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Any tips for fighting Queen Womant?

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I went with 2 log suits and 2 football helmets, buffed with coffee (+ walking stick when I needed to run) and with about ~30 blow darts (that you can easily farm around in the caves). I didn't have much problem, just went running around and shooting her while trapping her guards behind her throne. The darts weren't enough to just kill her with that, so I had to do a couple of hits.

But I guess it was pretty quick in the end.

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Just take football helmet and log suit (2 or 3 pieces of each) or tin armor and tin hat (one piece of each is enough), get a nice weapon like cutlass or shadow sword (halberd deals much less damage, so cutlass/shadow sword is better) and attack her. If she spawns minions, just kill them and go back to damaging Womant. You need less than 50 hits with cutlass/shadow armor to kill her and her minions. You can get some healing stuff too, but it is not needed.

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