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  2. The reason you want to do this is because red/blue birds give twice as much naughtiness as crows, which will make your farm twice as efficient. If you have the reeds/sanity/fuel to spare, you could farm crows for their black feathers.
  3. New musics ?

    I love both the sound effects and music in this game.
  4. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    I don’t know if this was mentioned but You can easily stock pile oinc by crafting razor and trimming hedges, give it to shopkeeper pigs, she doesn’t have limited oinc per day, so you can trim 40 and take 40 oinc in a day.
  5. I would say Wendy, Abby is everything to her, i can easily see her betraying the others for Abby, besides theres a couple of quotes and descriptions that make her look somewhat murderous and evil
  6. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    that would actually give a reason to include fog in my world you say 20 days early game? ok...
  7. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    Either make them renewable or give us another source to get gummy sligs and bean bugs, hard to get them with RNG.
  8. WX would certainly get its hands bloody. Then go with a "WHAT?!" when questioned about "How did you knew X *had an incurable disease, was a traitor and thus threatening the lives of everyone, had become corrupted beyond salvation or the like *?!"
  9. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    The magnifying glass quotes* sorry
  10. He added this in for the RoT mobs, and all the other PP versions are getting frame reworks so he can better develop them, once those are finished, the other PP versions are going to be updated, including boat stuff and SW mobs being able to swim. ICYDK
  11. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    A Triumphant Wayne enjoying his afternoon drink =u=
  12. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    That's why you have magnifying glass and Wagstaff's googles.
  13. The best method to farm Krampus via Wicker's books: 1. Set up a large Tooth trap field on a truf patch that also spawns red birds/ snow birds. 2. Prepare armor, a Boomerang, and a melee weapon 3. prepare Birds of the World and Sleepytime Stories 4. prepare some heals and sanity regen 5. REad Birds of the world 6. Read STS 7. Start whacking the birds 8. When the birds start to wake up and the krampii haven't spawned yet, stop moving, then read BIrds of the World and STS ASAP so they don't fly off 9. When the Krampii arrive, aggro them with the boomerang if the drops in the tooth trap field do not entice them 10. repeat as desired
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  15. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    I don`t know which one you mean with hound attack boon with beefalo hat, honestly. But here are the rest. Za
  16. Well, that was the original concept for the first game, that being "Don't Starve". You would get in, make a new world, figure out how stuff works, die and repeat until you become a God of sorts. In DST, it's about learning with your friends, or having a teacher friend of sorts to help explain how the Constant works. If all else fails, the forums are here to help. I'd suggest Wiki, but there's chances where the information is incorrect. Also, I noticed this is your first post, so let me welcome you to the forums!
  17. New musics ?

    While I respect your opinion, I HAVE NEVER DISAGREED WITH SOMEONE MORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. ONI OST is super atmospheric and the sound design is consistent and pleasing.
  18. Let's not forget Maxwell already killed a lot of people when he was shaddow king
  19. Some of the skills in the skilltree give you nothing but extra attributes. Most of the time it`s a waste of a skillpoint and morale expectation to pick those. But what if those skills were repeatable allowing you to put unlimited skillpoints into them for extra stats. It would help to assign extra skillpoints once your dupe gets too many of those as well. For example the miner job. 1st tier gives you very frim mining, 2nd abyssalite mining. Move the 2nd to the 3rd tier and make the second tier stat only but repeatable. You could just assign skillpoints into that for +2 mining for 2 expectation (1 with interest so it`s not free) and make a superminer after a while. Stuff like astro navigation might also be repeatable but the cost would be 5 expectation each time so to get around a 50% travel time reduction you`d need around 39 morale on the dupe (yes you can lock the dupe in the rocket but for him to get the skillpoints he needs to leave it, also i think they might change how it works at release so trapping the dupe in the rocket is no longer possible).
  20. Caves

    Hola chicos, ¿pueden ayudarme con un problema que tengo en el juego? Lo que pasa es que cuando mis amigos intentan entrar en las cuevas, los saca del servidor. ¿Alguien sabe como puedo solucionar este error? Gracias
  21. ...brug, read the full sentence: I'm not using the animation file to make Victor holding a clipboard, at best I'll just make an edit and trace it over, at worst I'll cry into my pillow. But here's what I got so ain't much, but it's something.
  22. For my future world I plan ahead to decorate the moon stone with moon turf I was wondering: Will the iridescent gem be useful in the future? The moon stone and the moon island should have some connection. Maxwell states there were several moon stones long time ago so it wouldn't be weird to give the gem some function. I suggest to make a amulet that affect the "awaking" stat. Maybe Klei give it an use for activating a second event? Now about Glommer's wings. Since the old bell was removed it's a bit sad to see the product of mischievous players and monsters lying in a chest around. If you summon Bigfoot in ROG you can hear a splashing sound which means he could come from the sea. Because people asking for boss monsters on the sea wouldn't it be interesting to fight Bigfoot? Because Glommer seems to fit with the moon theme (I believe Glommer comes from the moon) and Bigfoot is a "sea monster" it would be a cool opportunity to bring back Klei removed in a new way? Call Bigfoot with the "Old Bell" (not the old function of course) to fight it. Boss drops? People were asking for faster seafaring maybe a blueprint for a quicker boat? What do you think about it?

    If you aleady did some space exploration and brought some fullerene back you can make super coolant which allows you to make liquid oxygen pretty easily. Super coolant doesn`t freeze an you can just loop it through an aquatuner until it reaches oxygen condensation temperature.
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