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[Game Update] - 356040

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Return of Them - Beta Hotfix

  • Fixed the mast placer when on a boat, shows green when placement is ok now
  • Mast direction can be controlled when placing on land by rotating the camera
  • Fixed the anchor animation getting stuck in a dropping loop
  • Fixed a crash when too many items were spawned in the world.
  • Brought in Warly

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Hi! The boat camera is still bugged for me, and it's making the game a bit odd to play currently.

You hop on the boat, the camera lowers and focuses on the boat, but when you're off the camera stays lowered and it throws me off.

Also his Spices don't float on the water, they just kind of float there.

I could report this as a bug and I might later if it wasn't.

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On 7/29/2019 at 6:40 PM, x0VERSUS1y said:

Pls don't shatter my dream of sailing the Constant oceans with my private island :mrgreen:

update 30147682587069 if the player places enough masts on an edge turf it breaks off and becomes land boat

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