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  1. They're great for early game spot cooling. Such as inside an insulated farm without irrigation or to get an area near 70 C just under. You can't use a whole bunch of them to solve most end game cooling problems anymore.
  2. Great news. Right now space is terrible and what I want more than anything else is many more asteroids and starts to play with. So I tentatively approve of the plans.
  3. I don't think Nosh Beans have been changed to be stored the same way that Wheat Grains have yet?
  4. Glad this is on the testing branch. I'm always wary when Friday patches come up. Both for the game's stability and the sanity of the development team.
  5. Although they both fit the same function of being both a cooking ingredient and seed, the Nosh Bean is considered a seed and the Sleet Wheat Grain is considered a cooking ingredient. This means that they are stored in different containers and in different item categories. The two should have the same rules. Likely was an oversight, as the Nosh Beans will rot over time like other cooking ingredients but cannot be refrigerated.
  6. This should mostly cover the date format stuff, if you're curious about what the standard is everywhere: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country
  7. It is odd. There's still no guaranteed sources of tungstan to make certain you can craft thermium, but at least with gold existing you'll be able to make supercoolant. It should also make oxylite production less tedious, especially now that the thruster consumes its fuel. That said, I really wish rocketry was much faster in general and upgrading your equipment made them go even faster. Though probably best to keep that in its own thread.
  8. I haven't had any lag problems thus far, however I always play on x1 speed. So I am likely not the best benchmark subject.
  9. Smooth hatch diet information has not yet been updated to include aluminium. Possibly it has not yet been added to their diet either.
  10. In spite of being able to rotate the thing, it didn't work that well while in the wrong orientation. The machine couldn't drop its salt, so it would just stop working once that had filled up until you deconstructed it.
  11. They experimented with something that let you build ladders directly over tiles without having to deconstruct the tile first. However it caused some fairly serious unexpected bugs that they do not have time to fix before release. So they undid the change.
  12. Happy to help and glad to see it implemented. Only oversight is that the descriptions still need to be updated. For example, Oceania still says it's 'actively hostile to colonization efforts.'
  13. Since there's only a few work days left before the official release, I'd really like to point out a couple of the few remaining major issue I think there is with the game. These ones in particular because I think they're going to potentially cause a lot of problems with the influx of new players that's going to happen on the official release. Firstly is that the listed difficulties for the asteroids is often very far off from the actual difficulties. I've got a full thread discussing that stuff here: While an alternative fix is to adjust the difficulties of the starts to make them match up with their intended orders, there might not be time for that before release now. So the difficulty order of the different starts relative to one another at the moment should be: Terra and Oceania (easiest) Verdante and Rime Volcanea ... (large difficulty gap) Arboria Aridio and The Badlands Oasisse (hardest) Secondly is how crippling the lack of gold is on The Badlands and Arboria in the late game (unless you get a gold volcano or a world trait that gives gold like geodes). In fact, the bulk of the difficulty of those starts is mainly from you not having any gold on the map. Without it you cannot use the oxylite refinery and are forced to ranch Pufts (which must be acquired from care packages on those maps) in order to fly petroleum rockets and use rocket boosters. This drastically restricts rocketry and forces the player to just run steam rockets back and forth to the initial destinations until they can jump straight to liquid oxygen. Afterwards, they cannot make super coolant at all unless they get a destination with gold. Either adding some special source of gold for those maps or an alternative method of producing it from the oxylite refineries would be the quickest and dirtiest fix until there's time to implement a better solution. Side note, this would lower the difficulty of Arboria and The Badlands if this were implemented. The relative order would be the same, except that Aridio would be harder than The Badlands rather than being roughly on par.
  14. Seems to also conflict with heavii-watt wire. You can no longer build heavii-watt on top of the ladder and building a ladder on top of heavii-watt will result in it gaining the 'invalid placement' alert.