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  1. It's not producing the fuel that's the problem, it's the time it takes to put the fuel into the rocket. It takes 90 seconds to fill a petroleum or hydrogen fuel tank. It takes 900 seconds to fill a steam rocket. That's 1.5 cycles sitting on the pad waiting for steam to trickle in.
  2. Principle complaints about space are that it's too slow and there aren't enough rewards for doing it. Launching a rocket for the first time is a challenge, refueling and launching again is not. Additionally, it takes way too long to refuel a steam engine which is next to useless for any practical applications. Massively cutting down on travel times and making distance scale far less would be a huge help as a starting point. Having non-rocket based things tied to rocket research would help with rewards. Giving us cargo bays straight up and removing/reworking steam rockets would avoid the most tedious part of rocketry and let you gather advanced resources almost immediately. Finally, advanced resources would be a lot better if there was more non-space related stuff that actually required them in interesting ways. The more build puzzles to solve and waste products to deal with in the game, the better.
  3. Updated Roadmap for 2020 ?

    Bugfixes and re-balance are critical. Only other thing I'm really after would be more asteroid types, cooking recipes, and maybe making research more interesting. Burning through water is a good early game cost for research. Dirt is not. Sending out research rockets is awful. All of them require negligible amounts of power and that dupes just stand around doing nothing while a number ticks up.
  4. You've got bristle berries. The starting water that isn't frozen should work fine. Mushrooms are good with 5 C as well, which the area nearby the pod shouldn't drop below for a long time. Plenty to have a chance to put in a metal refinery or kilns for warming.
  5. Hardcore Survival Mode

    Pufts will eventually go extinct too, due to producing princes which won't reproduce.
  6. [Game Update] - 392118

    I don't think Nosh Beans have been changed to be stored the same way that Wheat Grains have yet?
  7. Turning lumber into ethanol is actually an excellent way to bank power. If you have excess power or fuel that's difficult to store, distilling ethanol with the excess is a much better choice than using batteries.
  8. [Game Update] - 390131

    Glad this is on the testing branch. I'm always wary when Friday patches come up. Both for the game's stability and the sanity of the development team.
  9. You can still crack the eggs for omelettes. That's the only way to get food out of them, like shine bugs.
  10. Oxilite can be stored far more efficiently than a gas, in fact as a chunk it can be stored infinitely.
  11. Rimworld?

    Side note, there is a Rimworld multiplayer mod now. The dev has officially featured it.
  12. Rimworld?

    Rimworld is a far less predictable game, where the challenge is about responding and adapting to the unexpected. It's sometimes described as a child of Dwarf Fortress and Left 4 Dead, thanks to it using a dynamic story teller system to throw a mix of good and bad events at you to create a gradual difficulty curve. You will regularly be given random loot drops as well as have to defend your base against large attack groups. Among the colony management games (ONI, Rimworld, DF), I would say that it's the one with the best combat system and best character system. You're able to directly control your characters in a real time tactics sim when needed and there's a very in-depth combat simulation. Picking your arena, taking cover, flanking, choosing when to retreat with who are all interesting tactical choices when you get into a firefight. Though sadly most of this falls apart in melee combat. Your characters are also much more interesting with all of them having relationship scores with all the other colony members. They form relationships, rivalries, get married, get divorced, hang out, and have generally more interesting traits. They also have backgrounds and ages which dictate their skills and health. There's far less abstraction in general. On the flip side, production lines are pretty basic compared to either ONI or DF and the abundance of trading options means that you rarely need to do anything specific. You're both free to make whatever you want to for money and most resource problems are just a caravan away from being solved. So there aren't really puzzles in the game beyond combat situations, which have significant random components to them. The one clear aspect that Rimworld has going for it that ONI does not is a spectacular modding scene.
  13. For my playstyle, CO2 is simply a waste product I have to remove from my bases. So it gets vented. Unless I don't have access to vacuum or need to get more polluted water, then I skim the CO2. There's always more than what I need for oxyferns and/or soda fountains.
  14. The counter argument is we have twelve knuckles on four fingers. A base 12 system is actually far better for day to day life than base 10 because it's so much easier to divide. Good luck trying to get people to change that, even with much stronger evidence of improvement than most of the metric vs imperial stuff.
  15. I generally find O2 to be terrible because I always have more than enough oxygen production. It's super cheep to produce. Water is usually abundant, so a very large oxidizer setup is desirable since the hydrogen is good for rocketry or net positive energy. I'll also generally setup at least one deoxidizer network on maps with rust as well for cheep iron, but I'm happy to fully rely on deoxidizers too. CO2 is terrible because you usually have too much CO2. Run some coal, natural gas, or especially petroleum generator and you'll quickly produce more than enough CO2 to cover any possible needs. So much that you have to either skim or vent it. Really not glowing recommendations, considering the alternatives.