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  1. Meh Bark @Mehbark.
  2. Please add a permanent link to Cartoon Videos in game pedia.
  3. Frozen Floating Objects

    Happened to me several times.
  4. Fog Of War Around Ruins

    Same too me.
  5. This happened to me several times as well.
  6. Yes, outside the wall on the left side of the screenshot, the three dark rooms. There is no way to get access even by destroying the wall. Thanks again I'm not idiot @Davins
  7. @Risu search in the left side please. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. How would I have known about the 8 cells. The question of inaccessible rooms remains.
  9. Dups not find the obvious path and remain in idle state. The secret rooms are inaccessible. Just load the attached save file... The III Sewer OI-235671.sav