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  1. I looked into Tykvesh's Battle Horn mod script as a reference because it uses the similar mechanics. I've only able to learn the commands for adding variables and text at the moment
  2. I want to make a mod about power up crockpot foods. The idea is to give attention to underrated and forgotten crockpot recipes to make them more useful. Recipes like meatballs, pierogis, meaty stew, etc are too viable in the meta. concept: -Spicy chili gives 5x damage modifier for 5 min and does the wolfgang buff animation. -Turkey dinner gives extra 20 hearts for 5 minutes (upgrade effect like WX). -Fruit Medley gives 20 extra speed like walking cane. -Ice cream gives 20 extra sanity for 5 minutes (upgrade effect like WX) ...etc I tried looking into javascript and notepad++ tutorials and DST mod forum. It was confusing but I'm able to learn the basics such as adding numbers with variables and typing text. I looked into Tykvesh's Battle Horn mod script as a reference because it uses the same mechanics. I need all the help I can get to make this dream possible.
  3. I want to make a mod that when you eat specific food it gives you a small buff. Example: when you eat spicy chili it gives you 10x damage modifier and plays the Wolfgang flexing animation. The damage modifier lasts for 4 minutes. I would have to type my own script for this right?
  4. What's this cool looking light portal thingie?
  5. I use wickerbottom to insta grow it. People says you don't need the sprinkler because it acts like coffee bush. It unfertilizes and fertilizes like the coffee bush.