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  2. You can use pneumatic doors, as a workaround, to push the bottles up and make them fall onto the pplate again. That triggers the weight sensor.
  3. I haven't built a Jukebot, Arcade Cabinet, or Espresso Machine yet. It's pretty easy to get Morale into the mid 20s with just Rooms and Decor. Barracks, Plumbed Bathroom, Great Hall is pretty much all you need for quite a long time. Put up Paintings and Statues made from Granite, some Crown Molding, and a few Plants in the Barracks, Rec Room, and Great Hall, and call it good. From that point you should be moving (or have already moved) to an Electrolyzer setup of some description, and be branching out your Power options to start running the ridiculous (though, balance-wise, understandable) power cost of the Jukebot.
  4. M8, why so toxic? It’s totally not appropriate here.
  5. Looking for modding partner

    Is neutronium the stuff under geyers? I thought the whole point of neutronium was to be unmineable?
  6. Lighting Flashes

    Overlays disable mod by @CarlZalph can help your friend for now if he has a pc copy... Other users and me are bringing these concerns to the devs already with Wagstaff's blur effect and insanity sounds and we hope this will be included too For now pls check that mod in the workshop.
  7. Wagstaff Lore

    I love how we know that Wagstaff is a big player in this game's story, yet it's still not clear how exactly. Obviously his radio's are a big deal and Wagstaff himself knew enough about The Constant to seek it out and get there himself, but everything else about him is a mystery for now. The projection thing also makes the plot thicken even more, suggesting he doesn't exist in The Constant the same way as everyone else. I hope that if he gets added to DST we will learn more about him.
  8. Fuelweaver fight

    hi my take on the matter is that they dont care about ps4 and probably are not going to do anything about this problem, i asked here if they are going to add mouse and keyboard feature to ps4 and no answer .
  9. DABBING IS LIFE!! Until now I've been using the shape tool for all my art, but I took a "Leaf" outta Jesse's book and tried sketching on different layers improving each time.. I'm relatively happy with the result
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    God I love this thread
  11. So after having an unpleasant dream about the implications of having to deal with a vegetable for the rest of my life I thought of a somewhat unrelated idea involving the ability for either Maxwell or Wendy to be able to remove themselves from their own body to temporarily have an "out of body experience". To clarify what I mean by this I mean for the player to be able to leave their mortal body behind and take control of a separate entity to perform tasks while their original body continues to exist. For example the player performs this ability and leaves their body behind. The clone will perform a dangerous task and inevitably dies. The only thing that happens to the original body is maybe sanity and/or some health damage. In another scenario if the body dies while the clone is away then you perish like normal. Ideally there would be some more advantages to remote controlling a clone besides pretty much being a portable meat effigy kind of thing like Abigail's original AOE ability, or improved collecting, or a shared inventory between the remote controlled entity and the body. Regardless of what advantages there are to remote controlling a clone there is potential for interesting mechanics. If you've got some thoughts about this idea please do post about it.
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  13. Excellent observation! Yes, the trophy should fall only if Warbucks has fought against the creature: perhaps you could put a new indicator, with the word "hunting": the indicator fills up every time that Warbucks takes life points from the enemy, and until you reach a certain threshold (1000? 2000? not too high anyway) the possibility of crafting the trophy is not unlocked. So he must have taken an active part in the battle, although perhaps with a marginal role. However, in the example I did Warbucks makes it easier to get gems, but it is designed to help accumulate "rare" materials: not only that, it still has to "barter" the Dragonfly's skin to get them; in my view of things it was giving something rare for get something else just as rare "A fine example of what civilization can do." Warbucks quotes
  14. Growth Halted

    Reloaded the game around Cycle 420. It happened again around Cycle 450.
  15. John you are my spirit animal.

  16. Perpetual Connecting Screen

    Also having this issue, downloaded today 24th april. Partner and i have 2 xboxs and cant connect to each others worlds, screen just stays on connecting. Have also tried joining random servers with no luck
  17. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    As mentioned in my Apophenia thread, I'll post the comics with text now. Just a lil' worried about the political aspects but my father said he's trying to be on the fence with his politics when it comes to the comic. My ex-boss was talking on his phone while I was waiting for his orders. He nitpicked the foreshortening on the leg and acted like I didn't know what foreshortening was. I just did this to relax but oh well. Seigfried's wives, the Rhine Maidens. Woglinde, Flosshilde, and Wellgunde. He married them as a promise in his teenagehood after he slayed Fafnir. Despite the promise, he married Brunhilde, and after Brunhilde killed him, they brought Seigfried to Odin so his corpse could be revived. In the League, they act as his bodyguards and secretaries.
  18. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I won't have enough time to work on artistcrab's reply tonight so here's what I worked on today.
  19. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    If I were to make a simple change to each character it would be: Walani loses no sanity from wetness (and surfboard is faster? Pls?) Wilbur can build Prime Ape huts Warly gains even more health from healing foods. Woodlegs is fine. People who have played him in Hamlet say he is OP, even. Buuuut... Klei has said already there is no team working on SW right now. I mean, that's obvious. But the subtext I take from them saying that is that having the current DS team go back to reprogram some SW stuff would be trickier than it seems.
  20. Aqua tuner cooling?

    Nice to see the build I posted last summer making a return do note this was before space materials were added so there are better versions available to try one example is sweeper arms no longer get flooded so it can be submerged with the rest to keep it from over heating
  21. Possible to make a "blurry" widget?

    Funny enough, one of the new characters that was just released in the latest Don't Starve Hamlet beta, Wagstaff, has blurred vision outside of the area immediately around him whenever he's not wearing his goggles. If you have the single player version of the game, I'd highly recommend activating the beta and investigating his files as a starting point. This post explains how to access the current beta. Hope this helps!
  22. Typo, and they prob kept it because changing URLs messes up people's bookmarks. While I don't have any actual experience with that many servers under load, I do have a little xp on a tad smaller scale setups. My personal rule of thumb is to have at least 1 core and 1Gb of RAM per dedicated instance, while also having the recources for the OS and background processes. That said, if you start running multiple servers in parallel on the same machine the core/instance becomes less and less important. (Given, that you still have a decent amount of processing power.) Higher CPU Single Core speed -> Better Performance. GPU is not needed, since dedicated Instances run without graphics, and graphics on these kind of Systems just waste recources. For example if you want to run a single Overworld+Cave setup on Linux it'd be like this: 2Gb RAM + 2 Cores for the server 800Mb RAM + 1 Core for the OS+Background (That's about what a normal Linux needs.) -> 2,8Gb RAM rounded up to 4Gb and 3 Cores, instead take a quad core. For your example you'd be running 10 Instances, and while technicially >10 cores would guarantee the best performance, in reality that'd not really noticable compared to a 8-Core CPU cause it's usually pretty rare to have all instances under heavy load. (Lots of players playing at once while running around, etc.) On the other hand less cores means a higher chance of the servers slowing eachother down during peak times. I's personally go for a 8 Core CPU (as indicated before) due to the gap of pricing to the first >8 Core CPU and the gain. Prob something like a Ryzen. Also I'd go for straight up 16Gb of RAM. This gives you plenty of headroom Any less would result in uneven numbers like 12. (Uneven numbers or RAM kits-> 2x4Gb+2x2Gb)
  23. Atmo suits

    Well that’s one odd bug
  24. Wagstaff Lore

    I really love the fact that the devs put in that little bit of "oomph" to his voice. To me, he is a hologram IMO. The reason for this is confirmed for me in the voice audio, not the fact that it is distorted, but rather if one were to listen to the audio by itself you can (very faintly as he is at his lowest health) static interference. The little "cracks" in the audio that sound like a gramophone playing on top of the visual distortion brings me to my final theory that he is in fact, an illusion. Instead I believe that he managed to trick the forces in the constant in thinking his clone was himself, whereas he is actually controlling it from afar. As for the argument detailing the inconsistencies with said hologram not being able to do many things "realistically", neither should you be able to teleport, heal serious wounds in seconds, turn into a werebeaver, etc. Tbh, I wouldn't put it past him to make a hologram that lets him smell from outside the constant considering his technical skills based on that universes' level of intelligence per person.
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