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  1. I'm not sure how ONI structures its save data, but in games I have worked on, its not atypical for updates to sometimes change what data is stored in a save, to increase or decrease save speed. I imagine this would have been done with this update, since one of the main goals of the update was to reduce save data bloat, and increase save speed. This being said, even if you did change the version number on the save data file, the actual save itself could be totally different then a current live version save. It really sucks, but it has to be done for optimization. Perhaps someone here might know better and be able to help you, otherwise you might just have to deal with being on the beta branch until its ready for live (or start a new colony). It sucks, but they did warn that save would be incompatible if you choose to try the beta branch.
  2. I found a lot of success by trying to take mostly dupes with the binge eater trait, and once I had a huge farm going, would take one or two dupes and make their life miserable (Lock them in a room full of water with a no sleep or break work schedule, spend all their skill points on high cost jobs, etc.) I was able to get 25% of the requirement eaten in only 6 days.
  3. I can't answer any of this. But I am totally surprised you don't have answers yet, this is normally the kind of question @mathmanican would jump on.
  4. Gametime

    I hate to be a community gatekeeper, but can you guys really call yourself ONI fans? I don't think you can TRULY be called a fan until your game time hits AT LEAST 50 years.
  5. If you are still having trouble, let me know. I will be home later and can make a really simple explanation. Mathematicians post is fantastic, but goes into more detail then might be necessary to grasp the basics.
  6. Anyone Got Timelapse Working?

    Ok for anyone interested, I just made a new base and tested it every cycle till it worked. It seems consistent that the game wont actually let you start viewing time lapses until at least 3 cycles have fully finished (Meaning the start of cycle 4.)
  7. Anyone Got Timelapse Working?

    Not 2 minutes after I made this post, I seem to have it working. I was just being impatient, (I wanted to make sure it was working before enabling mods, to ensure that no mods where to break it.) For me on a new colony, it did not start working until 5 cycles had passed. Then it magically starting working.
  8. I saw in the update that the Timelapse feature should be working now, but I cannot for the life of me get it to work. I have tried opening old bases, making new bases, Uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Nothing seems to work, it always says Timelapse not available, Has anyone figured out the secret technique to get it working? I did not want to post a bug report, as I assume I am just doing something wrong.
  9. [Game Update] - 358267

    Time lapses still do not seem to work for me. It says time lapse unavailable. I tried starting a new colony and running it for 10 cycles, and it still says time lapse unavailable. I was just being super impatient. At least 3 fully cycles have to pass before it lets you view. Feature looks great, good job Klei
  10. There was a thread started here quite a while back that measured performance compared to system specs. You could be getting bottle necked by your RAM frequency.
  11. Its just a more detailed seed info for sharing seeds. For example: OCAN-A-718594415-0 can be broken down to mean a few things OCAN-A- = Oceania (or whatever that ocean asteroid is called) all seeds on that asteroid will start with OCAN-A- 718594415 = The seed you want to apply to that world. If you enter a seed in custom game config, it simply replaces this middle number -0 = Doesn't do anything as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but it looks like by default all the worlds by default end in -0. It is probably just a style thing. Edit: the -0 at the end definitely changes the seed to be a totally different world. I was simply referring to the naming convention always making it -0. Someone else may be able to tell you more.
  12. Farm drekko for Reed fiber, get iron from volcano, make Exosuit..... BOOM 75kg oxygen
  13. I'm not an expert on the inner workings of ONI. But it looks like it could potentially be an issue with the modloader dll? do you have any mods installed? also, have you tried verifying your files with steam. It is giving a lot of errors that look like CPP files are missing. (again, not an expert, just a guess) also, numberOfCycles:8435 Holy cow, maybe that has something to do with it? I would hope not though.
  14. [Game Update] - 348980

    I think there is a way, but its pretty complicated, youll have to look up how to roll back a version using steam. If your just wanting to play the game for now, you can opt out of the beta and it will roll you back to QOL 3 for now.