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  1. [Game Update] - 358267

    Time lapses still do not seem to work for me. It says time lapse unavailable. I tried starting a new colony and running it for 10 cycles, and it still says time lapse unavailable. I was just being super impatient. At least 3 fully cycles have to pass before it lets you view. Feature looks great, good job Klei
  2. [Game Update] - 348980

    I think there is a way, but its pretty complicated, youll have to look up how to roll back a version using steam. If your just wanting to play the game for now, you can opt out of the beta and it will roll you back to QOL 3 for now.
  3. [Game Update] - 348980

    I can't express enough how much I appreciate you guys as a game dev team. I understand that you guys are going through a lot right now, with release this close. You have had to deal with a lot of pretty harsh criticism the past few days, but I hope you understand that it comes from a place of love. Everyone in this forum clearly loves the work you have done, and we all just want your game and company to succeed. I'm looking forward to the success of ONI, and whatever future projects your team takes on!
  4. With the new difficulty names, I will finally be able to RP with MYSELF as a dup. The description is spot on.
  5. Light from nowhere?

    I have had this same thing happen. I cannot figure out how to reproduce it. When you save and reload the game, it fixed it for me.
  6. For the sake of oxygen, rust can be converted into TONS of oxygen.
  7. Hmm. There is an option in the settings for: "Timelapse Resolution" Do you guys think there is going to be a timelapse feature soon? For those saying their waterweed is drowning, I could be wrong, but it seems to only drown when the water pressure gets to high.
  8. To keep this thread from getting derailed or flooded, I made a new topic for screenshots.
  9. This sounds great! Thanks guys for all your hard work. I'm excited to get home and try it out!
  10. Nothing major, but a dupe sick with the spores loses the green face and facial sores when climbing ladders.
  11. Wheezewort does not function in wall-pot

    It appears the latest update has resolved this problem.
  12. When placing a wheezewort in a wall-pot, the animation does not occur, but according to its details it is consume vacuum instead of its surrounding gas. I tried placing it within several gasses and pressures and all result I could find results in consuming vacuum with no cooling.
  13. When Acropolis Cycle 20.sav is loaded, if a liceloaf is queued to be created, the game will crash to desktop when production begins. I tried disabling the building and the game will continue like normal, it only seems to happen on day 20. Any day afterward it works just fine. I have also tried queuing the recipe at different times through the day but it always results in a crash regardless of what other activity is happening. I will also included a save file Acropolis Cycle 21.sav of the same game just one day later when everything appears to be working normal in case it helps.