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  1. To make building rockets out of low level engines more viable, a general purpose small life support module would be very handy. It's simply a model that can store a small amount of gas, liquid, and solids. Enabling a rocket to store enough oxygen, water, and food for a dupe to make short range voyages. This would also make managing rockets a lot less tedious.
  2. While an oil well is both disabled and over its pressure limit, dupes will still try to depressurise it. They can't, and will just stand in front of the well doing nothing. No log file was attached.
  3. After a hatch is trussed while burrowed, it cannot be picked up by dupes. They don't seem to break free of the truss either. The only option after that point to deal with them is to kill them. No log file was included for this bug.
  4. The output pipe on my sludge press just broke due to the water in the pipe freezing. However, the dupes continue to put mud into the press to process. The water simply sits inside the building and it doesn't seem to have a problem with that. I have not yet tested if this is also the case if there's no pipe or the pipe is full.
  5. When a grubfruit plant converts between it's spindly and non-spindly version, the harvest setting that's been applied to them is reset back to the default. This is most likely because the plant is being replaced by it's alternative form. No files are needed to report this issue.
  6. I don't think Nosh Beans have been changed to be stored the same way that Wheat Grains have yet?
  7. Glad this is on the testing branch. I'm always wary when Friday patches come up. Both for the game's stability and the sanity of the development team.
  8. Although they both fit the same function of being both a cooking ingredient and seed, the Nosh Bean is considered a seed and the Sleet Wheat Grain is considered a cooking ingredient. This means that they are stored in different containers and in different item categories. The two should have the same rules. Likely was an oversight, as the Nosh Beans will rot over time like other cooking ingredients but cannot be refrigerated.
  9. This should mostly cover the date format stuff, if you're curious about what the standard is everywhere: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country
  10. It is odd. There's still no guaranteed sources of tungstan to make certain you can craft thermium, but at least with gold existing you'll be able to make supercoolant. It should also make oxylite production less tedious, especially now that the thruster consumes its fuel. That said, I really wish rocketry was much faster in general and upgrading your equipment made them go even faster. Though probably best to keep that in its own thread.
  11. I haven't had any lag problems thus far, however I always play on x1 speed. So I am likely not the best benchmark subject.
  12. Smooth hatch diet information has not yet been updated to include aluminium. Possibly it has not yet been added to their diet either.
  13. In spite of being able to rotate the thing, it didn't work that well while in the wrong orientation. The machine couldn't drop its salt, so it would just stop working once that had filled up until you deconstructed it.
  14. They experimented with something that let you build ladders directly over tiles without having to deconstruct the tile first. However it caused some fairly serious unexpected bugs that they do not have time to fix before release. So they undid the change.
  15. Happy to help and glad to see it implemented. Only oversight is that the descriptions still need to be updated. For example, Oceania still says it's 'actively hostile to colonization efforts.'