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  2. [Game Update] - 327257

    Everybody talking bout wheeler and Wagstaff, but where’s the iron hulk
  3. Wagstaff Lore

    That's awesome. That's one of the reasons why I like playing Maxwell so much. He is completely self aware of how insane things are even talks directly to the player in most of his quotes.
  4. [Game Update] - 327257

    YESSS though, i thought Wagstaff would have a glove on his left hand and none on his right but still THANK YOU SO MUCH KLEI!
  5. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    That's pretty sad that you expected that. I had enough faith in Klei to believe that they would be able to release updates to an EA DLC without entirely breaking the completely unrelated base game.
  6. Wagstaff Lore

    I've rewatched the Rhymes With Play stream about the DST Winona update, and my suspicions about certain things that Kris (DST writer/loremaster) said have been pretty much confirmed. I've roughly transcribed/paraphrased the statements in question (important bits bolded): Like I suspected, she was actually talking about Wagstaff when saying that "some" characters have more awareness of The Constant. We know that Wagstaff meant to go there, unlike every other character. A lot of his quotes reflect this. This also lends credence to the idea that Wagstaff and Winona were sent to different timeline points in The Constant despite entering the same portal in the real world around the same time. Wagstaff was sent to the past while Winona was sent to the "present" (DST-wise). Also, some of his quotes have an almost scary meta-awareness to them... BEARGERVEST = "Appetite suppressing winter apparel! Astonishing!" CATCOONHAT = "For something fashioned from spider webs it's remarkably unsticky." TRAILMIX = "Fascinating. A translucent bag just spontaneously materialized!"
  7. [Game Update] - 142

    What’s in game update 143?
  8. [Game Update] - 327257

    (I'm not sure if this is a thing already) but maybe instead you could give Wheeler the ability to not be slowed down by armor/piggyback?
  9. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    PS4 update 1.43 is live. It's important to note that this is NOT a fix for the logging in issue, however; this build will hopefully help us get more insight into what is actually going wrong, since we currently cannot reproduce this on any of our machines within our studio, even when using specific region accounts or VPNs. We are asking two things from players who are still getting the hang: - Send us a NEW screenshot, or tell us *exactly* what the "Connecting" popup text says when it's hung. We have added unique loading text to this pop up that will tell us where in the process it's failing. A picture is preferred if possible. - Let it sit for five minutes. Within that time the game should notice that it is stuck and automatically call home with some diagnostic info for us.
  10. Wagstaff Lore

    MAXWELLTHRONE = "I've found it! The portal that can link worlds! The throne of ultimate power!!", It's pretty clear Wagstaff was at least already aware of the Nightmare Throne. It seems like he was specifically looking for the throne and the source of all the shadows and magic. He had posters of shadow creatures and stuff in his office as well. He definitely knows a lot more about what's going on than anyone else aside from Maxwell. He doesn't seem to know who Maxwell is though judging from his quotes but still knows he's important of course: MAXWELL = "Looks like a man who could answer some of my quandaries.",
  11. I never said it's ok... I said I was expecting it...
  12. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    Just because it happened before doesn't mean it's okay to release something unfinished on a branch of the game that is supposed to be stable.
  13. [Game Update] - 327257

    Can I suggest giving Wheeler a 10% speed boost? Just because having 5 less slots seems so much! It feels like it would go so well with her character and her travelling lighter than most
  14. [Game Update] - 327549

    I never said her personality would work, that would obviously stay the same. Dodging is pretty nice though, I'll give you that. However, other than the dodge, I can't really see a reason they couldn't just give her perks to Warbucks. Do that, and now Warbucks is a much more interesting character, People aren't mad that you got rid of him, and the devs save the time and money it took to design and make her.
  15. Wagstaff Lore

    I found that Wheeler’s full name is Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler
  16. Wagstaff Lore

    Wagstaff's pinecone quote: "My favorite portable Fibonacci sequence." WX's pinecone quote: "A PORTABLE FIBONACCI SEQUENCER" Like father, like child :,)
  17. [Game Update] - 327549

    Wheeler's personality would never fit Warbucks, and dodging is a very unique and awesome perk that they would have to scrap. So nope, thanks
  18. I think that was pretty clear the problem is every time some update is released to the main branch affects the whole game.. the same thing happened when SW was in development and people who didn't even owned SW started to see some bugs affecting RoG... yes... technically the main game in not in EA.. in practice... pretty much the whole DS is getting changes by Hamlet development... if you go to the bug tracker people are reporting weird world gen in RoG all as part of the changes that in theory shouldn't affect RoG... but they do... I remember the people's comments in the forums due to all SW bugs and this is no different.. im not trolling you.. this happened before in the SW development cycle... but whatever...
  19. I suppose you're right. what's the best solution then?
  20. Yesterday
  21. I have also been watching DST streams but I haven't received anything yet. How would I be able to check the gifts are activated? I had received the notification on twitch saying, "Drops are available on KleiEntertainment! Link your account to be eligible for in-game items!" and I followed it with no difference still. I don't know what I'm missing ><
  22. [Game Update] - 327549

    The merged hulk bosses spin attack its incredible laggy for me also when it dies they hulk pieces are nowhere to be found in the world not sure if this is a bug.
  23. Ya, but that's just the basics and we don't need mods or anything to do that. They could add the following just as some random ideas I've put no thought into. - beaconing or pings to shift the person you're playing with things you wish to show them. - Makeshift blueprinting where an observer could build something hypothetical that the player could see (but wouldn't actually be built unless they copied over the design by the player) - Making it so a person could play their own game and flip to a friends screen easily to help out with things in realtime. Etc etc etc Again, not even a suggestion. I just find this is like the best game ever, as long as you are totally okay with playing alone all the time. Felt I'd express why I don't think its such a pipedream when it really doesnt need to be a complete overhaul on the game or anything too aggressive. Just simple ways to share the experience with a friend. I actually would prefer something like this to an actual multiplayer mode. I would literally kill someone if they screwed up a base we'd be working on together. This game is too stressful as it is. I can already see a future where I log in and my "teammate" has replaced all my hatchlings with shinebugs because they are "cuter" lol
  24. I'll just make these short little points that I observed 1. Ingame art for both Wagstaff and Wheeler are pretty bad and unfitting, especially compared to their big portraits (which are very fitting and amazing), however, Wagstaff with his goggles is great! 2. Wheeler isn't good. Hamlet already puts a ton of pressure on inventory with multiple new tools and items, and Wheeler can barely do well in base-game with her inventory. 3. Wheeler's airhorn isn't good. It is effectively useless with how it does very little damage and deletes the used item. 4. Not really a suggestion, but I used the compass and my game went down to 1fps for about 30 seconds, not sure why. 5. Wheeler's dodge is really only good for moving a little faster. Not for actually dodging. The same can be accomplished by... walking.
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