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  1. My habitation module and nose cone somehow got detached from the rocket, and inside the small oxidizer tank I replaced the large one with. This broke the rocket and it thought there were two rockets. Only the trailblazer module above it remained in its proper place.
  2. Looks like attempting to replace a module in the middle of a rocket is also buggy. Is that a known issue as well?
  3. I can't seem to get my dupes to deliver oxylite to my large solid oxidizer tank. It has the error, "Unreachable storage". There's ladders on either side of it, but I suspect that perhaps dupes can't deliver to it because the delivery location is in the center of the rocket. Does anyone have a solution to this? This is on the non-beta branch.
  4. There's the thermo regulator, a gas version of the aqua tuner. Most people don't use it because it's not as efficient as the aqua tuner, but since it draws 240 w you can use it for earlier cooling.
  5. One of the simplest and easiest ways to manage heat is to isolate your farms from all heat sources. That's generally power plants, oxygen generators, and industry buildings. Most of my bases don't actually bother with cooling systems. Switching off of mealwood to food sources that are either easier to temperature control or are fine with hot temperatures also works. Mealwood tends to cook if you're using composts. Bristle blossoms and bog buckets will be totally fine if you only irrigate them with correct temperature water. While waterweed and grubfruit tolerate much hotter temperatures than your normal starting crops.
  6. Decor was an option that I hadn't even considered that would have solved this problem. That's a system I haven't engaged with in the game for a long time simply due to not needing it. I could have also solved this problem by waiting until I had a petroleum refinery for natural gas to cook better food or skipped the nose command module in favor of the larger one so I could get the room bonuses and included a toilet + oxygen generation. The fact that I bounced off the rocketry system this badly is useful information for the devs. Many players like myself would ruin the game if we looked up builds, as the fun part of the game is solving the puzzles ourselves. There hasn't been a system before now that's so easy to end up with a dead dupe with little to no ability to recover from a mistake. Dupes scalding or suffocating are usually situations where you can quickly pull back and avoid problems. Dumping water all over your base is recoverable. Polluting a water supply can be fixed by switching to a new one and gradually decontaminating the old. Running out of fuel for your power plant creates a problem to solve with clear time limits and constraints. Realizing you didn't pack food for a rocket dupe or that their stress is going to max out very quickly while they're two cycles out from your base means you're now in a situation you can't do anything about and that's the first time the game told you there was a problem. Rocketry isn't well explained in the game and a lot of it has to be learned through trial and error, which often ends up with a dead dupe. I've been playing this game for at least 500 hours. This rocket pilot was the second dupe I've killed in that entire playtime, including reloads. The first was from a dupe trapping themselves inside my water supply during my first or second play session.
  7. That was not possible when I was trying to send out this rocket. The best food I had available was +1 morale and I was using the basic command module to try the system out which doesn't have enough room to provide room bonuses. I waited specifically to send up a dupe who had advanced piloting, given that was a good move in the previous version and it seemed like what the game was suggesting I should do. If the player's natural inclination is to get a dupe killed, it's possible that maybe the system isn't done very well. There's nothing else in the game that demands things be this particular to work.
  8. This is a matter of there being two systems clashing with one another. Either one would be fine on its own, but both together is a disaster. It'd be fine to have long travel times if you didn't need to manage your dupes during that time. They could still need to be supplied with oxygen and food, but otherwise do not exist in the game world. No cockpit to manage, no idle dupe warnings, no morale consequences. Just massively raise up the storage capacity on modules (say 30-50 tons for solids, 6-10 tons for liquids, 1-2 tons for gas) and it's good to go. If the cockpits are something we're suppose to manage and take care of, then the morale system requires that the trips be single shift affairs. The system simply cannot handle dupes spending that long outside of a proper base and we're forced to do a ton of dumb workarounds to avoid these problems. In this case, it would be fine for the module capacities to stay low and to run specific routes continuously to ship smaller amounts of resources from one colony to another. A lot easier to automate this system as they don't need to be massive affairs that take a cycle to load or unload and then are in transit for several cycles.
  9. While an oil well is both disabled and over its pressure limit, dupes will still try to depressurise it. They can't, and will just stand in front of the well doing nothing. No log file was attached.
  10. If we're going to manage dupes in flight, then they need to be able to finish full flights within a shift. It takes two cycles for a dupe to finish a round trip to the nearest planetoid. That's barely any distance at all. The old rocketry's main and most frustrating aspect was that it took too long. This is even worse. The rockets either need to be unmanned or be fast. There's simply no way to make this a good mechanic otherwise. It's far far too fiddly to manage dupes in rockets when they have to go on multi-cycle long trips. A full rethink on how cockpits work would also be a good idea. Storage bins inside them are too powerful and trying to cram all the things that a single dupe needs to survive and have high morale in such a small space is just impossible. While stress is set to the highest difficulty, they will unavoidably max out on stress in that time thanks to low morale. This caused my pilot to stress vomit until she died, even after she'd gotten back to base. Her stress gain from low morale was so high that she kept vomiting over and over until she starved to death.
  11. After a hatch is trussed while burrowed, it cannot be picked up by dupes. They don't seem to break free of the truss either. The only option after that point to deal with them is to kill them. No log file was included for this bug.
  12. Dupes will go to whichever is closer. My rocket is closer to my power plant and industrial area, so that won't work.
  13. Just so we're clear, if we put an outhouse inside a rocket so that dupes don't make a mess while piloting, we cannot stop other random dupes from also going inside the rocket to use the outhouse? EDIT: Figured it out, you can say that only crew are allowed and set the rocket to no crew.
  14. I would not go that far. You're going to want a rancher anyway so you can move sweetles around. So you may as well throw the slugs into a loft ranch with wires to capture their power. Even before that you can trap one on a floating rock with a wire underneath it to save yourself a bit of dupe labor. Are they better than other options you have access to later? No. Are they worth using? Yes. Same purpose as an oxygen diffuser is or normal hatches. All we really need is a morph that consumes something else or an alternative diet option for them to convert into for long term use. Then they'll fit their own niche within the game just fine. Assuming of course that something happens with solar. At the moment that's still a far better choice for power than anything else you could possibly do in the game.
  15. I wouldn't judge my ideas solely on the current resource balance and consumption mechanics. If you're changing research this much, then you should certainly do a pass on how much is used at a time and the order you do things in. That is exactly why I don't like having a dupe unable to do anything but research. So long as research is only about having a dupe stand in place and consume common resources, it isn't fun or interesting. If there were at least some inputs/outputs gases/liquids to worry about, high power demands, or a wide variety of input resources then it would at least be comparable to cooking or machinery work. If production lines or data vaults were what limited research, then there'd be no way to have a dupe spend double time on research if it takes half the time to consume those resources for a high science dupe. The dedicated science dupe stops working on science because they ran out of resources to consume in half the time. Scaling up research then is roughly about scaling up everything in your base to twice the size, not just the research. I also want to clarify that if you have to find research points in PoIs, then this doesn't stall research as it forces the player to pick what they want to research now and what they want to research later. It also gives a much better incentive to go out and explore more worlds if you need to go to them to find the research points, since there's no way to simply wait around for those points to accumulate. Also, very important to note that anything that would be tied to PoIs would be late game tech that's not essential for a base to function. Also not things that are needed to get more of this research. Examples are jetpacks, skill boosting entertainment, shipping, powerful decorations, and late automation. A dupe being needed for research isn't a bad cost for the first dozen or two cycles. Same with water. But then you reach a tipping point where that's no longer the case and it is just a waiting game with little cost or risk involved.