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  1. Beginner modding

    I looked into Tykvesh's Battle Horn mod script as a reference because it uses the similar mechanics. I've only able to learn the commands for adding variables and text at the moment
  2. I want to make a mod about power up crockpot foods. The idea is to give attention to underrated and forgotten crockpot recipes to make them more useful. Recipes like meatballs, pierogis, meaty stew, etc are too viable in the meta. concept: -Spicy chili gives 5x damage modifier for 5 min and does the wolfgang buff animation. -Turkey dinner gives extra 20 hearts for 5 minutes (upgrade effect like WX). -Fruit Medley gives 20 extra speed like walking cane. -Ice cream gives 20 extra sanity for 5 minutes (upgrade effect like WX) ...etc I tried looking into javascript and notepad++ tutorials and DST mod forum. It was confusing but I'm able to learn the basics such as adding numbers with variables and typing text. I looked into Tykvesh's Battle Horn mod script as a reference because it uses the same mechanics. I need all the help I can get to make this dream possible.
  3. I want to make a mod that when you eat specific food it gives you a small buff. Example: when you eat spicy chili it gives you 10x damage modifier and plays the Wolfgang flexing animation. The damage modifier lasts for 4 minutes. I would have to type my own script for this right?
  4. Hardest Character?

    I like to use cowl for the humid season. It gives a greater area and has night vision. It also negates fog like pith hat
  5. With the new recipe of Smoke Ham in Hamlet made foliage as a filler. Foliage is a resource that is very easy to get as there are abundant in caves cleft and especially in RoG cave. It's a great alternative for an easy recipe.
  6. I want to share my playstyle and knowledge with everyone. Things I have accumulated while watching youtube videos and things I have discovered. Feel free to add tips and correct me. [Hamlet] [Well known] - Prefer mining Gnat mount over stone slabs because Gant mount gives rocks, flint, and iron. -Boomerang kingfisher or pigeon to get azure feather -Dung beetle spawns from dung pile. Farm dung beetle they drop 100% monster meat. -Roc poops dung beetle pile -Roc stops chasing player when under Deep Rainforest, player enter Hamlet (pig city) or enter structure e.g Cave Cleft. -Prefer cooked asparagus because as an ingredient it has a high chance to be asparagus soup -Give Pangolden 3 gold dust drop 1 gold. Pangolden drinks from sparkling pool 8 times drop 1 gold. (wiki) -Drop vegetable or flower pettles on Hamlet ground for pigs to eat and poop. It give oincs. -Peagawk can be chase to the world border to get 7 feathers and kill for 1 feather. -Guards can be lure trapped by dropping 1 oinc and surround it with walls. If aggravated they will still be lured but will attack when gets close. A way to prevent guards from smothering firepit in Hamlet base. -Prefer Ice staff or sleep dart to immobilize birds. Punch bird to stun (only in Don't Starve) and pick up as an item. Rather than a bird trap. -Moleworm farm in cave cleft as they have nowhere to go. [Sorta well known] -Use Hippopotamoose to chop down trees, get tuffs (berry bush*), and destroy nearby Hamlet walls for rocks. Wear armor and be careful. Prefer basing near them. -Gnat regenerates their hill when the initial hill is destroyed. Can be farmed and transported by luring into another light source. -Prefer Cowl over pith hat. Cowl gives night vision and negates mist. -Gnat dies in poison gas biome -Spidermonkey spawns from the cocooned tree. Spidermonkey turns nearby rainforest tree to cocooned tree when there's lack of cocooned tree or they just want to reproduce. (wiki) -Piko is spawned from natural generated tea tree (infested tea tree). They can respawn from a stump even when the tree is chopped down (infested tree stump). Piko can not infest a player grown tree. Take 4 days to respawn. (wiki) -Prefer mining nearby unimportant pillar to open suspicious crack over gun powder. A bug? [Not well known] -Foliage as crockpot filler (only in Hamlet because of Steammmmm Hams recipe) -As Wormwood prefer basing near wishing well in ordinary Ancient Pig Tomb. -Prefer grass trap over net to get light blub. Grass trap capture rapid beetle as an item. Murder will give 100% fresh light blub. Store rapid beetle they don't need to be fed. -Bandit can be structure blocked e.g stone walls making him vulnerable. He will vanish when he gets to a certain distance. (not tested) -Piko or Orange Piko will forever try to steal grass backpack making it be vulnerable. A bug? (tested) [Experimental ideas] -Viper/frog butterfly farm -Flytooth turret for base. Flytooth (teir 3) attacks anything and does not eat meat -Flytooth dung beetle farm
  7. You can catch rabid beetle with a grass trap. You can save your silk by using trap. Kill it and it will give 100% lightblub or you can also store it in a chest to keep the lightblub fresh.
  8. Yea that makes sense I was a little bit shortsighted. Thx for clarifying and explaining.
  9. My Hamlet Adventures

    Wiki said spider monkey spawns from silk trees and they will make silk trees so that they can spawn on. Okay... XDD
  10. The End's Unwell

    LOL can you still put nightmare fuel in?
  11. My world did not spawn an Ancient Herald statue ruin. I need a debug command to spawn one in so I can access the Aporkalypse Calendar... There's a command for the Aporkalypse Calendar but I want to explore in the ruins...
  12. I'mma spawn one in the gas forest like it was intended to. So it's less cheaty Wait there's no debug for Ancient Herald statue ruin.....
  13. yea i know LOL the pigs doesn't even care. So I should spawn one in :/ maaaan
  14. I believe I have updated hamlet because I have bird flute and the blue totems. Isn't Ancient Herald statue is generated in the first island in the gas biome? I can't find it. Wiki said it's 5th? I thought there is only 4 islands. The bird nest, palace, main island, and snake boss. Haaalp. I'm at day 56 and I don't want my base to be destroyed. If so I can spawn one in right? I have attached a picture of my explored map. There are only 3 ruins. Ruins for Palace, Snake boss, and Pherostone. My world has so little gas biome.