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  1. This is the bit I am asking about.. are you saying you pause the game on cycle one and throw down all the build plans at once? how do you deal with the fact that you don't have all the research open at the start?
  2. So I think its generally accepted that Toilet and foods (with manual generators and basic science) are the first 2 ticks on the way to sorting everything out (please do enlighten me if even this is a presumption to far).. Then the decisions arrive... what to focus on for the next couple of cycles.. I normally Like to get a hatchery sorted whilst sending some dupes exploring for geyers and other hidden gems and focusing my research on getting close loop restrooms. But whats the alternatives? I seriously doubt mine is the only way.. whats your next targets? getting off of algae? Climbing the food ladder? jump straight to oil? I am super interested in other peoples priorities early game
  3. Hatches in the door

    Just so I get this right, as the bottom pic is cropped funny, the extra reproduction boost come from them being burrowed, or from them not being confined anymore?
  4. Started new save, 2nd on the oil update, dug some space and then started building storage, after a big sweep I noticed I was having issues with sandstone.. Interestingly if I click on the top right panel to show me what I do have, It only cycles through the pre-sweep items Casual Morge.sav
  5. Whooo, was loving the awesome cooling power of the hydrofan, but see why it's getting nurfed, one next to some massive heat source was still chilling co2 out of the air