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  1. Same. Just discovered that my seed doesn't have any wolframite on it, so I am debating restarting to ensure I get a seed with it so I can finally make use of all the space age materials I've never used. Carnivore, Locavore, and Super Sustainable all at once was a challenge for my Oasisse playthrough, but I had a lucky polluted water vent basically in my starting biome which made stuff so much easier vs my first attempt where I was surrounded by volcanos with the only close geyser being a hot polluted oxygen vent. Shove voles make getting meat calories easy, but I still had to stress out my binge eaters to make the deadline. Atomosuit and not letting them into the bathroom got 40% stress daily to set them off multiple times. If you can dig to the surface to hunt for them that's a less RNG based way to get the achievement.
  2. I wrote these in response to two posts, one saying how the late game feels kinda grindy and another about how diseases have no point, so I'm going to put it here as well in case others feel the same. It's long though so you've been warned. The main takeaways I had were things to add to make late game more of a challenge. This is for stuff after like 500 cycles of play though so not something new people will be punished by. Make dupes require multiple food after X cycles alive. If they eat the same food for Y cycles in a row, they start to become stressed. Will automatically try to eat different food each day is available. Higher tier jobs require certain machines: Showers for sweaty jobs, Coffee cold jobs, etc. Give dupes a favorite food that gives them same or more morale as a Frost Burger. Means having multiple farms could produce happier dupes. "Frost Burgers is the best (+6 Morale) in general since it requires 3 ingredients, maybe Bubbles really loves Spicy Tofu and that gives her +6 as well. Or maybe it gives her +7 while giving Stinky Stuffed Berries gives him +7." Make dupes require a drink with their meal. If they have a favorite drink as well, bonus morale for providing it. "Bean milk, mushroom tea, berry juice, soda along with coffee and water." Also think Moo milk would be funny as well. Make diseases a threat again so your base isn't just fine despite everyone being sick. Food poisoning should cause vomit and diarrhea so it can spread. Dupes seek out outhouse/lavatory before vomiting on the floor. Slimelung kills but takes more cycles to do so. Can spread so need to quarantine. Zombie spores actually possess your dupes and cause them to attack each other. Zombie dupe has to be subdued and put into a Disease Clinic (tube chamber under medicine) to get better. Zombie dupes will infect other dupes once the health dupe is incapacitated. Zombie dupes die after X cycles untreated. Add a fungal disease for living in a suit constantly so we have to leave our suits now and again or risk getting a disease anyway Have a Medbay as a small room and a Hospital as a large room similar to a Latrine vs a Washroom. New recipe soup which hasten recovery from food poisoning/slimelung/fungal disease. Costs water and coal or water and meal lice. Simple, easy to make early game recipe to counter act the disease change . Perhaps upgrade to lily tea later for better effects. Sunburn affects dupe speed drastically or cause hospitalization if upgraded to Sun Poisoning "Maybe add a nosh bean paste or lettuce wrap to medicine to speed up how quickly they recover. Lettuce forces them to be confined the a pharma chamber tube thing or triage cot while the nosh bean paste can be applied at a doctor station and the dupe will be able to work afterwards." Crazy ideas generated while writing this post. More uses for lettuce and lower cost for domestic growth. Maki rolls - lettuce, liceloaf/cooked lice (changed from pickled lice), and Pacu fillet/cooked fish. Doesn't fit gas range design. Spicy Tofu Wrap - lettuce, spicy tofu. Spicy tofu made in gas range makes this unlikely. Would probably require a change in recipe. Spicy sauce made in the grill from peppernuts. Spicy Tofu renamed Pincha Crusted Tofu: Pincha Peppernuts and Tofu. Spicy Tofu new recipe: Tofu and Spicy Sauce. Could add Tangy Barbecue: Barbecue and Spicy Sauce. Could add Spicy Pacu: Cooked fish and Spicy Sauce Could add Sauteed Mushrooms: Fried Mushrooms and Spicy Sauce. Mushroom Wrap removed. New Recipe, Stuffed Mushrooms: Fried Mushrooms, Pincha Peppernuts Spring Salad - lettuce, bristle berries, toasted pincha peppernuts. Doesn't fit the gas range design. Toasted peppernuts made In Gas Range maybe with Salt. With toasted peppernuts, could add Trail Mix as a recipe: toasted peppernuts, berries, sleet wheet grain. More Burger Varieties Fish Burger - Cooked fish, lettuce, Frost bun. Mushroom Burger - Fried mushroom, lettuce, Frost bun Tofu Burger - Cooked Tofu, lettuce, Frost Bun Cooked Tofu from electric Grill or just regular tofu since tofu is made in the microbe musher already. New machine: Prep Station - creates higher tier food. Requires Tier 3 Cooking Skill. Since tomatoes are technically berries, could add bristles as well to make Deluxe Burgers at this machine. Makes a Lettuce wrap - lettuce and bristles (maybe Spicy Sauce too). Wraps added for each variety - Meat, Fish, Mushroom, Tofu Mushroom Wrap now uses Lettuce wrap and Fried Mushrooms. Also Tangy Barbecue Wrap, Spicy Pacu Wrap, Sauteed Mushroom Wrap, and Spicy Tofu Wrap. Burgers are made here and removed from Gas Range. Deluxe Burgers use Lettuce wrap instead of lettuce for more morale. If Muckroot was growable, it could act like onions/carrots and further increase the morale lettuce wrap recipes give. Getting a little crazy now. Prep station makes Spring Salad, Spicy Tofu Wrap, and Maki Rolls Lettuce upgraded to lettuce previous suggested recipes. Other Recipes Ideas Chips or Tortillas - Sleet wheat grain and water. Chips and salsa - Corn Chips, Bristle Berries Chips and Hummus - Corn Chips, Nosh Beans. Cooked Beans - Nosh beans. Cooked Lice - Meal lice. Perhaps a different name but acts like Rice in other dishes. Beans and Lice - Cooked Beans and Cooked Lice Bean Burrito - Tortilla, Spicy Sauce, Beans and Lice. Fajitas - Tortilla, Spicy Sauce, Barbecue Fish, Mushroom, and Tofu options too. Other rooms/concepts Movie room/TV where dupes watch shows. Requires automated lights and comfy chairs: plastic and reed fiber. Similar to jukebot in that multiple dupes use it at once. Popcorn machine. Uses sleet wheat grain and butter. Butter made from Moo milk or Bean milk. Trail Mix also available for consumption. Kitchen room - decreases food costs, cooks faster. These are just some suggestions. Not saying all are amazing but adding some would add more challenge to late game without making the space part harder specifically.
  3. I don't think it's a bug but it's one of the really weird mechanics in the game. Dupes interacting with a machine are positioned in the center of the machine despite where they stand during the animation which is why you get strange things like this. If you notice, when they run to a machine they run to the center first and then jog off to the side to use it, probably to make animating it easier but it causes strange visual problems like this.
  4. I just made a post about this but I think smooth hatches should have a small chance of producing tungsten/wolframite upon eating common ore (copper, iron, gold). Right now the only renewable source of wolframite is from the Glimmering Planet, is if you don't get one in your map, then you are limited in how much Thermium you can produce. If you are really unlucky like me, you are completely locked out of creating Thermium entirely if you don't have any Wolframite on your starting asteroid and no Glimmering Planet. So, having it come from a critter seems like a nice alternative. The Smooth hatch is one I've never ranched because it wasn't worth when new ore only came from rocket missions. Now that it rains from space it isn't such a big deal any more. I can set up a metal refinery on cycle 50 and have 100% of my metal converted with little consequence so why spend time breeding when I actually lose out on more ore. Now, if there's a chance for me to get an otherwise finite ore from them, I'm willing to dedicate the time for that. My other suggestion was a Pokeshell morph who's shell could be crushed into part lime and part wolframite, but whatever works really.
  5. Now if only they implemented blueprints in the game natively.
  6. You light up my life

    You can place some weight plates under the metal refinery and have them activate the light instead. Or, once you know which tile the dupe stands on while working, then you'll know what tile the motion detector needs to reach to work. I agree though that sometimes the animations while working don't properly indicate where the dupe is which can be frustrating.
  7. That messes with the 1 element per tile rule, but I think it would be cool. Would be extremely tricky to figure out because you'd have to have stages of polluted water like highly polluted to slightly polluted and things in between. And, say you take a drop of polluted water and add it to clean water, does that entire reservoir become slightly polluted water and at what rate. It would add a ton of calculations to the game that I think it probably isn't worth it.
  8. Blueprint settings

    I've recently started using a mod that lets me create blueprints that copy full designs from one part of my base to another. It's so nice but I wish something like this existed natively. Factorio is a bit simple but they allow us to export blueprints from the game and send to our friends. I think that would be amazing here as well so if I'm trying to explain to someone new how to set up a system I don't have to take 20 screenshots just to get every little aspect of my design through to them. I really like that with Factorio I can have an early game design and then just paste the late game design right on top of it to upgrade things. That would be so useful here as well. Most of the time you have to build in stages anyway. Enclose it, vacuum it out, set up the machines, add tiles, run wires, run automation, connect power, etc. We could have blueprint books like Factorio with all the stages so that once you find a design you like you can save it and just paste it down in your new base step by step. If it would allow us to save automation settings as well that would be beyond amazing, but I will take what I can get.
  9. Sage hatches and Pokeshells will eat polluted dirt, which can be useful depending on what you need. Early game you probably need coal for power, so put some sage hatches around your water sieve and they'll take care of that. Mid game you need the lime, so swap out to pokeshell and now you have more lime production. I honestly only play with the normal hatches and the stone hatches. The other two just aren't worth it in my opinion.
  10. I think they should make the diseases a problem again, but perhaps I just long for days when slimelung actually killed someone and I really want to see zombie dupes still. Bringing diseases up would really make the Hospital useful I agree that I rarely use the Hospital now to the point that I didn't know they changed the name from Medbay until I built one for that achievement. I posted this somewhere before but adding more diseases would change how we play. Keep food poisoning as a low disease but make it cause vomiting and diarrhea. Perhaps dupes with it will run to an toilet before just vomiting on the floor but make that a consequence again that I can get my clean water polluted by not taking care of my dupes. Slimelung sounds horrible so I don't get why it doesn't kill. Like, increase the number of days it takes to kill someone but I really feel like the threat of death fit the name. I have never built a Disease Clinic to the point I had to look up what the name of the tube medicine chamber was. I feel like that is the perfect building for a zombified dupe. When a dupe becomes exposed to the zombie spores, they become zombies that attack other players and your players have to beat them up to subdue them. Once subdued, the zombie dupe is placed in this chamber where they can be cured. That means having a full colony of pacifist dupes could be death since no one would subdue the zombie dupe. You'd also need a doctor and hospital to cure them. After X cycles of not being cured, the dupe dies I also think they should add a disease like a fungal thing in you keep your dupes in suits too long so it prevents you from just setting up a suit outside the dupes bedroom and the spend the rest of their life in it. Make it so we at least need to drop the suit off at some point to decontaminate it. The Hand Sanitizer was another building I never use. I think it if was much small it'd be easier to use and maybe not require all the bleach stone. Add a recipe to the Apothecary that refills the hand sanitizer but it's like a few gram of bleach stone, water, and some balm lillies which makes a paste that's put into the sanitizer station. But, to your point, yes. Please do something with the hospital. Make it worth building besides to get an achievement.
  11. I'm fine with them being close but I wish things weren't so squished sometimes. Here I have 2 volcanos and a salt water geyser all withing the same screen. Luckily I can wall those Volcanos off from the salt water geyser, but it's really weird having 3 geysers that close together.
  12. I love this as well. I always get to around 700 cycles and get bored for lack of a better world. It's around there that I've solved all the problems on my asteroid and now am just in the process of saving up steel for space. Space has never intrigued me. Most of my problems are solved before getting to space so what do I need from it? Space age materials are nice but, again, I have no use for them. Yeah, I can make a sour gas boiler or put a gas pump in with that 500C Hydrogen vent, but that's about it. I've long since solved my main problem so this would be interesting as it would let me restart without needing to actually relearn everything again on a new seed. I don't know how but increasing the difficulty each time you move planets would be interesting. Sheltered did something similar where upon you can move to where another family member is located and restart essentially while retaining all the knowledge you had before. They forced you into adding that person to your family, thus increasing your difficulty if you since you now had 5 mouths to feed over 4. You got to choose what to bring with you so you can take those annoying materials that take forever to find. I don't know how you would do that here without it becoming very difficult or just tedious. Plenty of systems produce positive water so I suppose the more times you jump the less water your asteroid produces, but I'm sure that would get old fast. Something like Don't Starve would be nice, where you can enter Maxwell's door (or the Temporal Tear) to sort end the game after you defeat the trials. I sorta felt like that was the approach they were going to go with all the new asteroids, where you start on Terra and then progress through the other asteroids until you finally escape or restore order or whatever the story premise was (recolonize Earth?), but that doesn't seem to be the case. Going from Terra to Arborio to Rime to Oasisse would be interesting for trials but that might be a bit to straight forward and copying from Don't Starve.
  13. My biggest gripe currently is that you can't experience everything on every seed. I'm fine with different geysers and such, but I don't get this need to lock us out of stuff like plants and ore. Nosh beans and Dasha Salt Vines, for instance, are locked out if you play on Oasisse. Wolframite as well if you don't get a Glimmering Plant. So, why not fix that. For seeds, why not use the POIs on the asteroid. Maybe hide some seeds in drawers or have a new POI that's a room with a tube with a dead plant in it that we can dig up for the seed. One seed is all it takes and our dupes can generate more, so adding it into current stuff shouldn't be that difficult. If the seed is available from space, that's fine too but just make it possible for us to get it somehow. I don't have the right planets to find them in space on my current seed, so I basically lose out on part of the game because of it. Copper, gold, and iron fall from the sky. Rust isn't used for much beyond oxygen/chlorine production (and I think a chlorine geyser is guaranteed now) and aluminum ore, while nice, isn't as special any more now that it's properties were balanced. Plus, both rust and aluminum ore can be printed in care packages if you aren't gifted with a biome or planet with them. Wolframite, however, is used in making Thermium and currently is the only ore in the game that is seed locked. If you get a seed that doesn't spawn with it or doesn't have a Glimmering Planet, I don't think there's a way to get it in your game outside of sandbox/debug. I think there should be edge cases for this. Maybe once in a while a metal comet that hits your planet drops some. Or maybe have a 1% chance that a smooth hatch eating an ore will convert it to wolframite. Or maybe add a Pokeshell variety whose shell can be ground up into small batches of wolframite. Just something. Something that lets me generate thermium even if it takes a hundred cycles to do it. This one bugs me a lot since it locks you out of Thermium which is pretty important. Granted at that point in the game you don't need the space age materials for anything, but I can't even just try building random things because I'm locked out of creating the best high temp item in the game because of RNG. That just seems off. I've yet to reach the Temporal Tear but I know I'll need liquid hydrogen for that and I've heard that produces extreme temps upon take off so, what, I just can't reach that end goal because of RNG? Again, haven't tried, but I would hate to spend a 1000 cycles setting up rockets, getting super coolant, making liquid hydrogen, only to find out I can't make it far enough because all my automation and stuff melts every time I send off a rocket because I don't have Thermium for some stuff. I like to play on whatever seed I get and try to survive, but if I could be locked out of a certain part doing that, I'm better off finding a seed that lets me do everything and sticking to that over using the random generator. At least by making things available on every seed would fix that. Obviously some seeds would be harder than others, but it would still be possible.
  14. Sustainability Questions

    Morbs are spawned from an outhouse every 2 cycles IIRC. So what you can do is chain a few Filters together set to 200 seconds each until you get 1200 seconds timer. I normally add an additional filter for 50 seconds or so just to be certain, then I open the door under the outhouse to reset it's countdown to produce more. Neotuck design from this thread is pretty much what I use if trying to farm morbs. Morbs are very picky though. I believe the don't output po2 if they can't move, so you can't just trap thousands in one tile. Also they only produce to around 500g and then stop and also don't produce in a vacuum, so you have to use a pump of some sort (gas, door, bead, etc) to ensure that the pressure is low enough that they keep producing but don't let it get too low. They also don't produce a ton of oxygen anyway, so you would need tons to really do anything with them. They are great in addition to other methods you have like supplementing a dormant polluted o2 geysers, but I doubt you could run anything off them alone without your FPS tanking. It depends what you are doing with this. Depending on your end goal will change your results and what you're willing to put into the system to get what you want out. Terrariums work as a nice way to produce both Oxygen and Polluted Oxygen to feed Dense Pufts and Pufts. Their two pens can be set up around the terrariums and it will supply them just using automation and some power for sweepers. Now, it's not a fast process, uses up algae which might not be infinite, and costs a ton of water for this, but you can create a fairly simple process that only requires a dupe to empty them once in a while to feed raise pufts for their outputs.. PW off-gassing can be done much easily with a few methods. One is filling liquid reservoirs and deconstructing them which leaves a 5T bottle on the floor. This is easily repeatable and you can just build and deconstruct a few reservoirs every so often to recharge the system. Another is by simply using a polluted water pipe, a pipe bridge, and one segment of pipe afterwards. Set an Empty Pipe command after the pipe bridge and a dupe will infinitely empty that polluted water out into bottles on the floor. But again, what do we want this bottled water for? Say we want to go to space. We need steel. We can flank these bottles with deodorizers to get clay from regolith which infinitely falls from the sky. That clay could become ceramics or we can feed that clay to hatches for coal. That coal becomes refined carbon for our steel and the hatch egg shells take care of our lime while we also get refined iron from the sky as well. We also have a ton of oxygen from this process so we can feed dense pufts for more egg shells and get Oxylite without costing gold or power. All we need is a fuel for the rocket (which since we have polluted water, we can easily make liquid Hydrogen) and we've just turned a polluted water source and space rocks into steel, oxylite (or LOX), liquid hydrogen, ceramics, and food. This I'm unsure about. I'm pretty sure overcrowded reduces their happiness and happiness reduces how quickly they reproduce. All the critters I have (hatches, pips, and shove voles) say 2% per cycle but again, that might just be a rounding thing where it actually is 1.66%. The issue though is that most critter live for a long time. Dreckos are 150 cycles while hatches, pips, pokeshells, shove voles, and slicksters are all 100 cycles. I don't remember gassy moo or pufts life cycle though. Pacu's are nice because they die out quickly and thus keep cycling. I've never tested it but I want to say the other critter would starve before dropping their egg, so if you wanted to maintain a certain amount of critters you'd have to feed them to ensure they lay an egg before dying off, but again, I don't know for sure. Again, depends what you want from the critters though. If you have to feed them to keep the population going anyway, it's much easier just to run one 7 critter stable and sweep all the eggs out the instant they are laid. You could sweep the extra eggs into a 1 tile chamber like your Critter Crowder and drop some food in to sustain the extra ones. Would allow you to eventually get rid of ranches but I don't know how much space that would take up. Each Critter Crowded would be visible to the others in that area and I don't know how many tiles you'd have to dig up to ensure that each ones isn't cramped. Obviously you could probably calculate how many you need and only keep that number of critters in that room, but I would think it would be easier to ranch the easy ones and only contain the annoying ones. Pips are easy to ranch and produce dirt quickly in my experience while slicksters have a low output even when tamed. So keeping 1000s of slicksters in a crowder would eliminate the need to groom them while having a high quantity to eat Co2 while you could only have that one pip ranch. Yunru made a post a while back about her infinite hatch ranch which takes advantage of hatches burrowing when trapped in doors. So here you have a closed system that houses tons of critter while they still reproduce yet take up no space. I don't believe shove voles get cramped, seeing as I have a 96 tile ranch with 20 shove voles in it and they are all fine. Hungry and Glum but not overcrowded or cramped. So would stand to reason if you had a shove vole ranch you could quickly up their population, dump them in a metal box, and just feed them now and then to keep their numbers up without needing a rancher to groom them. Just make sure to add a robo-digger because I don't know if they lay eggs while burrowing. With the addition of pips, wild plants are easy to accomplish. Again though, it depends what you want with these. You can easily set up wild arbor trees for pips for free dirt or grow wild mealwood for glossy dreckos. I like wild waterweeds since they are a pain to grow domestically but I just domesticate most other plants because the cost isn't that high anyway. It depends what you want. Right now there is no need to have more than one food type in your colony, so it's often easier to just set up one farm that feeds everyone and that's it. Setting up an infinite pacu ranch is simple and Yunru showed us how to farm tons of hatches. Shove voles also drop absurd amounts of meat so right there we have barbecue, cooked fish, and surf'n'turf. Just wild plant some water weeds and sleet wheet and you can also add Frost Buns and Frost Burgers to your menu as well. Gotta calculate how many you need but that would be easy. And, if nothing else, supplement some domestic plants in addition to the wild one to reduce the amount of space you need. Once all the wild plants are in the ground, go back and add farm tiles between them for more food This is beyond overkill for thimble reeds, but below I have 41 thimble reeds growing and I can support 48 in this area, some wild and some domestic. Doesn't take much to do this for waterweeds and sleet wheat as well. According to the assistant I'd need 2 wild sleet wheat and 0.67 wild water weeds per dupe, so it isn't insane. With domestic sleet wheat it goes to 0.5 per dupe, so mixing domestic and wild would easily sustain larger colonies with a small foodprint. And even if you are low on lettuce for a few cycles, your dupes still have barbecue, cooked fish, and surf'n'turf to eat in the mean time so they won't starve. I'm an advocate of infinite storage, so geysers and such are easy for me. Make a geyser box around each geyser and pipe the gas away. Keeps them from getting over pressurized so they always produce while not dormant. Then I send that gas through a main pipeline through my base to my infinite gas storage tank. From here gases are sorted and sent off where needed or stored for later use. Volcanos are a bit more tricky. I want to extract as much power out of their heat as I can, so I opt for a bit of a convoluted solution. Have to credit Nakomaru for the design idea since her design helped me come up with this one. Here's her original post. This takes advantage of the sweepers diagonal range to reach into these hotter areas. The volcano in the example is only a minor one but the steel sweeper will still overheat in that steam room so using this approach prevents that. Might be able to use space materials to run a sweeper in that room but I don't have access so I didn't attempt that. This system takes advantage of a few things. There are some off screen conveyor mechanics that we use. For some reason, conveyor rails won't transfer heat properly if off screen, so we use a conveyor bridge and extra diamond tile to ensure that heat is transferred properly. Next we use doors to trap materials in a tile, which transfers heat much faster than just running a conveyor rail through liquid or a gas and since it is a door, we can automate how long we wish to trap it there unlike with conveyor rails which we can't automate. With both these together, the output from the volcano comes out around 30C. Could probably lower it more by tweaking the aquatuner to cool the area to 0C instead of 20C, but I don't feel the need too. Most of the heat is extracted via the steam turbines. The first turbine cools it to about 400C, the second to about 110C and that last bit of heat is absorbed into the cooling chamber and spit out via the aquatuner. As far as planet harvest goes, I never tried. I'm sure there's a clever way to set it up. If you recycle the heat and exhaust from the rockets you could probably make it a net neutral process or even make it a positive activity. It depends what you are gathering from the planets though. Brothgar made a video a bit ago where he discussed using the heat from rockets to cook crude oil into petrol or run a steam turbine. Depending on the length of the rocket tube in your asteroid you can get a net positive water output by gathering all the steam, but I can't find the post where the person launched a rocket from the volcanic biome to space to prove it. All depends on what you are gathering. Diamond is a finite resource without space, so that would be worth it. Wheezeworts aren't as powerful as before but could be worth the effort if you had dreckos to keep them running then that's free cooling power. If gathering water, I mean, sure, it works, but not as fast as a sour gas boiler does or just launching a steam rocket so what you want from these planets is important as is what you use to get there. Might be better to use steam rockets as you can quickly capture the output and convert it into usable materials unlike Co2 which has a longer chain to convert back. I use doors to mine all the regolith and convey all the debris away from my solar array. Power free and automatic cleanup without needing to cool it. I think capturing the Co2 would be better by simply cooling it down to liquid form before it escapes, but I'm unsure how much power that would take. Again, I feel like capturing the Co2 from the rockets would be easier to maintain than trying to gather from the meteors because we know where the rocket will exhaust from but don't know where the meteors will hit. You can melt the regolith down to magma and back to igneous but I've heard different opinions on whether it generates heat or needs heat added to work. Personally I've never tried it and instead just opt to use the regolith for stuff instead of sand. Run it through the door trap turbine system and it will be close to 110C before leaving with only needing the 120W to run the conveyor loader. Mentioned this above. It's possible but I don't know about the power consumption to accomplish it. You also have the heat from the rockets that can be harvested as well for power or to heat up other systems (petrol boiler). It depends from how I see it. It costs 4 ethanol distillers to power one petrol generator. From that we get Co2, polluted water, polluted dirt, and about 1Kw of usable power. Co2 can go to molten slicksters for free petrol, meat, and egg shells. Polluted water can be sieved and turned into oxygen and hydrogen for more free power since SPOMs generate more power than they cost to run. Polluted dirt can either be composted into dirt (dupe time and time) or be fed to pokeshells for free food, 5Kg molt shell, 10Kg molt shell, egg shells, and meat. So, from those 4 ethanol distillers, we have power, oxygen, water, dirt, meat, and lime. Takes up space but I don't use half my asteroid anyway so losing a bit of space isn't going to hurt me. As Brothgar shows you can use them to create cold oxygen (12C) for your base only using aluminum for all the components, which is really useful when you can't leave your starting forest biome and don't have access to gold or steel yet. He also shows a way of removing heat without using a steam turbine by heating up the hydrogen and then deleting it via the hydrogen generator, and since it has no byproducts from it, the temperature of the hydrogen doesn't matter. So, how I see it, it depends what you need. If you don't have a good water source, you can instead plant some trees and turn them into water/oxygen essentially. Yeah, it will take a lot of trees to accomplish this, but that's better than suffocating because you didn't find a water source quick enough to run your electrolyzer. I don't know about domestic plants but since they take dirt and polluted water, the byproducts of this system can also be used to keep it going, though I don't know of that's indefinite. Alternatively, run ethanol as a backup power supply. Store up the ethanol in an infinite tank and if you ever fall short on power, the ethanol is used. That way all that lumber from trees is used for something without needing to set up a large infrastructure to power your whole base. You can instead use just a few distillers that run for 1000s of cycles and use it when needed. That would be useful when setting up your space base, since opening those bunker doors before the solar array is set up can really strain your power system. I want to say this is not enough to power anything, but I've never attempted. Oxygen and food isn't hard so long as you have enough water. With lumber we have a free system that generates meat and water so as long as you have the right temperature for the trees, it should be easy once we calculate how many dupes this system supports. With a sour gas boiler, we have extra water and power to support the colony and keep the trees in a comfy range. Could probably calculate how many dupes one oil reservoir can support. With infinite gas and liquid storage, geysers could be producing forever and all those outputs can be turned into something depending on what the base needs. The infinite hatch ranch and shove voles appearing to infinitely stack covers most food concerns. So, without numbers in front of me, I'd say it's possible to set up a rather large base of some 100+ dupes without much hassle once you've gotten to the point of making some of these systems. Once the infrastructure is in place and going, should be possible though I don't know how much room it would take to house all those dupes and the stuff they need. Cots and bathrooms alone might be a ton of space even with properly scheduling them out to reduce the amount needed at one time. Is it worth doing this though? For some PW, Co2, and possibly some nat gas from flatulent dupes, I doubt it. Not to mention your FPS would probably be horrible but it's fun to dream. That was removed. [Game Update] - 355043 Fix bug where gasses could merge and convert types if two gasses tried moving into a vacuum cell on the same tick. However, pretty much every gas can be converted to most other gas albeit through some convoluted means. Take chlorine for example seeing as everyone seems to vent it. Chlorine can be liquefied and fed to gas grass. Gas grass is eaten by Gassy Moos and produce Nat Gas. Nat Gas is run through a generator to produce polluted water and carbon dioxide. Polluted water can be off gassed to polluted oxygen or sieved and sent to an electrolyzer to produce oxygen and hydrogen. The only important gas left out would be sour gas, but that Co2 could be fed to slicksters for crude/petrol and converted to sour gas. So, while it's not as simple as "put two gases near each other by a vacuum" any more, you can still convert any gas into most other gas, it just takes a bit of a chain reaction to do it. Don't know if you can convert stuff into chlorine though, but there is rust to get chlorine back. I think that was removed unless this is a new approach to the same thing. [Game Update] - 355385 Fix mass duplication on ore state change. However, we don't really need this. Copper and gold ore and refined iron fall from the sky. The only ore we can't mass produce is wolframite but that can be found on the Glimmering Planet if you are lucky enough to get one in your star map. So only the seeds without a Glimmering Planet are locked out of this and even with this you couldn't just produce it without sandbox/debug mode first. Personally I think that should be fixed. Being unable to make Thermium because of RNG seems quite unfair. Have it be a care package item after 200 cycles or have a metal comet rain some down occasionally but not that often or have the Glimmering Planet be a guaranteed planet but have it's guaranteed spot be really far away. Just, something. Something so we aren't locked out of a part of the game due to RNG.
  15. As DarkMoge said, disable the bottom pumps if below a certain pressure to help avoid that. I also think because of your high oxygen levels, the hydrogen is getting trapped and not able to sort itself quickly enough in your first example, hence why it works better in the second. Also, depending on if this was fixed or not, oxygen can sometimes delete hydrogen so with your original design some hydrogen might've been deleted while in the second one it was quickly absorbed into your hydrogen cloud before that happened. I don't have an image of my original setup, but here's a mockup of what I ran before setting up my permanent oxygen room. I built it in debug but this can easily be built in survival. The reason I like this design is it's self-filtering and reduced hydrogen loss (that may have been removed in the game but just incase). The hydrogen will float to the top of the chamber and naturally filter into that middle gas pump. Because the electrolyzers are touching the hydrogen layer, new hydrogen is instantly absorbed into the existing layer which reduces the likelihood of it being sucked up by the oxygen pumps below. I even leave some space between the electrolyzers and the oxygen pumps in hopes if a stray hydrogen packet isn't instantly absorbed it shouldn't be picked up by them. The atmosensor for hydrogen is set to 750 and oxygen is set to 800. Adjust as you see fit. Now, if you want a fool proof system that uses/abuses some mechanics in the game but assures that you get the max oxygen and max hydrogen possible, then here you go. Takes time to set up, but it's really nice since it has little chance of failing. So far I've had it fail twice, once when a polluted oxygen packet blocked it due to my own fault and once when I froze the water by making my oxygen 0C in this room which was again my own fault.