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If ONI has politics... DAFAQ am I doing...

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Hello guys! (•ω•)

I think I have just gone nutz.

Unlocking special functions and buildings through signing thousands of policies? 

Here is my prototyped Policies Tree by prototyping-drafting machines


(Not yet finished.)


If this is real this gotta become another game XD


How do you guys think?

Plz Comment!!! (•ω•)

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4 minutes ago, PhailRaptor said:

.....Frostpunk?  Is that you?

35% inspired by Frostpunk.

2 minutes ago, minecraftTony said:

Maybe we need to build an energy tower to spend the winter?

Anyway, this tree diagram is very logical。

Actually I have suggested something similar to the energy tower...

Well just idea

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It`d be cool if the colony had to have a leader of some sort. It would be a job that cannot be mastered and requires really high morale. Only one dupe could be assigned at a time. The leader would spend time in an office room at an office desk building where policies would be made (it would be similar to research), maybe there could an assistant to speed things up. The desk would require coffee as fuel.

Now the policies should affect certain tasks, colony morale and enable certain jobs to be done. They shouldn`t unlock buildings to make them different from research. The effects should be passive boosts to efficiency mostly.

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2 hours ago, Arash70 said:

Nice way of looking at the world kiddo. You should really become an electrical or software engineer someday.

That right there is a smart conscious or unconscious analysis of the world around you.


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