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  1. The pistols screen was made almost specifically for gamepad players, since they can't see the charges tooltip in combat. Now that the fighter info popup exists (right clicking on any fighter), there's less reason for the pistols screen to still exist, though. It still provides the benefit of allowing players to see that Rook has a unique mechanic and reading up on it before they get into a fight and are expected to use it. But it doesn't provide any functionality at the moment, and it does create the expectation that the pistols might be upgradeable.
  2. If you run the MainMenu:ExportPortraits() function, it goes through all the named agents in the game, instantiates their anim, positions them correctly, crops them and exports a PNG of their portrait to contentsrc\images\portraits (in the game's installation folder). That's how we generate updated portrait textures for each character. You can tweak that to be able to export other widgets.
  3. Oh, good catch! The filter was defaulting to sorting by shortest match-time. So it was showing the top teams sorted by time instead of score. Thank you!