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  1. Not sure how you have your automated miner coded, but being able to input a specific list of seeds might be something to add. Combine that with a list of missing seeds on the webpage and people could work together to fill them all in. You probably already have this in your list of "things to get to at some point".
  2. I'll just leave this here for you. Or you can try @Mullematsch approach instead.
  3. The wild Pips don't appear to eat the lumber. I gathered all my wild pips into a room with a few trees in it in hopes they'd stop messing with my storage and possibly produce some dirt as well. They aren't cramped or overcrowded, yet none have eaten from the trees in the room with them. Swept out the room to confirm and after a good 20 cycles I haven't seen a drop of dirt in that pen with the door to it locked to prevent dupes from messing with the test. There are 4 trees growing in said pen and I haven't noticed a change in them either. I happened to have a small undisturbed pocket with a wild pip in it and a tree and it too doesn't have any dirt on the ground. I don't know if it's just such a small amount that it isn't showing or if it's some other issue. I saw a wild pipsqueak eat off a branch, but I've yet to see an adult do that.
  4. I've had it happen with both dupes delivering food (140 mg of meat from fridge to grill) and a sweeper arm doing the same thing (119 mg of raw egg from floor to grill). In both instances it appears as if the grill has almost enough to complete a dish, so they are trying to get enough but do it in mg instead of normal amounts. Even my Rock Crushing dupe with 16 Strength and +640KG carrying capacity is doing this, so I wonder if the grill/feeder itself is what's causing the problem.
  5. I will be playing and it just randomly goes to my desktop as if I alt tabbed. It won't happen for a while after it occurs. I haven't noticed a pattern yet to it occuring.
  6. Ran into this a few times where my dupes dig up a piece of dirt and it never goes away. It's at 100% dug the entire time but never goes away and my dupe will literally stand their trying to dig it forever. It seems to go away if you reload the game but stays otherwise. And this is not the edge of the map stuff, it's stuff like sand or algae that won't let me dig it.