Sleet Wheat, and Soul Pepper combo would give you a crunchy Fish Taco for a +6 bonus. For those that want to chill out and let your Dupes enjoy a sweet treat, you can add the Milky Dayberry to your growing list of options! This plant is special in that it requires a freezing temperature of -90C to -120C, and can only grow in Hydrogen environments. Hanging from the ceiling, it soaks up say 5kg/cycle of Gaseous Hydrogen, and uses its properties to form a juicy, milk-filled snowberry capable of holding its temperature in almost any environment. Eating it plain would give your Dupes a +2 food bonus, but sadly Grilling it won't get you much. However, smash it using an Egg Cracker, and you get a chilly cup of Dayberry Milk for your dupes to sip before bed, with a great +3 food bonus. For more, you can take that milk, mix it with some Pincha Pepper, Ice and Table Salt in a Gas Range and you get an undeniably ambrosial Dayberry Sundae, with a +6 food bonus! When dealing with some Critters, I always ask myself in what ways they can be further utilizied. The Drecko, for instance, grows in a normally hot and stuffy environment, up to 110C. If Glossy Drecks can survive in down to 5C environments, wheres the morph that can survive in searing temperatures in comparison? Now I don't really have a satisfying answer fleshed out just out, but I believe that a Drecko variant that can survive extreme heat, excrete some sort of hot, dry material, and grow a tough, resilient metal or crystal on its back for harvest would be great. However, aside from my Molten Cor'Pepper, I can't think of any other sustainable plants that could feed the creature, making it extremely high maintenance.
  11. Water + L.Carbon Dioxide?

    Well I'' not be short of CO2, seeing as I just found a second geyser. Ugh. I can't even use these things yet. I'll keep them in mind but I'm not sure Slicksters even use that much CO2. And what would I do with the polluted water? Its not like Im getting a net increase of water. Doesnt the Skimmer do liquid 1:1?
  12. Water + L.Carbon Dioxide?

    Oh... well then I guess I'll just keep the CO2 sealed up then. Damn. I was thinking I had the resources for a really neat cooling system.
  13. I just realized that Carbon Dioxide Geysers emit at -67 F, or -55 C. I was lucky enough just now to find a Water Geyser and a Carbo Geyser right on top of each other. Am I right in sensing a possible cooling system by combining the two, or has this been proven bunk?
  14. Your asteroid is experiencing a second Big Bang.
  15. Need Power Advice/Help

    Now thats a handy little visual.