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  2. When Did Geysers Change, etc.

    That change happened in the Outbreak Upgrade about a month ago. They also changed the way geysers spawn: the map will always contain 2 steam geysers, 2 natural gas geysers, and 1 chlorine geyser. I have heard that in particular one of the steam geysers will be in a purple biome and the other will be in a slime biome, though I haven't confirmed that myself. For containing steam geysers, the best approach is just to seal them in a room with abyssalite tile and pump out the water in abyssalite pipe. A stopgap is to just let the water flow from above your base into your water reservoir according to gravity. This is more useful than it used to be because the first geyser you find is frequently quite far away from the printing pod now, so it may be rather expensive to run pipe and possibly wire out to it.
  3. As I understand it. For the first time we would actually be able to combine wolframite with plastic to get a heat transfer value of 15. It would change the liquid to pipe transfer value. It would still be the liquids transfer value that counts. And plastic with plastic would get the full 913.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I wanted to show my feelings to the world so I made this: If we had filters for servers with/without caves and with/without world changes it would make my life a lot easier
  5. Is the sail mirroring intentional?

    Lol, I have never noticed that. Beside the logical "DS logic" answer, I could think only that if the sail were in the other direction, it would cover the character on the boat. And maybe it looks better than it would if the sail were at the front?
  6. Wolframite also has the lowest specific heat capacity of all plumbable materials meaning it takes less effort to change it's temperature. Because its thermal conductivity is higher than every liquid but molten steel, the thermal conductivity of the liquid will always be used instead of the pipe. In fact, the only plumbable material whose conductivity is lower than the two water elements is abyssallite. The only liquids whose thermal conductivity is high enough for the standard pipes to take over are the molten metals and mercury.
  7. make "print(TheWorld.components.hounded:GetDebugString())"
  8. I have to disagre with you. When using wolframite in pipes the difference in temperature is enormous. Compared to using sandstone or granite. The temperature difference needed to transfer a given amount of heat in W is much lower when using wolframite.
  9. Did you even read the thread? The game belongs to Klei, not Valve, Valve can only give them permission to implement the system, and the ones that approve the cosmetics being in would still be Klei. The unusual/crate whole thing is not obligatory, they just decide to add it, there's no need to be paranoid about it anyway, there are not many cosmetics and they haven't added many with their updates. If they wanted to milk us with skins,they would have already done so when the opportunity for it was available, and as lots of people have said before, Klei has a "respectable" reputation. They are aware of this. They wouldn't want to ruin it. Compared to Valve, Klei has proved that they care, and giving them this wouldn't change anything. Money doesn't change people, the wrong people change with money in their hands. Klei isn't gonna do that anytime soon.
  10. Hello, sorry if this has been addressed (couldn't find anything) but I was wondering when they changed the geysers in the game from the buttholes to the squirting nipples.* Which ones did you prefer? Also how does one go about containing them? I've already decided what I'm going to do I just like to see the building trends on here *(No hate, I love this game!)
  11. Depends on the set up, but you need both for heat exchange. Preferable, the material (being either solid, liquid or gas) you want to remove heat from has a high conductivity and the material you want to absorb the heat from needs a low heat capacity. Atleast that's how I think it works
  12. Dreamscape is correct, the tick rate is the frequency with which the server communicates with the clients. So with a higher tickrate you are getting a slightly lower delay at the cost of a higher needed bandwidth. This isn't noticable and might even worsen the performance with bad connections. For example a tick rate of 30 (default) means the clients talk 30 times per second to the server. (tick rate 60 means 60 times per second, effectively doubling the needed bandwidth.) If no you might wanna lower the tickrate to 15 for example. On laggy connections you don't feel any higher dela, but you half the needed bandwidth for the game to run without having to wait for the packets to squeeze through your connection. If you have a second delay (for example) you won't notice the 1/15 second difference anyways, and it might reduce the ping to a playable delay. If that doesn't help (or additionally as well) you can try to directly connect to the server instead of connecting over the server list. just open the console on a client in the main menu and enter "c_connect(<server ip>, <server port>, <password>)". This might help or affect nothing at all, but it's worth a try. (You can check if that made a difference by either just feeling or comparing the ping ingame by hitting backspace and observing the ping in the bottom right corner.) Other than that you can't do much because the connection over a long distance with a bunch of switches/network nodes just takes some time and causes lag.
  13. Shipwreck in DST?

    Yeah, hate those guys...
  14. I'm on the Oil update Alpha branch. (Mechanized) airlocks destroy large amounts of Oxygen every time they operate. This is a large problem, I'm losing a lot Oxygen this way. See screenshot of low pressure area created by airlock destroying air. After dupes going through it a few times, the refrigerator room will be in nearly vacuum.
  15. Heat capacity is specific heat capacity multiplied by mass. Plastic tiles are 100 kg. Normal tiles are 400 kg. Edit: Oh wait, forgot about the hidden mass reduction for heat transfer. Plastic tile would be 38.4 kJ/K and Granite non-insulated tile would be 63.2 kJ/K. I'm not confusing it, it's just that conductivity plays no role here.
  16. Wtf?! Sails don't work that way. Not taking "butt isht DS lghoghik" as an answer.
  17. You guys are confusing conductivity for capacity.
  18. The folder names and file paths in your sprite project have been messed up completely. You should put all the image resources in the correct position when creating the project.
  19. Where do you get that? Plastic thermal conductivity 913 Granite thermal conductivity 3.39
  20. Yep, they do heat up very fast. I still suspect the heat output it is now is a just a value to test things out and I think it will go down when the oil upgrade goes fully live. Still, even if reduced considerably, you'll still need cooling as it looks like they are intended to eventually overheat if not taken care off.
  21. Plastic tiles have a heat capacity of 192 kJ/K. Granite non-insulated tiles have 316 kJ/K. As plastic has a higher thermal conductivity than every other element, it will never be the lower value in heat transfer.
  22. Even when I have no liquid o2, the regulator cooling seems to do fine. Your idea might work fine as well. I'm sure there are a ton of cool options with the introduction of oil. All I was saying is that OP just ploped them down with no cooling at all, not even a wheeze. They aren't meant for that. You at least need some cooling setup.
  23. I agree up to a point, but having to drop for instance liquid oxygen is more of a very advanced technique which I think overshoots the point here. I was thinking of a radiator using sandstone liquid pipes filled with crude oil (which actually has a good thermal conductivity)., and in a room filled with hydrogen and wheezeworts. The point would be not to replenish the hydrogen, but to keep it cooled.
  24. Ill just circle the next three months with "soon"! haha
  25. Quick question: Doesn't a higher tickrate mean the server communicates with clients more frequently? I think the higher tick rate is only noticeable if you have a good internet; if your friends are having issues a lower tick rate might be better. Can you post some of your pc specs as well? They are fairly relevant in this situation. (CPU speed, cores/threads and RAM would be great. GPU as well but not as important.) Finally are you running caves? What world size and settings are you using? I would also suggest having your friends host just to see if the game performs better between all of you. If one of them can host a world with no issues and you are all ok with them hosting you could do that. Users on this forum can hopefully help you with more information.
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