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  2. Something related to container, maybe you have two mods conflicting with each other ?
  3. Walls script wanted There is a mod similar to what you want
  4. just add inst:AddTag("bookbuilder") inst:AddTag("reader") in common_postinit(inst) at steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts\prefabs\wilson.lua
  5. I had many dazillion different savegames, from all those updates and i was wondering, why intro lags (every three sec. a break). After deleting the old savegames from the savefolder/autosave, intro is no more lagging.
  6. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Nah, just people on servers who get mad for losing and tries to put the blame on others by calling them names. It's almost unavoidable, but still kinda kills the experience : P I don't know, "realistic" is not really my domain, and it's weird to see him in this style ^^; Heh, I can imagine Maxwell singing it XD
  7. Skins from DST in DS

    I think it is impossible, you would need to have access to the steam servers directly
  8. "The best" healer

    but she's as good at hammering as any other players and also one of the best healers, so that's the wrong way of describing her (if i understand this correctly: can do everything, but not good enough) that makes her "maximum efficiency"
  9. There is a mod in DST That does that, you can have a look at the code if you want
  10. "The best" healer

    WINONA MAKES ME REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I like winona if she does heal then DPS then heal then DPS, get me because I'm more of a Jill of a trades
  11. If you have a "small textures" option enabled, russian (and not only russian) fonts'll become ???. Here's a demonstranion video:
  12. "The best" healer

    With the beta being gone and the release of the elemental book, it looks like Wickerbottom is finally seeing equal if not more use than Winona as a healer. Yet, I still see people arguing that Winona is a better healer than Wickerbottom, and that Wickerbottom is a better healer than Winona. Gonna ask the forum's opinion on this one, and for that, here's some numbers: Note: base cooldown time, heal amount, and heal duration is taken from this thread (Thanks RancorSnp!) Base heal: 60 hp Base cooldown: 24 seconds Casting time: ~2 seconds Heal duration: 10 seconds Wickerbottom boost efficiency: 33% Winona cooldown reduction: 10% Wickerbottom (boosted) with woven garland: Heal: 96 hp Cooldown (w/silk): 21.6 seconds Time spent without CC per cast (excluding stuns): ~13.6 seconds Wickerbottom (boosted) with crystal tiara: Heal: 80 hp Cooldown (w/silk): 19.2 seconds Time spent without CC per cast (excluding stuns): ~11.2 seconds Winona with woven garland: Heal: 72 hp Cooldown (w/silk): 19.2 seconds Time spent without CC per cast (excluding stuns): ~11.2 seconds Winona with crystal tiara: Heal: 60 hp Cooldown (w/silk): 16.8 seconds Time spent without CC per cast (excluding stuns): ~8.8 seconds Of course, aside from the raw stats, each has their own benefits and disadvantages. Wickerbottom starts with a tome of petrification, which is amazing for controlling earlier waves, especially in combination with the heal staff. Wicker can also use the elemental tome for extra damage, though she isn't guaranteed to get a boosted heal every time she casts since the living staff doesn't do too much damage. Winona on the other hand, starts with an anvil hammer, which can see use on snortoises/boarilla when shields need to be broken. Her ability in comparison with Wickerbottom is always active and not defined by how much the player is holding F. So, which healer would you prefer on your team? Do you think it makes the other healer obsolete? Which situations/team comps does one excel over the other?
  13. All Achievements Reward

    got one for thee
  14. I got it from drops but I don't play Wendy, I have triumphant Wilson and WX-78 but those are not available for trade unless I get a very good offer
  15. Easiest strategy for the Boarrior

    Or with the Woodie dodge trick, your team doesn't need to make the Boarrior sleep at all.
  16. Easiest strategy for the Boarrior

    with the right timing, you can stun boarior with lucy throw: timing is about throw/a half a second + cooldown, you need to hit him as he raises his arms, so it's all prediction, but practice says, you can do it consistently, you can practically save your party if boarior moves out of heal and destroys most of party (except you and anyone else)
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  18. Help Me Find Copy

    Umm, but Don't Starve MEGA Pack doesn't own 2 copies of DST, right? There is only 1 I think - Just checked in the steam shop.
  19. well irl its the same thing you spend money to look nice in real life why can't I do that in the game. however maybe i should compare it too if you had a friend and everytime he gave you something it was crap. I don't think you would be happy mutiple times and also the video game is real life, In a sense that I spend my time and effort to get things I want except I'm not getting what I want and after so much time investment its getting me angry or feels pointless. I could spend the money and get that money but I need the money but want the skins. so you spend my time grinding for skins and I'm not being rewarded just keep getting filler content.
  20. Yeah... that's not cold seeping through the Abyssalite. That's the Abyssalite being drawn in not quite the right spot, and a slice of the Cold Biome ending up on the "wrong" side.
  21. Why are you talking about real life stuff when I talked about vanity skins in a video game.
  22. CO2 for Slicksters

    Is that a problem in your game? There's neat solution: don't use them. It's not a problem in game I'm playing, but I have no idea why my game bothers you so much seeing as you can't partake in it.
  23. Surprisingly good song! Crunchy beat!
  24. Sounds like a hiphop track waiting to get lyrics. The repition helps the flow to make it memorizable. Could see it being used in a Cyriak animation.
  25. Well I'm sorry I care about skins using @Sinister_Fang arugment isn't a good argument they are nice looking limited things which just increase there want. We don't new skins often or skins we actually want. Having elegants that are less then one percent. Is really stupid. I could use your same arguement. An artist shouldn't care about his image because he's still making tons of money. A poor person shouldn't be mad or upset that the only house he can afford, doesn't look nice. people care about how they look if they didn't then no one would pay for skins or spend so much money on lootboxes. people like having nice things. it doesn't matter how high level you are if you still didn't get the things you want. and if you stop playing the game just for the skins why should that person have too. So he doesn't get want he wants and knows. that accoplishes nothing I've gotten everything i wanted from Forge but I'm still grinding because I want those emotes. and I "could" wait but if I do The emotes could be switched for new ones the emotes could be lost forever TLDR We want these things because we care how we look and they might not come back
  26. oh, ok ummm for some reason, I can't edit this topic
  27. I asked him why and his answer was "down the street." which does not answer my question at all
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