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  1. Thank you so much dude, not only to you but to all the good people that leave a comment here, right now thanks to this topic i reinstalled the dst and i beat my personal record, it felt so good!!! i killed bee queen on day 5 using Winona's heart! thanks you so much! i even made a video out of it, for the record Winona is an excellent bee queen rusheer only superpassed by wendy and maybe wolfy idk.
  2. i wasnt talking about wendy my friend. can you please make a video of wanda, wx and wolfy rushing bee queen? i mean right now i cant find any video of post rework wolfy rushing bee queen, and i have never see a beequeen rush with wanda or wx so... yep right now the reworks are hitting the game and i dont have any proof to a lot of what people are saying and to be fair im gonna show a video of my Nona strat in day 6 so please make a video to show me how wolfy wx and wanda can rush bee queen better. thanks cx
  3. well if you want me to be more explicit just the boat and oven strats. those are some old videos, i was expecting something new, i mean wendy is pretty good when it comes to rush bee queen but i wanted something fresh from the comunity. can you make a video showing that?
  4. Hello forum . The reason im asking this is geniune curiosity, i want to now the popular opinion of who's the best character to rush bee queen. We all know bee queen is one of the most "harder" bosses to dealt with cause you pretty much have to tank a lot in almost every strat so im trying to figure out who's the best survivor to do this. But right now i want to have some fun too, so im gonna turn this into a challenge to you all! Allow me to explain the rules to participe in this if you wanna to: First let's define what's a rush, a rush its when you do something in a videogame as fast as you can but in this case im only gonna consider a rush if this happens before day 10, so this means for me its only a rush if you kill bee queen in the first 10 days. You can't use mods of any kind. You can't use exploits, to be honest i actually consider exploits a valid strat but the true is exploits can be patched anytime so just for this time im not gonna allow exploit strats(yeah im talking about the wendy boat strat). You have to explain your strat in great detail. Well now im gonna start with my own strat Im claimed it righ here Winona is the best bee queen rusher and if you dont agree then prove me wrong! My strat: First i have to say that my best record is day 6 in a pub but cause this is not much consistent im gonna choose the day 7 as my perfect day to rush bee queen. Also im pretty sure a better winona player can do this in day 5 but righ now since im taking a break from the game i can't achieve this myself. :P What do you need? 4 1/2 (four and a half) stacks of rocks. 14 trusty tapes. 36 twigs. 4 logs. 42 nitre(maybe less). 2-4 football helmets. some healing items(5-10 butterfly wings, 2-7 spider glands) and maybe some cobblestone. How to do it? Your are gonna put a set of two generators each with 6 catapults in the road near the bee queen(in case theres no road near bee queen you are gonna use the cobble stone you find inside mosaic biome) and then you only have to do 3 things. First you need to keep the aggro of bee queen you can do this by kitting some of her hits using the extra speed of the road or hitting some grumble bees. Second you have to refuel the generators with nitre every time you see they are low of fuel. And the last thing you have to do its avoid damage as much as you can, this is not a tank strat you need to be carefull and not let the queen hit you a lot. Now the reason why i think this strat is the best to rush bee queen its cause is really safe and clean, you dont need to tank a lot and its a reusable strat, you can even change the generators to gemerators later in your gameplay and you can pull this pretty early in the game. And as i said before i want to discuss this and even try some of the strats that you all can put here, thats all, thanks for reading.
  5. First of all no, being in promotional art doesnt make you a protagonist, second i dont think Winona is important cause i main her, a lot of people are here just thinking that cause i love her i writing this with a bias and no, to being honest right now im wishing klei to stop trying to make her look like a protagonist, some people here really seem to hate her. From the start i really didnt care about her being a protagonist cause i like her for her skins, her personal story about trying to find her sister and her personality, klei giving her protagonism was just a plus. Idk why you can't see something so obvious, i mean why klei would make her have such an story and important conection with charlie, sure a lot of others characters have small conections with maxy but thats the thing, they are small conections, do you really think that being a niece of maxy is a strong or big conection? oof, now klei not only make Nona being a familiar of charlie, they gave her a story about how she was trying so hard to find charlie, now Nona is here and charlie is still somehow trapped in her own mind. See thats the difference between Wendy and Nona, wendy doesnt have something to talk or do with maxy, she is just there being a familiar, Winona is not only her familiar she have some unfinished business with charlie and since charlie is the main antagonist... well im sure you can do the last part yourself. Not only all of this but klei made her look like a protagonist in a lot of their animations, specially in the Forgotten knowledge one. As you can see again, she being a prota is not something i wish, in fact right now i wish her not to be so some people could chill out, the reason why i made this whole post was to defend the true. And im gonna tell you something if the day of tomorrow klei say that Winona is not a prota, Im not gonna feel bad, they gave us all hints about her being a prota, the big conection, the animations, all of that, im trying to be reasonable i dont really care if she is a prota or not, im just trying to be logical, thats all. Thanks for reading me btw :p hahaha this actually made me laught a little ngl XD My friend if you dont know the difference between a protagonist and an important character then i can help but laugh. Gonna explain this again using FMA Ling yao, Van Hohenheim, Riza Hawkeye, all those were really important to the story of FMA and still they werent the protagonists, hope you can understand this concept better now. the true is Focus of the story=protagonist. Simple as that my friend. Thanks for reading me btw :p
  6. Well first of all she is a protagonist not cause thats my opinion but cause thats how klei has made her look, the animations that always shows maxwell, wilson and nona speaks for themselves, i dont really care if she is an awful protagonist i was talking about facts. Second you as a wagstaff fan(which i think you are based on a lot of things :p) should know why winona is the best thing that happes to wagstaff, and no, she didnt make klei take the choice to make wagstaff a npc instead of a playable character. Allow me to explain all of this. Wagstaff from the very begging was just a concept in the first game, a concept that was developed thanks to fan service, this is cause the fans just got curious about the person that made the radio things, he was not planned from the start but he still becomes one of the most important characters. now heres my question, why, why did he become like that?, well easy klei needed something to explain a lot of things of this game, so wagstaff was created, but, is he really important to the main story? well he made the radio things that allow maxy to talk to other worlds, thats all he does, but, he was really neccesary for the story? i think not, he as a character is pretty new, he was not in RoG lore, only his inventions but those inventions could have worked fine without telling the players who was the inventor. see the problem here? wagstaff is as important as klei want him to be, thats all. But my real issue with your statement is that based on your love for wagstaff you should in theory love Nona too. the true is that wagstaff's story developed further with the inclusion of Nona. Facts: Wagtaff was revealed to be the boss of winona. Winona have a good amount of info about Wagstaff, A portal in the voxola factory made Winona enters the constant. This one is not a fact but more like a guess: the person that Nona tried to save fixing up the portal thing was maybe wagstaff. As you can see Nona and wagstaff are really correlated. I get the it must be rough not have your fav character in your game but dont blame winona for that, klei made the decision of not use wagstaff as a main character, sorry if you feel that its Nona's fault but the true is that nona and wagstaff are more likely friends or at least have a good relationship and this shows on all those things that winona said about wagtaff, she actually respect the man.
  7. Hello again forum. I recently see some posts discussing about the protagonists of this game so i just wanted so say something about it. First allow me to explain to you whats a protagonist and this is not gonna be my opinion, this is goning to be a fact, a concept. A protagonist is the main character of a story. Yeah i know its really simple, and thats the magic, a protagonist doesnt really have to carry the story or even do something important, he only need to be the focus on a story, we can see his perspective of an story but he doesnt have to do all the important things, he can only do important things from his perspective. I know its a hard thing to understand but bear with me for a little. What i mean is that the protagonist of a story is the person that the autor wants to be the protagonist, it doesnt matter if the protagonist is good, bad, idiot, or even useless, the thing is a protagonist is defined as that by his autor. Why i made this? well cause some people on forum have shown me that the hate towards a protagonist can be stronger that the coherence. Yeah of course im talking about Winona, im not gonna try to discover why people dont like this character, i dont really care, but the true is that she is the protagonist of this story and im gonna explain you why. In the first game Dont starve RoG she didnt exist, and why? Well cause the story was about Wilson and Maxwell, the main plot was Wilson trying to get out of the constant and Maxwell trying to prevent that from happening, in other words, it was a fight between two characters, now i know the story is more deeper than that but the true is that the main thing is just that. In the second game oh god, here he have the real complex story. Here klei wanted to spicy up the thing and they added Charlie(yeah ik she was in the first game as well but not with a main rol) as the new antagonist, and they made Maxwell and Wilson the new protagonists but they werent enough for klei so they added another one, yeah im talking about Winona. Now the reason why she has a leading rol is very simple, its cause klei, they wanted to tell a different story, and not just a simple fight between two characters, but how can they make this? I mean Maxwell and Wilson have shown that they only wanna get out of that place, using magic(maxwell) and scince(wilson) and even trying to go through strange portals so with only those two the story can only focus on them trying to leave the constant, beaing a copy of the RoG. Now Klei is really good at their job but when i played this game the first time i wasnt expecting an interesting story, i just wanted to have fun in a survival game and then boom! they bring Winona. But why Winona is important you could say, well let me explain it. She is the big sister of Charlie the antagonist, not only that but she has been looking for her little sister for so long, it wasnt a coincidence that she ended up working at Voxola Factory, she tracked her sister so well that she ended up finding her... Now this new story is not just a simple fight to get out of the place, this new arc is about discover what is happening in that place, and Winona is not gonna leave without her sister, so she have to discover a way to help her, in other words this is not a fight to get out, this is an adventure to discover how the place works and how Nona can help her little sister, how Charlie ended like that, what Nona can do to help her sister and the others. And this is something only Winona can do, why? its simple, cause Wilson and Maxwell doesnt really have a strong bond with charlie, remeber that this new arc is not as simple as get out of that place, Charlie unlike Maxy doesnt become prisioner of the shadow throne, she in fact become a real villian, now in order to have a chance against charlie they need a person with a strong bond to her, why? another simple thing, cause Charlie have an insane power in that dimension, unlike maxy that was restricted, she can do what she want in here, the survivors doesnt stand a chance(at least the human ones :P), but theres hope, Charlie doesnt lose all his mind when she absrobed the power of the throne, so she is mentaly unstable, and the only possible way to win and even bring charlie back is with the memory of her past, sure maxy can try to do something here but here's the thing, he as her previous boss and the person who make her lose herself in that horrible place is only gonna make her more angry so as you can see maxy can't do this job. This is the reason why Nona is important and why she is a protagonist, and yeah ik a lot of people are gonna argue that "she hasnt do anything important in the story yet" so Maxy and Wilson, at least in this new arc they has made as much as Nona, sure they were important in RoG but this is not RoG, as you can see the protagonists of Together havent done anyhing important yet, thats not their fault, the author of this story Klei is making the story really slow and thats not bad, in my opinion this is something good and unique. Like i wrote before Nona is a protagonist cause klei just wanted her in that role, it doesnt matter if some people dont like her or if she is a bad or useless protagonist, she is still what the author wanted her to be, a protagonist and thats the reality. Now lets talk a little about Wagstaff. and im doing this cause i read something really funny about him. First i have to say that he is not a protagonist nor deuteragonist like some people think he is and to make this all more easy to understand im gonna explain what is a deuteragonist. A deuteragonist is another way to say secondary main character, its simple as that. That bein said i do think he is an important character but the true is he more like a resource to make the story more mysterious, we still dont know what is his plot, we don't know what is he doing, its a mystery and this is really dangerous in any work of fiction but i not gonna analyze this at all. Like i wrote before even if he is not a protagonist or a deuteragonist he still can do really important things to this game, he can even carry the story to some insane levels but a character that we dont see often in klei animation nor is seen often in the main story lore cause he is doing myterious things is obviously not a protagonist nor a deuteragonist. Now im about to make a comparative so prepare yourself XD Van Hoheinheim from FMA is a perfect example of this kind of characters, he was not a protagonist nor deuteragonist but he was really important to the main story, the man carry all the story and he was the person who resolved the final conflic, he was really impotant and without him the protagonists would have lost so as you can see you can make a story from a lot of perspectives, but the perspective of the protagonist is the one we see the most thats all, Thank you so much for read all that if you did it.
  8. mmm sir joeW i think im having some problems with one of my post, can i get back my post about winona, i posted that by error before i could write all and i tried to fix it but now i can't see the post

    i think i lost all by a mistake can you help me?

  9. So wilba can turn into a werepig now, that's interesting but she only lose his ability to use tools and clothing and gains a lot of buffs. i think wilba in werepig form have to be more wildness and just like the pigs she should look for a lot of food in this form and maybe during this form she can eat pig skin? and Thanks for the update Klei Team!