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Metheus puzzle not working on specific account

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19 hours ago, ricardopinto said:

Hi @LucoaOreo 

Could you tell me what browser you're using, and if you used the same browser/device for your sister's account?

Thank you!

I used Google Chrome and yes my sister did use the same browser/device for her account. I have actually tried Firefox on my PC but the same problem still occurs. I also tried to log on her laptop with Firefox with her using Google Chrome but it's still the same.

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On 1/1/2019 at 5:20 PM, LucoaOreo said:

Me and my sister were trying to do the puzzle but my steam account cant load the site, it just says 

{"Refresh":true,"OK":false} but my sister's is completely normal. Can you guys help?

What happens when you try to access the Cyclum puzzle? http://cyclum.dontstarvetogether.com/ . Using the same browser to sign into Steam, that is.

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