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Are Zebs going to be released in the future?

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7 hours ago, minespatch said:

I'm scared that Zebs are going to be like Volgus and not get a official release.

Same with the crabapple tree... Hopefully we'll get the Zebs in.

In I think the update they removed Warbucks, I had asked the Devs about these and they said they were test and aren't going to be showing up in Hamlet.

It was the update they removed the Crabapple tree from the caves, that I asked about that one. I'm not 100% certain where the Zeb was asked, but I'm afraid they (Along with the SnapDragon) aren't going to make it...

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Idk why but I think Klei really hate rat theme pets in own games. Really old concept arts from DS showing rats, next concept arts from Shipwrecked and now critter Volgus. Klei must really hate rats :wilson_ecstatic:

I hope Klei will made giraffe or lama as alternative for bishop too :D Or maybe Girama? :wilson_ecstatic: And will add all unimplemented features what they made earlier.

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