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  1. Sorry. English is not my first language, so I had misunderstood what you said before. Thank you for clarifying, this makes sense to me.
  2. Are you sure about this? I've never had a dupe get sick that wasn't exposed. When one is exposed it gets that in it's stats screen and it even gives a percentage chance of infection which goes up based on the number of germs exposed to.
  3. Preview Branch today or Thursday ?

    We will never know if we don't try!!
  4. ONI Merch?

    I would seriously buy some plushies or hoodies.
  5. I am not in a position to test this. But I was actually thinking about this earlier today. I have heard people complain about an abundance of abyssallite, and discussions on reducing resources to make the game run smoother. This had me thinking, has anyone tried dropping all their unneeded materials in a single spot, then burying it with sand or something? I know that material setting on the ground has to be processed for pathing and heat exchange, but what about a material that is considered "buried"?
  6. Are you heartless monsters really gonna deny this simple person their birthday wish!?! (Happy birthday c:)
  7. This one is really cool. I've never even considered some kind of robotics. They could probably balance it by requiring more then just power. Like maybe they produce lots of heat, so you gotta keep them cool or they overheat. Or, maybe they have to be refueled periodically with oil to keep their gear lubricated.
  8. This has probably been discussed before but I thought it would be a great time, with all the QOL stuff done, and us getting hype for release. For the sake of this discussion, let's just assume that the devs have nothing planned for release, so they asked YOU personally for ideas. (It doesn't have to be something that's exactly healthy for the state of the game, rather, something that YOU personally would enjoy having) What kind of update would you plan for release/dlc? (For example, rocketry, automation, ranching, etc.) I think mine would be the inclusion of fire/combustibles. I would enjoy the challenge of avoiding fires when working with ultra hot material, or designing a sprinkler system in case of emergency. I would also have fun making pressurized oxygen rooms to explode in massive fireballs.
  9. That doesn't mean we can't be little pests. I've heard pestering people while they are crunching for an important deadline is good for morale. *Pester pester pester* now give us a preview!!! WE ARE DYING FROM IMPATIENCE. (But for real, take your time we understand it's a lot of hard work and stress on you, devs.)
  10. I'm not sure exactly what your asking for. If you are asking if morbs spawn from dead bodies, I don't think they do any longer. I could be mistaken but I remember reading somewhere that they removed it, and I have never seen one spawn from a body in a long long time.
  11. Benchmark Thread

    (I apologize if I don't fully understand your word usage here, English is not my first language.) I think that FPS consistency is much more important then a lot of people realize. I do a vast majority of my gaming at 120 fps, I am so adjusted to this higher frame rate that going as lower then like 50 actually gives me motion sickness. I happen to own other gaming consoles and when I decide to play something that is framerate locked to 30, It takes me a good few days to get adjusted and feel comfortable playing it. The key point is that I DO adjust. On the other hand, I have had games on console that strive for 60fps and instead jump back and forth from 45-60. THIS is a problem. No matter how much time I try to adjust, It makes the games absolutely unplayable for me. I had the idea for a little experiment for this. I took my husband (who does almost all of his gaming at 30fps) and had him play a game running at 60 for a couple hours. I then framerate locked it down to 30, and he couldn't tell the difference at all. I then messed with some settings and had the game run a variable framerate between 45-60. Once this was done he really began to notice it. He said: "it felt like the game was really jerky or his controls had some lag or something." I think a very simple "fix"(band-aid solution, but easy to do and better then nothing.) would be to simply add an fps limit option for late game players. I could be mistaken, but I think I had the highest performance numbers. I have done NO overclocking. Though I do think I had the most modern CPU so maybe architecture has something to do with it as well? Just wanted to point that out. TL;DR: I am of the opinion that Adding an FPS limit option could really help with late game playability. This might be common knowledge already, but I don't think resolution should make much of a difference to anyone. I did my benchmark at 3440x1440, but out of curiosity I just connected my rig to a 4k screen, and got basically the same results (limited down to 60fps though, as my 4k screen can go no higher.) I then changed the game resolution down to 1920x1080 and saw virtually no performance difference.
  12. This is actually inspired by a mod on the steam marketplace: Not really much to say. I think the ability to rotate Air filters for placement on the walls or ceiling is such a small but QOL change. I have been using this mod for about a month now, and I find myself actually using air filters more often as I do not have to take up precious floor space. It is also useful to note that no new art would be necessary as the current in-game asset looks perfectly fine attached to the ceiling.
  13. Benchmark Thread

    So I did this test before I left for a weekend away but forgot to post it earlier. I actually forgot that I had a mod installed. It is a speed control mod which simply increases the speed up controls to: 1x, 3x, 10x. Here is the mod for more details if needed. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Intel i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz (no overclocking has been done) 32 GB RAM DDR4 (I can't recall my exact RAM model, sorry. If it ends up being important I can add it to the post at a later time). Though I do think the RAM timings where 15/15/15/35 Samsung 970 EVO M.2 2280 PCIe G3 2TB Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate LGA 1151 (300 Series) Resolution: 3440 x 1440 The Below results are the average of testing 10 times, each with 60 seconds of game play recording, while moving my camera around to look at different areas. After each session, I closed the game completely and did a full computer shut down then restarted. This is the result of 10** rounds of tests. ~78 FPS low speed (1x) ~50 FPS Medium Speed (3x) ~29 FPS 10x speed ~4 second daily save ~45 seconds load **Load times where actually only averaged 9 times, as I had one extreme outlier. I am not really sure how/why, but I had ONE instance with a 15 seconds load time. EDIT: Windows 10 pro if that matters.
  14. The only time I actually use it, is the times that I accidentally track germs into my place. For example, If I forget to set up a hand-washing station at a germy water dump, or a bunch of my dupes end up in the bathroom for some reason and block others from using the sink. Admitted rare, but when that happens I tend to disinfect my entire colony so that I maintain 0 surface germs inside the entire base.
  15. I know its not exactly what you are asking but, I THINK the way that germs spread from slime tiles, that you would be fine not digging that stuff up. It has been my experience at least, that slime will spread germs to the surrounding tiles, but only in a 1 time raduis. Tiles other then slime do not seem to spread the germs. That means in your example picture, that insulation may be germ infested, but I do not think it will ever spread INTO your base becouse the insulation itself cannot spread the germ. I may be wrong about all this, but it has been this way every time I have personally observed it.