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  2. Least favourite season?

    i like moonsoon work and fight theme. i dont think i like the moonsoon boss theme, but cant really remember it.
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    gossman with egg!!!
  4. "Well that was fun playing DST, wonder what happen to the forum"

    the forum :


    didn't read yet, but dayum, hype much?

  5. Screenshot showcase

    Best buds sailing the ocean, took a break under the moon light. the photos that define our friendship
  6. I had to ship these two after seeing what Jesse did with the refs: Ripened saladmander living all of our dreams: --- I turned the rat dragon into a mage: Might add more later, not sure.
  7. game crashes as soon as launched...

    can u get off my d please? thank you unless youre being serious
  8. I actually found a way!! function LoadRecipes(player) if GLOBAL.GetWorld().meta.level_id == "3in1" then -------Loaad recipes------ end end AddSimPostInit(LoadRecipes)
  9. Only if ordered, and Cookie Cutterx will retrieve if attacked, so Duelists won't be able to kill them. Also only one Cookie Cutter can be attacked at once by two Shadow Duelists. So I don't recommend.
  10. What I wanna know is why vote no. What's the idea there?
  11. Can the duelists kill the cookie cutters in the water?
  12. @Yank31 Updated the image to include meteors season output alternative. Also note, I wouldn't get rid of the calibration automation in case you have a failure of some sort at a future point, and you need to re-calibrate. Then all you'd need to do is hook up the meteor scanners again, and toggle the master reset.
  13. ONI University

    I'm not too worried about that. I have the link to it on the op so it should be fine. I think the awareness will come into play the more people use this as a resource or until a moderator pins it. The wikis only purpose at this point is to share editing rights/privileges with people. They can move it wherever they want once its more developed.
  14. The game randomly freezes the screen, while you can clearly hear that the client keeps on running - you can turn on the menu, change time speed and hear it all happening, but nothing happens on the scren and you have to restart the game to keep playing. Attaching the DxDiag, Save Files and Output Log in "Oni - bug", I did not find any DMP files as the game clearly doesn't recognize this as a crash. Oni - bug
  15. Today
  16. @Yank31 in my previous savegame i used a buid from biopon for rocket detection paired whit one auto rocket launcher, and loader for oxidizer and fuel..When i will be home i will make for you some printscrens. No busted doors, minimum power consumption.
  17. Made a mod that adds that feature:
  18. from what i have heard, this mod just seems to add random tweaks and random small features, and they're not even related to the topic you can't just have you and your friends spamming this over and over in every thread that's about adding more content to the game, all merely on the excuse that the mod adds more content to the game if your mod project isn't getting as much attention as you want, then go make your own thread about it instead of attempting to hijack other threads
  19. A Maxwell on your boat will reduce the chance to sink: His Shadow Miners are capable to walk on water and to mine any Sea Stack on your way. If combined with a Ghost Character, he'll become able to gather salt with no effort: The Miners will mine all the Salt Formations and the Ghost (if skilled enough) haunt all the mined salt towards Maxwell. If you manage to kill Cookie Cutters with 2 strikes (Which is achieved with a Tentacle Spike, a fresh Ham Bat or a Dark Sword), then they won't be able to fight back while cutting your cookie.
  20. ayyy just got the same thing after reading this
  21. ONI University

    im not sure if people can actually search for it on the wiki to find the ONI university page on the wiki, you'll have to search "user:blackberrest3/oni university and thats not great. i think its because, as you mentioned, someone moved it to your user page
  22. I wish dst was as full and unique as Hamlet, with many different mechanics and creatures, like big ponds forests and towns (one Lovecraftian in Moon Island and one in normal), from Hamlet and different sea locations from Shipwrecked. Compared to Hamlet dst looks pretty empty for now. But I think Klei know such feels and pretty soon we will see a lot of different and very creative content.
  23. Steel walls all around are what you want for a silo anyway if you are opening during a storm. Plus they conduct heat to your silo cooling system much better than insulation. Nativel/Ket's and OxCD's approaches are both nice. No need for doors really, but I prefer to keep an atmosphere in my silo to keep it nice and chilled.
  24. This is actually not related to the amount of liquid stored. All buildings call a DropAll function when deconstructed. Anything stored in the component "storage" is dropped, which means that all solids drop as pickups, gases vent into the air, and liquids are put into bottles. Pipes are special, as they don't have this storage component. Instead they use a conduit flow class, which operates differently. Anyway, my point is that there is no special rule for liquid reservoirs. All buildings use the same rule. If you change the rule, then deconstructing a toilet will also spill water. Of course there could be more than one rule, but probably nobody thought this is important.
  25. I need help with the forum itself

    I have more questions about the wiki, but I want this thread to remain about the forum so I will create a new topic when I have them ready.
  26. There's "I'm Wes main" option. But, I made fixes to be clear.
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