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I am an Unintentional monster, but was it worth it?

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So last night I made a choice, one that I have been reliving most of the day.

I am growing mushrooms, mushrooms need slime, pufts make slime and I have a small pacu holding take with a nice pocket of polluted o2 collecting above the polluted water.
I lure the pufts in and almost instantly my plan is working well.. to well, or not well enough, a dozen or so cycles later most of the P.O has gone and the pufts are beaaarrrrllllyyy producing enough sweet sweet excretion for my needs.
And then the morb Hunt begins, fairly easily found, but always the drekos are there to waste my traps.. the slaughter haunts my sleep, but awake I can rationalize the process as necessary, in the name of progress...
Anyway the morbs are doing their bit and adding to teh P.O stores, but slime is a tempting product and the mushroom fields COULD get a little larger, and then maybe we could accept more duplicants on this wonderful rock, 

I've been playing for a little while now, since the breathability overlay actually showed you different gases, not good just long.. and I remembered back when I killed more dupes then I care to admit.. Morbs would spawn from a dead body.. and the printer just made its noise, Toraldo.. yes.. he'll do

I customed the entry permission so Toraldo could enter the slime farm but not leave.. even gave him an outhouse, cos we're not savages

A few cycles later,as his printer siblings worked on the new transport tube super highway, just the other side of the granite tiles, Toraldo ran out of life giving calories and perisied among the morbs and pufts..

But then doubts.. my knowledge is based on old experience.. quick, while my cleaners deconstruct the outhouse, I'll look on the wiki


 If an Outhouse is filled and it's not emptied soon enough, a Morb will spawn from it over time.


So I cut short a dupes time, and just ripped down the other thing that could of done the job just as well.. 

But Will a morb still spawn from Toraldos corpse?

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I'm not sure exactly what your asking for. 

If you are asking if morbs spawn from dead bodies, I don't think they do any longer. 

I could be mistaken but I remember reading somewhere that they removed it, and I have never seen one spawn from a body in a long long time. 

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14 hours ago, Gracefulmuse said:

If you are asking if morbs spawn from dead bodies, I don't think they do any longer.

I think it is important to prevent players from doing ..... morally questionable stuff just because there is a strong gameplay incentive to do so. I still remember the pee and puke torture chambers that were hooked up with an infinite shower loop so players could generate enough polluted water for their base in the late game. This was before pwater geysers were introduced of course.


I have to admit that these quirky builds were interesting to see but a developer should definitely stay on top of them. Otherwise we end up like dwarf fortress (the bad side of it).

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Hummmmm "Unintentional monster". If we are going to talk about the correct use of English my 2 cents is that you locked a dupe in a room until they starved to death, intentionally. Was the unintentional bit deconstructing the toilet after? :)

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On 5/15/2019 at 4:26 AM, Craigjw said:

It's very important to use the correct use of English, whether it's Merican English (which just isn't English) or proper English, always use "could have" instead of "could of".

I prefer 'Coulda.'  Any American hearing the word "coulda" knows exactly what it means. =^.^=


*sorry, I couldn't resist.  I've been driving all day and needed to be silly for a bit.

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