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  2. Doodles 'n Stuff

    that's exactly what was happening :^D ahah thanks. i was trying to capture that "i'm done" kind of feel
  3. @Mattyington thank you very much! hey, that drawing is good! i appreciate it. if you practice enough, you will not be as good as me, you will be better than me! psst, i do use mouse for drawing. i use medibang paint pro, and it's free! to make the lines smoother you can just set the correction. (i usually set it to 3-8.) my main art tools are also pencil, eraser and pen. other tools are just add ons and i use them at least only once in a decade. and yeah, i improve really slow, it took me 5 years. my total of being into art is 7 years but i focused on it when i was 11. if you wanna go back to art, do it, it may be hard but you'll get used. i do rub my face on paper in frustration sometimes.
  4. Greg and Mia spending some quality time together for the first Greg's padded room he claimed as his own room. Mia thinks he's weird, but endearing enough to hang around with. Bonus Mia. Quad amputee, and strange fleshy things that LOOK like cat ears and a tail, but can't hear from the extra ears. Tail can be moved.
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    @DragonMage156's Victor.
  6. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    I saw these on Tumblr. Forge Wayne (or any skin) never disappoints ^_^ I quite like Lucy's design. Not enough people draw her as a human ;u; It was interesting reading about Wayne's brother and backstory.
  7. This is what follows the 1 electro + 2 pump + 1 filter rule: Almost no power generation Lots of heat Lots of oxygen Lots of hydrogen (on top) I think rebuilding the top gas pumps would help Still doesn't work Save File: Happy Spaceprison.sav
  8. reload? or work around through and past, as I said you will probably have to "try":
  9. Another Damn Art Blog...

    Me: Aw, Wilson! ^_^ Me upon seeing the skirt: Omg XD
  10. A strange strange world

    I wanna join but I don't wanna use my persona, Ria, like I always do (also I can't think of many personal belongings for her ) I could use Dino but... he's a dinosaur (with a robotic hand) and I'm not even sure if an anthro dinosaur is too absurd or not.
  11. The Lamb (DS and RoG)

    The mod doesn't work. fix it pls I really want to play with the kindred U-U
  12. What if we accidently blew up one of your many contraptions trying to understand the witchcraft?
  13. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    IRony, he used to be a king and now they mock him. Krampwell, the skin where the entire cast forced to him to wear it.
  14. Three more pieces to join the collection here :> I have plenty more I've done over this week, but i'll wait to upload the lot of them.
  15. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    D' you think you could draw Maxwell's Hallowed skin? It's probably my favorite of all of his.
  16. Honestly - I want to kill me a mole/vole/digger-rat/subterranean vermin - I want to eat me it's flesh, then I wants to wear it's hide... Then I want to pet a shock worm. Then I want to wear it's hide. Then I want to catch me some Pacu fish. Then fashion me some Pacu slippers. Seriously, we need mo' cweatures!
  17. Geni's Random Art thread

    I like the coloring on the mermaid. The watercoloring is nicely consistant. If you use markers, what kind? And does the ink bleed through the paper at all?
  18. You've vexed me on this one @Saturnus - I'm ambivalent towards it On one hand I absolutely love the engineering, refinement and all around brilliance of the build - genuinely. On the other, it's based off of the dirtiest of exploits.... ... But it is very nifty.... ... But it's wrong! .... But it's snazzy, and efficient... and... and... ..... Ahh hell I have to build one myself now Great work as ever buddy. x
  19. This is a very long thread highlighting the same old bug (or a variation of perhaps) that's existed for some 7-8 months now, the only difference is that the last update made temperature changes, i.e. "the colourful columns" very obviously observed, and we now have access to materials with higher thermal conductivity. It's the surface water bug - same old drip cooling glitch we've been using since pre-AU... Drip water temp A over a partially submerged tile of liquid B and watch as maths ceases to exist It's what we once referred to as witchcraft, or claimed was created by the magical water spirals of frothiness... Alas, it's a bug - it'll one day be patched, so it's ultimately not worth wasting your time with. I'd be more concerned with why you'd need so much water - are two geysers not enough for you? Heres a video from May 2017 showing the same thing happening - albeit in a slightly different fashion - i.e. gas perms are applying some cooling to the water before the "stepped sides" leading to the geyser allow for surface cooling. Pay attention to the mass of the uppermost tiles of your hot body of liquid - it's important.
  20. World Seed 7 turned out to be a really good fit for my early game playstyle. The caverns were perfectly positioned to be repurposed as farms (low, so I can to fill them with CO2 to prevent rotting), latrines (immediately accessible), and barracks (just above the latrines). Water was highly accessible without being in the way of construction, and the seed is swimming in mealwood seeds (I think I was into double digits by the time I started the farm). Speaking from experience: if we'd started on World Seed 8, it would have been a very different story. The low caverns on that seed are too hot for farms, mealwood is comparitively scarse, lakes are in in extremely inconvenient positions, and there's a freaking steam geyser penetrating the start biome. If you can get past the early game, though, that seed is a lot of fun. It's not a succession colony without at least some doom! I'll add you to the list.
  21. Today
  22. How does one recieve the sacred spider chest?


    1. Auth


      Happened when you bought one forge character skin. Buying the complete pack of them gave you one that looked like a boarrior.

    2. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      I see. Thanks!

  23. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Ah, thank you for satisfying my curiosity
  24. Only if you purposely undermine the work of those who come before you. By the time you get a turn the core colony shouldn't have any worries what so ever
  25. there are things in the game that requires attention such as a bag of oxygen, you cant sweep it metal refinery overheating pipe should be fix asap maybe they can add filter to some overlays and perhaps they can add something similar to the don't starves' "portal to maxwell"
  26. Agreed. Hatch BBQs are a nice treat but my dupes demand a weekly meat lovers special. So far I've been able to hold them off from mutiny by telling them there's no way to know exactly when a week has passed but even their pea sized brains will eventually figure out I'm just stalling them because their supreme overlord is out of favour with the dev gods.
  27. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    There's not enough bacon in the world to make justice for all those deaths U.U Either that or she's making something special for her husband >u> He's a ****** >0> just wait till I get to tell this one thing. Thank you! ;w; I'm quite surprised by the reactions I've gotten for this quick design >0> Pfff XD Yes!
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