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idea proposal: make wes able to row with nothing equipped

wes is still bes in our hearts  

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behold the majesty that is wes rowing in shipwrecked. we should be able to use these incredible mime powers in together too

hear me out: he should be able to row without anything equipped, but it doesn't have any push force. it just plays the rowing animation. so you can pretend to help.




okay maybe it could have push force but it isn't as funny

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11 minutes ago, ADM said:

I agree that making mimicry a real perks with uses sounds very fun and even useful for Wes, I was not expecting that but now I really want this

Maybe he could mimic the tools that other's are holding around him? Like if somebody was holding an axe in a certain radius, he could chop down trees? That'd be a cool little mechanic.

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This could be a very nice perk for Wes rework.

"Can mime things into existance" 

A crafting tab where he can craft tools at the cost of sanity.

Or this version:

Wes can chop down trees, mine rocks etc with his bare hands but it takes 2 times longer than using a normal tool

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